examining claims by Dennis Lee of UCSA BWT & ITEC that the government suppresses inventors 

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I'm an engineer who has long studied the history of cons, hoaxes, ponzi schemes, mass delusion, investment scams, phony science, free energy claims and cult leaders.

  Dennis tells us the entire government and american industry at large is trying to suppress his truth. (apparently other governments must have sold out as well) I've also heard claims that the government is trying to suppress evidence of having manned bases on Mars, controlling peoples brains, preparing to send all free thinkers to concentration camps, covering up 50 years of contact with aliens, trying to be part of a one world government etc. Note: I openly admit to not fully having researched the pro dennis claims of conspiracy against Dennis. -I'm sorry, there's just too much information out there for one volunteer to track. But I offer to verify if he or anyone really has free energy.  As of 12/99, he refuses to allow me to see what he has. I came to his 11/99 Philadelphia show with meters and he had the security guards throw me out.

  If the press is part of a conspiracy against Dennis: Why did they run his full page advertisements. And why don't they even respond to Eric's open offers to provide skeptical information on Dennis?

I've contacted, magazines, radio stations, radio talk shows, investigative journalists, 20-20, internet expose site, all area newspapers, etc. - these people won't even contact me back. They must think I'm nuts for even entertaining Dennis's ideas and they obviously have no desire to dig up dirt on Dennis.
Some good conspiracy questions to Dennis are:

  Why don't you win my prize offer for proof of free energy?  - why don't you accept Randi's 1 million dollar prize offer?

  Why is your modus operandi so similar to that of Joe Newman?

  What have been your companies electric bills lately? Why don't you drive a free energy vehicle?

  Why do no certified welders use your Brown's gas machines?

  Why didn't they lock up people who were trying to find cold fusion?

  If the government doesn't want energy competition, why have they allowed oil to compete with coal and then natural gas to compete with oil?

  Why has the Department of Energy spent billions trying to develop alternatives to fossil fuels?

  Does the government lock up people for researching insulation, solar cells, wind mills, and geo thermal?

  How could they hope to stop the French, Germans, Russians or Japanese from developing wonderful sources of power and selling them here?

  If Dennis is so threatened here, why doesn't he totally convert over some other country where the evil Americans can't get

  Are they against progress in the medical, computer, avionics, automotive, or electronics industries (most of these industries are hell bent on improving their technology to compete with other countries.

  If the power industry has such sinister control in this country, why did they take such a beating in the early 1980's (the state of Texas almost went under as domestic oil companies shrunk). -why did they allow natural gas to compete or nuke plants?

  How big is the conspiracy? Do scientists and engineers who devote their lives to human betterment follow some evil scheme to suppress Dennis? (if so, how many thousand of us somehow don't leak it to the press?)

  Couldn't Dennis find a single University or College Engineering Department (out of the hundreds in the country) to vouch for his claims

  Why doesn't Dennis tour the country in tractor trailers powered by ambient heat?

  If the press is controlled by the conspiracy, why did they all happily take his full page ads all over the country?

  If utilities are so afraid of competition, why to they spend millions trying to get people to conserve?

  Why don't power companies just get incredibly rich by using massive free energy machines to save billions of dollars and then sit on the patents?

  Why doesn't Dennis beat the conspiracy by putting out so many free energy machine prototypes, that they can't steal, defrock, sabotage, and cover up them all?

  Why in the three years since 1996 (when Dennis took in at least a million from investors), has he failed to show anything - even though he said he'd install units in 1996.

Other fun questions to people believing is massive technological conspiracies:

  did canal operators cover up locomotive discoveries?

  Does the postal service intimidate inventors of email and the telephone?

  Is Amtrack behind the bombing of passenger planes?

  Were VCR's kept secret by movie theater mobsters?

  Was Henry Ford really killed by horse buggy makers?

  Were chip manufacturers threatened by slide rule makers?

  Are firemen telling us not to use smoke detectors?

  Was TV delayed for decades by evil radio broadcasters?

  Did undertakers silence Johannes Salk?

  Are farmers killing people who have proved that dirt is edible?

  Do dogs refuse to talk because they don't want to work?

