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NEWS: Look at the Sept. 17th USA today full page add for Dennis's new 45 city nationwide tour to promote a new free energy design (he seems to be dropping the other products and the Fisher engine -which was never proven).  Read about his first tour show  There was just a news report in the Connecticut Courant about the first show we now have an excellent report about his Akron show , and a press report on Akron CNBC report, Report on Dennis from PILOT ONLINE  APB news Report (fantastic!) Philadelphiareport from Washington   report on Dennis's MLM scam

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Why bother with someone so obviously nuts It's a matter of opinion whether he's a genius, a con man, or functioning insane. But the case deserves a closer look - because it either has the answers to all our problems or is one very nasty scam. Poor ignorant people are following Dennis' advice to max out their credit cards to buy $20,000 dealerships. Many of these people not only lose all their money, but they lose their social connections after getting their churches, family and friends to put up money.

What about other conspiracies to cover stuff up? I believe the Clintonistas are behind conspiracies, the CIA pulls stunts, maybe Oswald had help - but a 100 year long international conspiracy to cover up technology is absurd when you consider it's necessary scope and motivations. The only conspiracy to cover up free energy is people like Dennis Lee and Joe Newman trying to stop my information from getting out.

The free energy machine looks hokey - but what about Browns gas It looks cool - but I'm not skilled in chemistry or welding, I get the impression the cost per btu is far more than oxy acetylene. I can't understand why any torch would eliminate radioactivity when 1 million degrees of heat from an a bomb only makes radioactivity. Dennis now admits it won't weld after all and says that Yull is unethical. Selling a free energy machine and a torch is like offering eternal life and 10% off your phone bills.  Dennis's torch looks heavy, dangerous, unreliable and over-priced.

How can you know Dennis doesn't have free energy I can't know if he won't let me near it - but the evidence sure doesn't look strong.  If he really could make it, it would make sense to prove it to me to win my offer of $50,000 for proof.

Why do you harass Dennis. People who have thrown Dennis in jail or stood up and accused him of stealing at early shows have harassed. All I do is try to get at the truth and offer him money for proof. I live free speech and help people make informed decisions, but I don't harass.  Dennis had big gaurds phsyically prevent me from peacefully handing out information at his 1999 Philadelphia show. Maybe I'm motivated by personal experience with scams

Why won't the government lock him up. Investigations are only launched long after complaints. I think he had plenty of time during his last incarceration to come up with better disclaimers for dealers to sign away their legal writes. Even though Dennis dropped out of high school, he seems to have added enough "weasel words" in contracts to stay just out of reach. An investigation may have started already. I personally hope Dennis doesn't get shot or locked up - because that would only be grist for conspiracy theorists and lay the foundation for the next free energy messiah.

His free energy machine may be crap - but one of his other devices must pay off Don't count on it. Why do you think the original inventors gave rights to Dennis - because they couldn't successfully move it. many people have said the other stuff is "distraction technology" to wear people down to invest. Most of the devices like the laser camera, keplar bouy, plastic houses, etc don't even exist.  Insiders say he sells very little real product, the real objective is to sell $20,000 dealerships.

I know Dennis is a con man, but what about XYZ claim I have a full time engineering job (developing new products that really sell), I can't put a lifetime into studying the hundreds of pounds of theory published. You can get a $1000 commission from me by steering a successful XYZ inventor to my open free test and prize for someone demonstrating a true free energy machine.

Why do you say there can't be any free energy devices I don't. -that would be close minded. I'm a nice skeptic :) not a knee jerk nay sayer. But I think it is very unlikely anyone has a free energy device (with the exception of common solar cells, wind mills, geo thermo, wave power, etc. ) . > History seems to bear out my skepticism The following is a good description of other purported F/E claims

Why should Dennis trust you to measure his machine after being victimized for years by the conspiracy First of all I don't have time or interest in investigating his claims of persecution. If he is in danger of being successfully silenced, he should loan out prototypes to people like me who would demonstrate them at shopping malls and universities so that the conspiracists couldn't possibly shut them down. Coming forward with information in the publics eye is the way to respond to any repression, not retreating from open display which only supports the widespread belief that he has nothing to show.

