Joe Newman has been raising money on his promise of having free energy for 30 years. 10 years ago, Dennis Lee started the same kind of operation. Although I see little amazing about the evidence for free energy, I must admit the operations of free energy claimants, Dennis Lee and Joe Newman have an eerie similarity   Their styles and history have had uncanny parallels:

In the August 97 issue of skeptical inquirer I wrote about the Free Energy claims of Dennis Lee.  Since that time, Dennis has not produced the free electricity machine that were promised to be installed in homes coast to coast - but he has convinced many of the dealers to get their churches to send in money to get on the top of the list.
   Interestingly enough, Dennis got his inspiration to shift from pyramid scams into free energy after attending a demonstration by Joe Newman in the New Orleans Superdome.  Joe Newman has been making free energy claims for 30 years and appeared at his high water mark in 1988 when he had a well publicized ill-fated battle with the patent office. (see SI issue ______)  In spite of a big build up, Newman's efforts to differ independently controlled confirmation yielded to a court order to demonstrate the device..  Newman forfeited his opportunity to be present for testing which found only 70% efficiency.  Newman's followers have since retorted that the test was done incorrectly.  True to form of centuries of other free energy claimants, Newman has since disassembled the machine.   See the sidebar column for the amazing coincidents between these 2 "Free Energy Messiahs".
Joe Newman is a self described inventor who likes to take on "impossible problems".  He claims to have patents on plastic covered dumbbells. 30 years ago, he decided that the prevailing accepted laws electricity and magnetism didn't seem right.  Ignoring the fact that conventional physics has enabled engineers to make very successful AC/DC motors and generators - Newman (like a great many people) came up with his own intuitively derived theories.  Newman's theories envision matter and electrons as little gyroscopes.
   Newman rose to prime time fame in 1984 when he had a very public battle with the patent office over their refusal to issue him a patent for his device.  It turns out that patent offices have been besieged by perpetual motion and free energy claimants for the last 200 years. The media focus drew to a head after the court appointed the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), now known as the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). to test Newman's claim of more output power than input power.  Until then, it was rather difficult to do a proper comparison of the energy required to be put into the machine in order to get out allegedly more energy. (Many engineers have accidentally mismeasured high voltage spikes from many "inventors" devices).  Newman, who has always been the only one to control measurements of his device forfeited his right to witness the tests by very qualified court appointed engineers.  Newman's followers rejected the findings of the device being UNDER UNITY by at least 30%.

Newman uses dubious semantics to distance himself from the term "Free Energy" and claims that he has "100% energy efficient conversion using E=MC2". Strangely, he dispenses with most of the rest of established physics.  From talking with people who have spent years attempting this with no positive results, I conclude this is just a ploy to cast anyone making such an attempt as incompetent. Here, the seasoned skeptic would hopefully save time by identifying where the burden of  proof really belongs.

  The Mobile Press Register reported that while Newman was married to one woman, he claimed God directed him to marry his secretary AND her 8 year old daughter.  This is part of a press report which also quotes Newman as concluding that Salman Rushdie is possessed by Satan from  the shape of his face and eye brows.  I'd love to see Martin Gardner's commentary on this style of reasoning. Newman said, "I'm certain God has called me at this time to save the world. He marked me as he marked Mohammed.  He spoke to me and told me to marry a girl under 10 years of age"
   More recent information on Joe Newman comes from Norm Biss, a senior motor technician from Erie PA.  Norm had read a copy of Newman's book and was contacted by Newman with a request to help build a prototype of a over unity motor.  Norm convinced his employer to commit 10's of thousands of dollars towards this effort with the agreement from Newman that the device would be openly tested.

I have found the editors of Infinite Energy magazine unwilling to host an article taking a skeptical look at Joe Newman.  I find this a serious over site given that many of their subscribers have invested big money in such claims.

idea :  shortened side bar account from Norm  - a brief side bar from Napier - "can you come out ahead from wires and magnets?"

