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this page is at http://www.phact.org/e/dennis16.html  - to get their point of view (even though they have never linked to mine):
go to Mikes Pages Dennis has a response to critics at:  Our Response to Critics

They emailed me:
Dennis is too busy to waste his time on such ignorance. You are right that you have wasted several hundred hours of your time. Anyone who falls for your valueless arguments is no one we care about working with anyway. Thanks for testing people for us. Give us your phone number and Dennis will call you to assure you this is his message. You are not even alert enough to know this offer doesn't sell the video's for $100.00, yet you think you should evaluate something as important as this. You are only seeking to harass us and waste our time that could be spent productively. We are not going for it. Go harass someone else!

On 10-29-96, I responded back to these people:

Please have Dennis call me at ___ ___ ____. I may have wasted some time and had bad mispellings, but, I have no desire to mislead or harass people (I'm a Christian) I've been getting a positive response from many people checking out my web pages starting at http:www.phact.org/e/dennis.html. I've offered to switch over and dedicate my money and life to give free promotion to Dennis's machine if he could just let me verify it. Dennis stated at Philly that it hasn't gotten enough publicity. If there is anything wrong in my pages, please tell me - I strive for truth and I would like to offer you a chance to respond in cyberspace. Hundreds of people view my pages including a growing number of your dealers - my voice is not insignificant. -that's why it's important to help me provide fair information. Looking forward to serving humanity,

Eric Krieg

The Pro Dennis web now makes a response to me:

Better World Technology THIS IS A WORD FROM DENNIS ABOUT TALK ON THE INTERNET AND FORUMS THAT ARE TALKING ABOUT BWT. I am requesting that any dealer of our project STOP attending to this man's unjustified attack on your project. He is not a friend, christian or seeker of truth. Don't support your enemy...be wise !!! Dennis I received the above email from Dennis regarding a certain skeptic website. This is his official response to UCSA dealers. WizarDave's note about that skeptic website. He claims to want open discussion about Dennis Lee, BWT and UCSA dealerships. The thing I find interesting is he wants to test the heat pump to verify that it works. Well, that has already been done. The court documents, independent research lab results and customer testimonials are all available in published books. Evidently he hasn't even taken the first step that hundreds of thousands of people already has and that is of reading the publications and viewing the video tapes. If you would like to read documentation or view VCR tapes, here's the order form. Contacting BWT If you would like to read documentation or view VCR tapes, here's the order form. The BEST way to reach BWT is by FAX. 1-201-827-9901 Better World Technology PO Box 1406 McAfee, NJ 07428 BWT New Jersey email address is bijj@nji.com Website maintained by wizardav@netins.net an authorized UCSA Dealer of BWTechnologies The above web site is to be found at: http://www.jongalt.com/dennis2.htm

My response to Dennis is:

Dennis, It is not true that I want to test your heat pump.(I don't care about the heat pump) I OFFER TO TEST THE FREE ENERGY MACHINE WHICH YOU PROMISE TO SOON INSTALL NATIONWIDE You can ask the following present or former Pastors if they think I'm a Christian: John Kless of Glenside Bible Church (215) 887-2289 Stan Hagberg of Chelton Baptist Church (215) 646-5557 and Dave Martin of the Hershey Free Church. I can show cancelled checks dating as far back as the 1970's showing contributions to Christian causes to anyone willing to make an open audit of me. Dennis, what evidence do you have that I'm not a Christian? - I'll be happy to post any of your rebuttles to information I'm trying to offer the public. Your literature mentions you having offered open debate to others - are you willing to have open debate with me? I consider myself a friend of the dealers (I also encourage them to be wise) and a life time seeker of truth. Dennis, you have much more harsh critics than me. I'd be happy to join your effort and enlist help of others if given proof of your amazing claims (I doubt the others are willing to make that promise!)