I do have to admit that I know of a very powerful man who is preventing the world from getting information on the BTW free energy machine. This man refuses to allow a real demonstration (for more than 3 seconds) with a trained engineer taking measurements. The man suppressing such a public demonstration of free energy is Dennis Lee

The following is a post from another list on how to not need to sign up 1.6 million people in order to get past the "conspiracy to stop free energy":



For all of you government/military/industry employees (or amateur experimenters) who would like to reveal your direct knowledge about about existing free energy technology, but are sworn to secrecy, and/or are afraid for your safety:

How to Post to the Internet Anonymously

1.  Visit a university library or cybercafe equipped with public internet connections.  Try to make sure that you are not followed.  It is unlikely that the authorities can keep a close watch on all of the thousands of scientists, engineers, technicians, and support personal involved in the conspiracy.

2.  Lauch a web browser and go to hotmail.com or just about any other web-based email site.

3.  Sign up for an email account using a false name and address, etc (this is very easy -- I have done it myself).

4.  Go to the Free_Energy yahoo group and other energy related sites like JLN labs.  The more sites you post to, the less likely that the leak can be stopped.

5.  Upload digital files containing diagrams of the free energy device (the authorities cannot possibly monitor all of the enormous amounts of traffic on the internet in real-time in order to intercept your upload). 

6.  Promptly but calmly leave the building and resume your normal routine.

7.  Quietly bask in the satisfaction of single-handidly having defeated the "Big Conspiracy" (don't tell anyone about your actions, not even after the leaked information becomes widely known).

Leo C.

P.S.  I realize that the authorities may "disappear" me for encouraging the release of classified information (of course they monitor this group), but I am willing to make this sacrifice for the sake of truth and for good of humankind ;-D



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a good write up on free energy conspiracy claims by Mark:

        Cover up revisited

        It has been asserted time and again that the Government is involved
in a cover up of new energy technology. However no proof of a cover up has
been provided. If any can provide some empirical evidence of this cover up I
doubt I would be the only one interested on seeing it. Please post it.

        Why cover up?

        Recently it has been claimed that high performance carburetors have
been deemed a national security risk and the patents were seized. I thought
about this at great length would like to share my thoughts. Remember
disbelief was suspended when thinking about this so all thought about why it
is was not possible were suspended.

        The most likely and most claimed reason such a device is covered up
is because of greed. The claim works like this. The Oil companies influence
the Government with its money and the Government suppresses the Technology.
Other claims that the government is really controlled by other groups from
the Shriner's to the Pope but I will not address that here. Let me address
the Oil companies theory. First thing the Government can not truly do
anything it is people who do things. So we could say that some members of
the government work with the oil companies to make sure the demand for
petrochemicals climbs. These are the same people who have families and live
in the world itself. I doubt that I am the only who finds it hard to accept
that so many people could allow their children and grand children to choke
on smog and suffocate under the green house effect. Could it be true? Yes I
think so. It would be highly unlikely but if we put too much faith in
humanity we end up denying things like the holocaust. The conspiracy would
need to be multigenerational. I also find it hard to accept that so many
greedy nay evil people could self propagate. Yes it could happen but again
highly unlikely.

        The hard parts about multiple generation conspiracy: this would mean
several groups working together despite their own self interest, no
un-resolvable disputes could have happened, no party could allow greed to
influence it enough to cash in, evil and greedy men and women could not work
against each other, groups and nations in dispute could not go against the
conspiracy in desperation, and no accidental information could leak. This
would need to go on for years. Yes VERY hard to believe but yes it could

        The oil companies would need to FORGET about the supply and demand
part of economics. The oil companies would need to sell more, build more,
risk more, explore more, increase liability, more dangerous infrastructure,
more environmental impact, more fines, more dangerous countries to do
business with, and employ more. All of these things take a bite out of the
bottom line, meeting demand is not always easy or as profitable.

        For the oil companies to maintain control all of these things would
need be true. We really have no proof that any of these things are true let
alone all of them so I conclude IMHO this is not the case. Yes people in the
Government have done ill in the past and may do so again but in the end scum
floats to the top for all to see. It is also clear that the government has
acted many times in the past against the mega-corporations such as breaking
up the bells and the microsoft case.

        National Security Risk

        I tried real hard to think about this part but beside the employment
loss I did find a legitimate case for such tech being a risk. Consider WWII:
A major portion of the overall strategy was to reduce Nazis ability to wage
war by attacking them strategically. This would mean removing such things as
ball bearings, strategic metals, industrial diamonds, and of course oil from
the enemy by any means. If during WWII a device was introduced that would
have allow the Nazis to stretch its oil reserves by even a small amount
things might have ended up differently. However by the same token such a
device could be used as a weapon during the 70s oil crisis. When OPEC
started raising prices and filling the coffers of the local war lords who
were not happy with the US it would have been a simple matter to release the
device and there by reduce demand world wide crushing the OPEC nations
economically. So if such a device were available it would stand to reason
that is would have been used then or many times since. It also would be
natural to conclude that if such a device existed it would have been stolen
by now and used by another power. Stealing such a item may not seam as
nearly as glamorous as Atomic secrets but the impact would be even more
notable and more beneficial to the population, war effort, and economy.