For over 20 years Joe Newman (born, Joseph Westly Rogers)  has been promising to demonstrate a device that produces more energy than it consumes. Many people have contributed significant time, materials and money to try to make this happen. And many of them have concluded that Newman is dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts. My copy of the test performed by the National Bureau of Standards says that in a test, Newman's machine only returned 1 third to 2 thirds the energy put into it (the rest of the energy being wasted).   Norm Biss of Erie Pa  reports that he got his employer to agree to build and test a Newman motor.  He found Newman to be ignorant of electronic motors and their assembly. Newman made a whole mess in the motor with 3 different kinds of glue trying to hold everything together.  He broke all kinds of parts on the motor by over heating and using an 8 lb sledge hammer.  They say Joe stole a key to the place and stole the device the day before qualified engineers were going to test it. More on this at: THE NORM BISS STORY    Joe has rented out whole stadiums to demonstrate claims of over unity.  Joe claims there is a way with magnets, wheels and wire to turn parts of copper atoms directly into energy. Joe got national attention in the early 80's when he had a number of backers trying to get the patent office to grant him
a patent for a big heavy machine he said would make excess energy seemingly out of thin air.  The main complaint people had was that Joe would demonstrate a device that both had input power (often batteries) and produced output power.  Joe has claimed that over 30 scientists and engineers have signed excess power affidavits - some have since recanted.   Skeptics point out that it is difficult to measure power and that these people (if they exist) were mistaken.  Dan Benvenuti invested around a half million with Newman but was appalled to see it wasted on lawsuits and self promotion.   Newman and his followers are not helpful putting investigators like me in touch with any of the alleged 30 scientific people.  Most scientists feel the existing established laws of electromagnetism have done a fine job of accounting for known phenomenon for the last 100 years.  Hoards of people like Newman come up with alternative theories of physics.  Newman has claimed to demonstrate proof of FE (Free Electricity) many times.  Among his demonstrations has been a motor running off batteries turning a shaft which people can't stop with their hands.  I don't feel that this is the extraordinary proof that should be expected for an extraordinary claim. I offer a $5000 prize for proof of Free Energy. But when I called up Joe to try to set up a time where he could try to win my money, he just cursed me out and threatened to physically assault me. Joe who is last known to be in Arizona is only one of many  people who have claimed to have Free Energy Machines.   Many people who have bought his $80 book, have tried to follow the instructions to make their own over unity machines - and failed after years of effort.    Joe has run for president, claimed to contact UFOs and runs a radio show where he talks about God giving him messages and much patriot style rhetoric. He also operates much the same as Dennis Lee.
See - Jeff and Judy's independent conclusions on Newman
A few interesting things about Newman from the Life magazine story on him

     Newman flunked 2nd grade and ran away from home at 15
     Newman never took a college science course but had 8,500 people pay to see his demo at the Louisiana Superdome.
     they quote him as saying, "if anybody tries to stop this invention, I'm going to beat the hell out of him"

Many investors have done so as a result of hearing Newman's claim that " More than 30 scientists and engineers have verified the  evidence of the operability of Joseph Newman's technology and have signed  legal Affidavits to that effect". I know Newman claims to have sued one of these people, but I've not been able to locate any who stand by such an assertion.

The ___ issue of SI reported a court ordered test found Newman's motor to have been operating at mere 70% efficiency - or what I would call an under unity machine.  Although Newman did not bother attending the test, he claims the people running the the test were incompetent. Newman's supporters claim that Eleven U.S. Congressmen (Democrats and Republicans) introduced
eleven separate Congressional Bills designed to give Joseph Newman a
 Congressionally-issued Patent.  Newman's lack of a proper patent has been used as an excuse to not have mass produced a device.

In the same way that dowsers and therapeutic touch people have rebuffed my efforts  to test them with the suggestion, "just learn to do it yourself".  Joe Newman's $80 book gives advice on how one can make their own  Many people have taken up the challenge.

