Eric's open letter to Dennis Lee of Better World Technology

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Yo Dennis, Why won't you respond on my forum? You have spent 10's of thousands of your followers money on publicity. Dennis, I seem to have become your #1 critic in cyber space - you appear cowardly to go on ignoring me. You claim to seek chances to get your word out. My pages have reached more than 12000 people (many of them are your dealers). You claim your voice is repressed, yet I offer you the chance to openly respond. If you can offer me proof of the free energy machine, I'll gladly do a 180 and line you up investment money, technical assistance, and marketing assistance like you've never seen. You can't claim you don't need my help, Dennis, you've been consistently missing deliveries for years.

About how many people are involved in a conspiracy to suppress information about you? -and which of the following organizations do they represent:

  • FBI, IRS, CIA, DIA, SEC, IRS, PUC, the Pentagon PECO, Shell, Cheveron, ConEd ASME, SAE, IEEE, NTSB The 40 Universities of the US, the State College System, the 400 private engineering colleges the Masons, the Illuminati - (via Mr. Rodger's or Barney) the World Council of Churches, the Council on Foreign affairs Hamas, Black September, The PLO, JLA, JDL, Libya, The Order, ZOG, Comintern, KGB, etc. How could such groups stop energy development all over the world? Why are you unwilling to give any significant open demonstrations lasting for hours rather than seconds (with 3rd parties measuring power output)? Was the conspiracy also trying to stop the following earlier energy inventions:
  • the setback thermometer
  • Extruded PolyIsoCyanerates (Celotex)
  • fiberglass insulation, energy reflective coatings, electrolytic capacitors
  • florescent lighting
  • Natural gas
  • efficient wood stoves



    What University Professors and engineering societies and independent laboratories evaluated your device? -and what was their conclusion?

    How is your invention different from that of John Gamgee in 1881?

    Wouldn't Russia (spending billions and losing thousands of lives to radioactive waste) be willing to use Yull Browns technology to straighten out Chernobyl?

    Eric's Open Generous Offer To Get Massive Free Publicity For The Free Energy Machine!

    Dennis, since you claimed to be ready to install machines before the end of 1996; perhaps you could loan me one. If you don't trust me with it, I'll be willing to post up to $20,000 as collateral. I already have a engineering professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University willing to test it with me. It should be a rather simple test for people used to energy instrumentation. (I'm an electrical engineer myself). Assuming it works I have a marketing person willing to act as an agent to book me at Engineering Colleges and Universities across the country. We could also book radio, TV and newspaper press people to witness the tests and interview honorable engineers participating in the testing. (People in the press I talked to didn't bother reporting on your claims for the same reason they don't follow up claims on super market tabloids. They would be willing to follow up claims made by me or professors published in main stream scientific journals). You must agree that a large conspiracy couldn't possibly corrupt, kill or intimidate all of professors I'm willing to contact. Dennis, you just spent millions of dollars promoting your technology, but only a fraction of a percent of the country has heard of and trusts your claims. As a true patriot, a Christian and an environmentalist, I'd be willing to put up lots of my own money to get your free energy machine accepted by those educated and experienced in evaluating energy equipment. I'm willing to offer my tax records, employment history, etc. to prove that I'm no agent of the government. I'm a simple third party servant of truth dedicated to the betterment of mankind. - come on Dennis, let me borrow a machine If there really was a conspiracy, a true patriotic inventor would want to get me to help them prove the device in front of members of the press. The only conspiracy I clearly see to cover up free energy is people like Dennis who claim to offer the world real proof, but don't give it. Dennis is the powerful force stopping the world from finding out about the device? Why won't he let me test it with members of the press recording the whole thing? Does he fear I'll break it? Is he worried my negative energy would stop it? Is he worried I'd lie about the results? If it really does work, how much worse publicity damage could I cause by publicly testing it than I've caused already by raising these questions before the entire free energy community? Dennis, your claims of wanting to help the world sound very impressive when not balanced with the skeptical view. It appears the only thing you offer is promises, delays, excuses, self-promotion, and an ever growing list of enemies. Why Dennis should be willing to work with Eric Dennis complains he can't get open dialogue on his stuff. But unfortunately, Dennis won't respond to Eric's questions and simply directs his followers to not listen to Eric
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    NOTE- the following story appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1996 right after that show where he promised to install machines
    before the end of the year:


    By John Woestendiek

    Technology - the very word scares many of us.