-as of 1/15/97, I have gotten no response from Dennis. I don't know if anyone has taking my challenge to prove me to be a government agent

The latest newsletter has some promising responsible sounding information on the distraction technology. They say the Fisher engine should work in a week or two (again). Remember they said my pages are too stupid to worry about, now they think I'm smart but very devious.

they said the following about me 9/9/97:

"we got some interesting news about our friend, Eric Krieg, and his web site. We have a computer genious . . .this guy is as good as it gets. He says that Eric's web page is very sophisticated. there is a lot money behind it. They have it set up to log the point of origin when you print their literature. . . the base servers are able to log on and barely able to avoid detection. Krieg's capability is very rare. We suspect it is CIA backed It is certainly out of the ordinary and very high class expensive stuff. Eric's home page has a globe on the top - the new world order always uses a globe to mark their communication . . stay off his web, this spider bites"

and my response:

Some expert! I'm hot in microprocessor engineering, not internet stuff. I do NOT have a server, my pages are on my $20/mo ISP's server and are obviously poorly polished (if I had some source of funding, they could be much better and I could get press and take out ads). I lifted that globe image directly from the much more sophisticated pro-Dennis web page at: http://www.hitznet.com/bwt/indexmn.htm or http://www.lasercom.net/jotto/bwt.html or The main Dennis Lee Official Page
I encourage people to get all the information possible from Dennis's organization.
back to Eric's main Dennis Lee page

In May of 2001, Dennis finally participated in a brief open discussion with me on the BWT Dennis Lee email list (which I created). My original message (and some by other) is in this color, his responses in red, and my counter response in blue:


 A dealer sells the eco-fan for $125 - it was easy to find one for half as much at:

I must admit, I never expected Dennis to step into a forum where his critics would have equal footing.
I have my late responses below in blue

"J. Michael Hall" wrote:

Richard, Dennis's reply will be in red below.

Richard Palmquist wrote:

Well, Eric, you are way off base on this one, I believe.You need to read the story. However, I am under contract to keep the newsletter to myself and to share it with nobody. I am sending a copy of this email to Dennis. I believe he should send you the pages having to do with his trip to Washington state. You need to see that Dennis is not the ogre you paint him to be.  Richard, I have nothing to prove to this "con man".  He is a fraud posing as a critic.  He is an imposter with an agenda.  The truth means nothing to him.  I spent 3 shows rebutting his spotlite article and my next subject is Alvin Winkle but this man could care less about the facts unless they bolster his pre-set agenda. The above is just ad hominem ranting without specific examples. I don't expect Dennis to prove anything to me, though it would seem to make sense to take my $50,000 if he really had a free energy machine and not just a history of excuses.
----- Original Message -----
From:eric krieg
To: Richard Palmquist
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: Dennis Lee

  no, my source is running late.  Your source, who you encourage to violate a confidentiality agreement every time they give you something!  Very MORAL! This source never signed a confidentiality agreement. Could you fax me a copy?  If you have an ethical problem with the whole thing, just send me that part that concerns me.   Actually, some of my strongest supporters are from that state.  An old guy who has a wiped out friend gives me a lot of help and a guy who was with Dennis in 85 has done a lot.  A few others from that state have emailed in.
   As always, I'm sure the story is very one sided and filled with half truths.  ---Yes! Yours are SO balanced!  at least I invite the other side to appear in my forums. I had you on my radio show - have you given me space on your radio show of dealer newsleter?There are a lot of cases of spouses who are sure that believing spouse has pissed away their money - often these people (like the story Dennis told of Al Wickle) have lost money in other schemes before
losing money with Dennis.  I'm sure Dennis would do nothing to help me respond to his accusations - he has never been willing to have a fair open dialog with me. --- I went on his Kreigs radio show and he did such a lousy job they cancelled his show! ---the skeptical message is never popular. The person who paid for my show didn't renew it.  I don't solicit money from people like you to promote myself. I believe he is still telling people I'm with the CIA, I work full time trying to debunk him and I have thousands of web pages.  I'm still waiting to have any significant errors on my web pages pointed out to me. ---LIAR!  You never acknowledge it when that happens.  If you had shown an interest in fair play, I would have linked to you but you are JASON from Friday the 13th! Tell me specific things on my pages you feel are incorrect, or better yet make a web page detailing my "LIES", and I will link to it even though you have never linked to my list of problems with you.