Stefan Hartmann of Germany has spent much time since 1986 in sincere efforts to replicate the claims of Joe Newman. He could prove Newmans negative back current spikes in big coils valid, but not his mechanical motor output overunity claims. Stefan is a competent experimenter who documents all his work but merely expects a higher standard of proof than Newman.  The result of his questions has had Newman label him as a "stupid liar."

Newman seems to speak through is most loyal follower Evan Soule (without whom, I suspect Newman would be just one more muttering homeless person). Evan says of me:" Eric is a pathological sceptic
>> whose demonstrated actions are hardly one of intellectual and scientific
>> honesty."
People who are still interested in investing in Joe Newman's device can call (602) 657-3722 - or you can get further information from:

   hysterical warning from Newman about the evils of Lee

the skeptics corner:

" How to convince me to invest in Joe Newman":

Joe Newman has been claiming to have what I would consider free energy for decades.  He's recently been taking $3500 down from investors for a machine promised by last June.  He says 30 scientists & engineers have somehow vouched for his device and recently gave a rather weak demo to many people attending the last Exotic Research Conference. ( contains a review ).  Many people say the guy is crazy  but may still be on to something.  His doing things like claiming to contact UFO's, running for president and marrying an 8 year old girl and her mother would sure justify the crazy allegations.  I'm told "but, remember, they laughed at Isaac Newton" - Yes. but heck, they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.  Joe writes books, claims God gave him the idea, the conspiracy has tried to buy him out,   .  . . but so does Dennis Lee and many more "free energy messiahs" out there.  Newman's indefatigable defender Evan Soule tells me to just study Joe's massive theory or to just build my own device. I get a constant stream of dreamers trying to get me to study their intuitively derived theory - I couldn't pick a winner amidst 50 kooks, and I just don't see any problems with the electromagnetic part of established theory (other stuff, I'm less sure of).  As far as the admonition to build my own - many have failed such attempts for years, I would fear my failure would only open me to accusations of being incompetent.
   That all may seem very negative, but, I feel my real net contribution is being willing to take a look at something running.  Now Newman has claimed to have evidence: like a motor turning under low current - but wrist watch motors will spin a year on a battery weighing less than a penny.  He demonstrates a motor that one can't stop by hand - but that just isn't laboratory conditions for my taste.  As a card carrying skeptic I keep hearing  skeptics accused of  "raising the goal posts".  Well, I sure don't agree with everything done by some rather predatory skeptics out there.  - but I have offered a cash prize for a simple demonstration of free energy for a number of years. Forget about controversial tests where one has to compare input and output power - that's just asking for trouble.  To win my $10,000 prize, I'd just expect any input power to be produced from  output power fed back.  It shouldn't be hard to do and is more than justified by the long history of embarrassing false hopes.  And yes, I realize that my test may miss something legitimate that just puts out too little power compared to natural losses. (those folks will just have to keep on plugging).   Many people like Dennis Lee have done demonstrations for a few seconds where stored power could easily be employed.  So my test would be NO external power to a device putting out at least a kilowatt (with no large hidden areas) for 24 hours straight.  If I'd see that, I'd happily follow the inventor, read his theory and line up big investment money.  If there would be a cheap real free energy device, my increase in net worth would more than pay back the prize and I could earn myself a spot in history as the skeptic who grabbed attention. But until then, I'll try to keep my mind open and my wallet shut.

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Eric Krieg is an electrical engineer and the president of the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking.   He works as an independent software consultant and enjoys investigating paranormal topics like free energy, therapeutic touch, orgonomy, and dowsing.  He enjoys email to


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Note:  The following is what Joe has to say about Dennis Lee :

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

               11445 East Via Linda, No. 416
                 Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
                      (480) 657-3722

           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 18, 1999)


   It was just brought to my attention that Mr. Dennis Lee
(also operating under the name of  "Better World Technolo-
gies, Inc." or  "United  Community  Services  of America")
ran  a  full-page  advertisement in  USA TODAY  on Friday,
September 17, 1999.   He specifically stated that he would
be  "selling  magnetic  motors  that  are  more  than 200%

   All people be warned:   Dennis Lee  came to my national
demonstration at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans in
the  mid-1980s  and  he  even  wrote  me a letter offering
$1,000,000.00  for  permission to use my Pioneering Energy
Invention  to  operate  a  device   he  had  already  been
promising to people.

