The following are direct quotes with some of my comments from his Jan 93 newsletter:

The average oxygen content in the air less than 10 years ago was 30% oxygen and now it only contains 20.8% oxygen. false, otherwise olympic records would not be still broken

The Council of Foreign Relations and similar groups are diabolically working to build a Machiavellian empire for a Hitlerian Dictator.

There are reasons that I believe justify the delay in making working models public I also believe there ARE reasons for the delay

. . with 2000 supporters nationwide, . . It took the "bad guys" less than 120 days to totally eliminate my support and undermine my national network and make people either doubt what they experienced or be terrified to tell about it. . . Six people out of 2,000 initially held the line, come on Dennis, all those people who you had plenty of time to convince walked becuase of the bad guys? It's always those pesky bad guys, right!

Right now, they will look stupid saying "pressure times volume" isn't the formula for power . . Dennis, pressure times volume is the formula for energy, pressue times volume divided by time is the units for power. Brush up on your elementary physics!

We even proved we could make "free electricity" in open court. I don't believe this occurred. He had some witnesses testify enough to get him off. Court rooms don't prove scientific claims, laboratories do. A failure for the court to make charges stick to Dennis should be taken in light of courts failing to get OJ locked up any longer than Dennis was.

The "bad guys" would love to find a unit in the public so they could issue a court order and commandeer it and have a scientist (on their payroll) test it and finally be able to rebut our scientifc evidence and sound theories. This is a lame excuse to not offer proof. The bad guys didn't try to swipe it during the nationwide tour

The following are with my comments from other of his newsletters:

-the following came from more recent letters, I think:

The fast is over and it was amazing and very unusual. God talked to me like crazy key word! for the first 30 days. 'God did give me a major revelation in scripture before He stopped talking to me. He had me organize all the volunteers to circle this propery as a symbolic gesture of preparing to move into the promised land.`

If you have read the story, you know that when God rescued the Jews from Egypt and fed them in the desert, they had no heart for entering the land. The Occupants were Giants. The felt it was hopeless to stand against such a powerful enemy (it would be like daring to stand up against the rich fossil fuels and electric barons of today)

Some original dealers have told us that we have a lot of nerve to expect them to resume making payments on their dealerships after we lost their money. They expected Moses to succeed against . . . -when he gets in a tight spot, he starts talking God

God asked me if I was a corporate citizend or if I was a soverein citizen. I knew what He was getting at, so I took a lot of rabbit trails, but they all led back to the same revelation. I was a corporate guy with a social security card and the works

God told me to tell all the patriots I could get a chance to talk to that He has heard their prayers. He said,

I have heard the prayers of my people. They come before my throne continually every day. They humble themselves and pray ceaselessly for Me to heal their land. Tell them I have hear them and I will heal THEIR land ... I have not heard any heartfelt prayers from those who are part of the corporate America deception. . .

in talking about the public show - which went on way past midnight: Dennis Says: The show will go for two to two and a half hours (7-9:30).

I have never met a heat pump installer who didnot think he could make our unit work properly without us, and I have never met one who could. apparently, many people have had difficulty getting the heat pumps to work

When I went to jail, dozens of dealers tried to make this happen and not one of them succeeded! They couldn't even make the heat pumps perform. this sounds like a pitiful excuse for earlier equipment failing

Do not entertain networking and please tell us about all attempts to network with you!! You do not need anyone else to be able to exploit this opportunity. I think the last time he had 2000 sign up and eventually give up, he learned not to let them trade ideas

"I didn't have one expert who had worked on the project who was willing to stand by me or my claims" -duh!-

"I was planning to share the vision and the whole story with Bo Gritz. Boy he was a disappointment!" -me too, BTW, Bo just went to jail-

"Ideas came to me like crazy while I was in prison" -nuff said-

"The Tesla Society did not really want me to come with one; it was just their way of getting rid of the one most likely to bring forth any real competition for their buddies in government" -that's funny, because some Tesla people think the government is trying to stop them!-

"Little old ladies on social security skipped meals to send us the money instead of eating" -Dennis, that also inspires me to action-

"As God would have it, we also got invited to do a big TV show on a Christian show called the Bob Enyart Show" -what Dennis won't tell you is that Bob doesn't trust Dennis any more-

"yesterday, bob Pirrone sold a dealership for $100,000 and he is negotiating to sell three more at the same price for each one." -these people should buy the one for sale for only 11K , It sounds fishy that they are still being sold since I thought they all had been sold-

"I may just do another quick tour to replace any cry babies from our dealer network" that will give you different "cry babies" later

"I'm pretty sure at this point that the free electricity unit will not involve a heat pump" -hey, I predicted this -

"I assure you that I am still leaving out far more than I am telling, but at this point, it's far more positive than you could ever imagine" -for who?-

"we have a light that runs for 4000 years with out being plugged into the wall" -then run it 1 day, to win my prize- ". . an electric motor, 5 horsepower in size that is running a car 40 miles per hour"

"we have even found yet another technology , not only to enable us to levitate almost any amount of weight, but to . . ."

"We could easily build a working model of the Fischer/LPTC Generator right now" -oh, yes and I could easily become 10 foot tall if I wanted to-

"I have had occasion to help Charlie and even his associates keep their phones on and food on the table" -yeah, right Dennis, this Charlie has access to a few billion dollars but can't afford to pay for his own food. I said the mystery money wouldn't happen months ago. Has anyone sold BWT the Brooklyn Bridge, yet?-

A few quotes from his tape

. . results in a spiraling increase in cost of energy. In inflation corrected dollars, the cost of a gallon of gas has gone way down in the last 30 years. Also the amount of fossil based pollution in the air is way lower. New oil is being discovered at about the same rate as it is consumed

I'm nothing special - I'm just an average person just like you No Dennis, you claim to receive direct revelation from God - that claim is quite rare

. . take my information to technical people and professors, then make your decision

don't go on the internet -don't trust what they write about me - these people are paid to decieve you rather than respond, Dennis pushes paranoia

the fischer engine had problems running more than 18 cycles none of Dennis's stuff works for more than a few cycles - the Fisher engine design is simply mistaken

George Wiseman is a liar no he is a competitor

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