    And what do we do with our fears, sports fans? That's right - if it's
    convenient, if it's free, if parking is available - we confront them.

    And what better place to wrestle with technology than the new CoreStates
    Center, a marvel of technology in itself, it being the big-city sports
    arena that most resembles - what were those things called with graham
    crackers and marshmallows? That's it - a giant S'more.

    So, on Monday night, I hustled on down to the CoreS'more - home of the
    Flyers, the Sixers and, when they're in town, the World Wrestling
    Federation - for ``America's Declaration of Energy Independence,'' a
    technology show that was a lot like pro wrestling, only scarier.

    It had plenty of ranting, bad-mouthing, brash promises, and, like any good
    wrestling match, it pitted good against evil - good being us put-upon
    citizens, evil being government and corporations (oil, energy and
    automakers) that, as Monday night's speaker, Dennis Lee, put it, have
    conspired to suppress technology and are in ``dire need of a good fanny


    It was the full-page advertisement in this very newspaper that drew me.
    ``Prepare To Be Amazed, Even Shocked,'' it said, listing the technologies
    to be demonstrated:

    * An indestructible home-building product that will last 2,000 years; is
    hurricane-, tornado-, earthquake- and even fire-proof; and with which two
    people can build a two-bedroom home in less than a week.

    * ``A process that can power jet airplanes using nothing but water as
    fuel.'' (Remind me not to volunteer for that first flight.)

    * And the biggie: ``Technology that can totally NEUTRALIZE ALL RADIOACTIVE
    NUCLEAR WASTE AND MAKE IT HARMLESS . . . in a matter of seconds. . . . The
    most important demonstration of technology ever performed in history . .

    I - being the type who thinks electricity comes from the wall socket, who
    takes for granted that there is indeed an engine under the hood of my car -
    had no idea any of those things were possible. So I just had to go.

    Walking into the center, I was handed two leaflets - one from Lee's
    company, Better World Technology, to register for a free generator
    installed at my home, which would provide me with free electricity forever.

    The other - from an organization called RIGHTS - asked if I was ``fed up
    with oppressive and corrupt government'' and told me my ``birthrights''
    have been ``systematically stolen'' from me. By obtaining a driver's
    license and paying taxes - all of which, it said, are ``unilateral adhesion
    contracts'' - I have become a ``14th Amendment slave.''


    As I sat down - in between a guy who looked like the Unabomber and a guy
    who looked like John E. du Pont - Lee explained to the crowd of 3,500 that
    there was no reason for us to be paying for electricity. He can make it
    from the air. Stepping over extension cords (I'm not sure why he needed
    those) and showing slides, he demonstrated how.

    It was too technical for me, and my attention kept being diverted by a
    flashing sign that warned, ``Please be alert of pucks that may leave the
    ice during tonight's game.''

    For three hours, Lee demonstrated his contraptions and talked - about ``the
    need to separate ourselves,'' about how the government is ``killing and
    harassing inventors,'' and about how he discovered free electricity.

    ``It was God's idea,'' he said. ``He woke me up at 3 in the morning. . . .
    God said, `Get a pencil and paper and write this down.' I got a pencil and
    paper, and God revealed to me how to make energy out of the air.''

    Like a lot of other people, I left without signing up for the free
    generator - and before Lee demonstrated how to make the world safe from
    nuclear waste, so I don't know if God told him how to do that, too, or if
    he figured it out on his own. And I don't really care. It's all just a
    little too weird.

    On the other hand, if God ever wakes him up, sends him for a pencil, and
    fills him in on that water-to-wine technology, count me in.