        Other thoughts

        If an idea was not permitted in the US why not go elsewhere? There
are other countries that need such a product more than the US and would
provide equal or better intellectual property protection. For example many
European countries do not enjoy the same abundant resources that we in the
US have and would love to cut automobile gas use by 1/2 or more. They would
gladly use such a device and would pay handsomely for it. Why not a billion
it would be a bargain.

        With the US economy being less driven by auto makers and oil
concerns and more towards Information Technology it makes it more likely
that anyone would hitch a ride with polluters by propagating the conspiracy. 

A letter from a New Zealand member of the Illuminatii:

The following is a publication from a secret member of the Illuminati:

I struggled out of bed this morning  on the first day of the two thousandth year
since nothing in particular happened.  Rather than watch millenium celebrations  a
year early, I turned on the Discovery channel to watch one of those Mysterious
World, Arthur C. Clarke  type programmes. It was called "Equinox. They run on
water."  Today's mystery was "Why do people still believe that cars can run on
water?"   I was worried. This upset me because  I thought I'd successfully
suppressed all information about that years ago. The programme had a few different
inventors who had machines that produced more energy than they used.  One was a
machine that split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Another was a  machine that
heated water rapidly using only a small amount of energy.

One of my jobs as a member of the Illuminati is to… Um, actually I'm not supposed to
tell people that. Oh well,  if you promise not to tell anyone.  Anyway,  we at the
Illumaniti are the Enlightened Ones. We are a small group of unbelievably  wealthy
and powerful individuals who rule the world with our secrets. Our knowledge of
arcane secrets allows us to control just about everything.  One of the things that
keeps us rich is control of the world's oil and energy supplies.  One thing we
really don't want is someone coming up with a cheap and clean energy source.   There
is this law of conservation of energy which explains why you have to use a remote
control to change channel.  We have paid off or threatened all science teachers to
tell everybody that in fact the law says you always get as much energy out as you
put in.  But not more. The thing is,  this  isn't true. We just want people to
believe it so we can  sell petrol at inflated prices.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes science at school. So not everyone knows about the
"new" law of conservation of energy.   Every now and then someone works out that
water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen burns well and makes a good fuel.
If you get the hydrogen out, you can burn it.  If this becomes public knowledge,
energy will be almost free.   The bottom will drop out of the oil market. To stop
this, we have spies in all the patent offices. If anyone submits a patent that will
allow a car to run on water, we whisk the inventor away and pay him off.

When I saw the programme I thought that maybe someone had got past us. Actually
managed to get their story to the media.   But  after watching the programme for a
while I realised that it was one our propaganda pieces. We put them out to make
people think it is only nutters that think perpetual motion machines work.  None of
the perpetual motion machines (PMM) on this programme would work. If you want to
prove one of these energy machines works, it's easy. You pour some water in and
start the water splitting machine running. (See figure 1.)

The water is split, using electolysis, into  hydrogen and oxygen. This is used to
power  an internal combustion engine (or fuel cell if you want to be efficient),
which in turn, runs a generator.
The electricity that is produced by the generator is used to power the water
splitter. The exhaust  from the engine (or fuel cell) is water, which is returned to
the water splitter to be used again.  Surplus energy is used to power any electrical

The water never runs out.  To be useful (and therefore a threat to the oil
industry,) the machine has to produce more energy than it uses. The easy way to
demonstrate this is to power a small light bulb or some sort of household appliance.
If the machine keeps running day after day, and keeps a bulb alight, then it works.
Anybody who does this is quickly given $100,000,000.00   and told not to say
anything.  I could tell straight away that the machines on the programme didn't
work, because they weren't continuously lighting up a light bulb.

When a PMM works, the inventor demonstrates it working. Then we buy up the patent
and put it in a file marked "Etruscan love poetry."

If you have tried  to make a PMM, but you havn't been able to get more energy out
than it takes to make it run, don't despair. So long as you can convince people that
it might work one day, you can fool investors into giving you money "to develop it."

You  do what they did on this Equinox  programme. You use "Very Sensitive
Instruments" which are able to hide the errors that make it seem like the machine
produces surplus energy.   Scientists will of course say it contravenes the law of
conservation of energy.