How can people possibly believe Dennis Most people reject his claims. He has to do wide marketing to get sales. Christians and conspiracy believers with out formal scientific training tend to make the easiest victims and Dennis knows to target them. Dennis sells excitement and hope - you can't put a price on that. His long appeal shows great personal integrity. There is also crowd mentality, in a room full of people nodding in approval, it's easy to go along. Dennis carefully skips past real proof and gets people focused on other issues. Dealers wish to get filthy stinking rich. Late night decisions for a now or never opportunity help push people over.

what about Dennis's evidence of a conspiracy out to get him Well I doubt it could be as involved as he says. I view it as a convenient excuse. I'm told by some of his followers that it's real and I shouldn't comment until I've read all their postings. I just don't have the time to investigate. There's no sign he is being hindered from demonstrating machines now.

What do you think of the rest of the free energy movement I'm doubt free energy is possible. I think I could be convinced by proof. I have no problem with the hundreds of independent people across the country working on rather far fetched inventions as long as they don't take in a huge sum of investor dollars.

Aren't you worried some of those nuts will get you Yes, that is a concern. I still think the vast majority of Dennis's dealers are against violence. I try to make them aware that I'm simply out for truth as an individual and would be happy to swap sides if given evidence. Dennis's list of enemies is so large, I hope that any nut cases won't come after me first. Ultimately, it is important that people are willing to take some risk to speak the truth, otherwise we leave the door open to lose our rights

What would you do if Dennis proves his device? I would have to beg his forgiveness and try to make an open retraction to at least as many people as I have reached with my skeptical message. I'd make good on my offer to help and would be willing to part with the money and pride just to be a big part of something so big. If there is a free energy machine out there, only an established skeptic would be able to grab the worlds attention since society generally labels fringe inventors as nuts. Even if free energy is possible, I think Dennis is way to stupid to be able to be the first one.

What is your motivation in debunking My wife wonders that. I've always had a fascination with extraordinary claims - they are exciting. We rare active publishing skeptics take turns investigating stuff that challenges the existing scientific models. ( I try to be fair) I see great harm that can come from the spread of ignorance and wish to promote rational thought in an insane world. It may be a chance to vent hostility in a constructive way - But, I like to think of it as offering free information as a public service.  I'm inspired on by many painful letters from people who have lost everything to Dennis.

What about the Mosquito Magnet? Dennis commonly makes fantastic promises to manufacturers of legitimat products and then after getting a sales agent arrangement misrepresents the product.  The manufacturer cuts off Dennis - but he and his dealer continue to claim to sell the product.    The manufacturer of the Mosquito Magnet made the following statement:

This is to inform any interested party that American Biophysics and its products sold
under the name Mosquito Magnet, are not represented or sold by Dennis Lee, or any of
the Lee enterprises including, United Community Services of America (UCS of A), and
Better World Technology (BWT).  Any questions may be directed to:

Rick Dunne, Vice President
Sales & Marketing,
American Biophysics
2240 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818
401-884-3500 ext. 134

What about the GEET? Dennis had an agreement with Paul Pantone.  Paul announced that Dennis misrepresented GEET capabilities, broke the agreement, lied about having sold it and withheld commissions. and has been still trying to sell geet materials with out a liscense.  Paul intends to sue Lee over this.

Are you a agent of the conspiracy against free energy - I get asked this a lot. I get no money for what I do, I'm just one of many obsessive internet warriors fighting against scumballs in cyberspace. Had I more resources, I could do a much better job and finally get major press coverage. I offer to allow anyone to audit me to see if I am truly acting as a volunteer
I'd also like to point out that there are many people putting out the word including:

What about Dennis having hired Phds and experts -that doesn't mean they agree the device works. One of his newsletters said they've abandoned him. I've been trying to contract some direct, but BWT won't give me phone numbers. I've found no qualified people willing to vouch for Dennis's stuff.

Dennis says he was incarcerated for not filling out an obscure form and jailed without a trial.  Dennis was jailed after having PLEA BARGINED for only 7 or 48 serious charges.  The seller assisted marketing laws are not as obscure as Dennis would have you believe.  A lot of states have these laws to help protect the public from multi-level kinds of scams like Dennis offers.  There is documentation on the California law at:

The following is a quote from Dennis's dealer: George Snoddy:
> I "donated" $10,000 dollars to Dennis lee when I bought a dealership after
> the Sept 96 meenting in Philadelphia. For my investment I have received
> regular monthly newsletters full of empty promises and excuses. If bull****
> were dollars Dennis would be a billionaire! At one point I ordered one of
> his low end products, the SonicBloom product. I never even received what I
> paid for up front. They eventually wore me down so I just gave up.
> Duped in Kentucky
> George Snoddy

responses to some of Dennis's attacks on Eric

Why is he bothering us, we never attacked him.

No one has lost a dime with us

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