>      From: eric krieg
>      To: TRN
Cc: rpalmq@prodigy.net
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: Dennis Lee
I understand that Richard kind of paid to have Dennis go on the air.  He seems to feel that it would be
good for the listeners to hear the other point of view. NO, he wants them to hear the truth versus lies! Is that what you mean about the other point of view?Unlike Dennis, I have graduated high school, I've never been arrested or incarcerated and never accused of scamming people, I've never taken patriots money and handed it over to communists, etc. -No, you have never done anything! I have been gainfully employed as an electrical engineer for over 20 years developing products for the process controls and communications industy - I've done a fair amount of volunteer work as well.  I invite anyone to check out evidence for this.
Richard does not control the station, you do.  All I ask is a 30 second spot or two to just explain to people how to get the other point of view.  I  sincerely feel that keeping me off the air would just end up making you look like one more censored source of information playing up to the powerful forces of corruption for the
sake of financial gain. Hey buddy.  Ever hear of free enterprise and free press?
>      Sincerely,  Eric Krieg
>      TRN wrote:
>      > I don't like Dennis Lee, he is only on the air because you made a deal with him Richard.  Thats why I have nothing to say. Its not my baby! Nicklas  NICKLAS! You don't like me?  What in this world have I ever done to you? I need an apology from Nicklas!  SOON!-- Dennis Dennis, what media people don't think you are a con man?  I suspect Nicklas works with you because his station is really hurting.

Boyd Cantrell wrote:

> How can anyone be dumb enough to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to Dennis Lee and yet be smart enough to amass such a savings in the first place?

> It really has me puzzled. Or could it be that they just inherited the money or won a lottery?  Boyd  Make up your mind Boyd.  In November 2000 you are you are giving me your technology and telling me how you want me to build it and the next you attack me.  Who are you?

  I've wondered that (most only give thousands).  Normal people reject his claims so he has to do wide marketing to get people in.  Dennis dropped out of high school, but he knows to target Christians and conspiracy believers with out formal scientific training. Historically speaking, midwesterners have always been considered best pickings among con men.  Dennis sells excitement and hope - you can't put a price on that. His long appeal shows great personal integrity to those who just don't notice the massive holes in his reasoning. There is also crowd mentality, in a room full of people nodding in approval, it's easy to go along. Dennis carefully skips past real proof and gets people focused on other issues. Dealers are sometimes blinded by the wish to get filthy stinking rich. Late night decisions for a "now or never" opportunity help push people over.  Of course once a person buys a dealership, Dennis offers them a commission to get their friends who may think the same way to buy in too. Some people who just get talked at for hours kind of wear down.  Another effect is that people who have come a long way are going to be more hesitant to admit they came all that way for nothing.  Older people are said to make great victims, because during a long phone pitch, they are often happy just to have someone to talk to. Some of these people have already been taken in other scams and are hoping to make their money back.  In some cases, the people don't really have the money, Dennis just convinces them to go into debt to get it.  There still is an element of the wonderful quote:  "a fool and his money are soon parted"  Too sick to comment on!  We have dealers who have earned over 30 times what they paid in one year but Eric will never hear from them! Have them openly report this - why should they hide?


Dennis,  I think it would be nice to your dealers to not have them start selling carb kits promising over 100 mpg until you have demonstrated a real car still getting over 100 mpg after running through a few tank fulls of gas.  I think you have no right to go around the country making promises for stuff like that or the CRD engine, or power wagon until you have actually had the stuff working. When you get people to come to your show expecting to see real free energy or radiation neutralized or what ever and you only show them 8th grade science tricks, you do a disservice to legitimate inventors trying to get attention for real things.


Creator of this page 
NEWS:  Dennis's new 45 city nationwide tour was advertised in a $70,000 USA Today ad to promote a new free energy design (he seems to be dropping the other products and the Fisher engine -which was never proven).  I was physically stopped from passing out literature at the Philly show. Read about his first tour show  AkronUSA Today,   CNBC , Washington, San Francisco, Virginia APBnews Report (fantastic!) Charlotte, New Mexico, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Alabama, an Independent test of Lee's motor  Radio report  Mansfield OH  NJ criminal report Berwick PA   Kansas
As of 12/00, Dennis has told his dealers that they must get 1.6 million people to pay to register for machines before any machines will be installed on homes. On 4/29/01 Dennis promised a 50 state tour this year

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