   I turned him down and told him,  "If your device works,
then you don't need  my Magnetic  Motor Pioneering Techno-
logy."   Even at that time I  was  suspicious  that he was
deceiving people.  NOW I KNOW THAT HE IS!

   If he is in  ANY WAY  claiming that "He and his company
have invented a  Revolutionary  Magnetic Motor"  (that can
operate at over  100% efficiency),  then I consider him to

   And if Dennis Lee  sells  magnetic motors that are over
100% efficient,  then HE & HIS COMPANY WILL BE SUED BY ME!

   He  even  attempts  to  lie  by  claiming to have first
discovered that  magnets will attract copper and aluminum.
That fact has long been taught in science.   If one places
a magnet on a stack of  thin aluminum or copper plates and
quickly lifts the magnet away, the top plates will rise.

   Many  years  ago  I  even  showed this effect by having
neodymium magnets connected to scales, opposite and facing
one another,  but being  only 1/2 inch  apart so that they
were DEFYING  gravity with  the magnets becoming suspended
in air.   I then also placed an aluminum ruler between the
two magnets and the faster I moved the aluminum ruler, the
more  strongly  the  two  magnets  tried  to follow in the
direction of the  moving ruler.   This  simple experiments
demonstrates ATTRACTION!

   It is also true that the aluminum or copper is repelled
when  the  magnet  is moved towards those hanging objects.
Dennis Lee and Cohorts apparently don't know this.  Copper
and aluminum are both attracted and repelled by magnets.

   The above simple demonstration was documented years ago
on video which was purchased & seen by  many people across
the world,  including  most probably  Dennis Lee  since he
specifically purchased my book.

   Dennis Lee and Cohorts  also attempt to claim that they
are demonstrating  something new by  stating that they can
transfer  electricity through the air  to another receiver
of the electricity.

   TRUTH:   Michael Faraday  was the  FIRST  to prove this
more than 150 years ago.  His accomplishments subsequently
caused James Clerk Maxwell to disclose his famous Electro-
magnetic Field Propagation Equations.  In the early 1900s,
Nikola Tesla also proved that such could be accomplished.

   As any hustler would do,  Dennis Lee and Cohorts cover
themselves by stating in the headlines of their USA TODAY
full page advertisement:  "This machine MAY give you free
electricity for the rest of your life."   Further down in
the advertisement,  Dennis Lee and Cohorts state that the
demonstrations to be  held around the country are "free,"
but then, in the same advertisement, they state that they
intend to separate you from $275 before you leave.

   I call that talking  out of  BOTH SIDES OF YOUR MOUTH.
I  have  given  many  TRULY  FREE  demonstrations  of  my
Pioneering  Energy Machine Technology  across the country
and  at  such  demonstrations  I  have  never  asked  for
"contributions or donations"  nor  attempted  to sell and
accept monies at my demonstrations for any product except
for  what  was immediately  deliverable to the public ---
such as my fundamental book, THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH

   I have also demonstrated  on numerous occasions uncon-
nected banks of lights being lit while my Motor/Generator
was  operating  and  I  even  had  individuals  from  the
audience hold lights over the battery pack and the lights
would become illuminated without ANY wires being attached
to  them.   I  did  this, for  instance, at the Louisiana
Superdome in New Orleans at a  demonstration specifically
attended  by  Dennis  Lee.  Such  demonstrations  are all
documented  on videotapes  which  have  been  distributed
across the country.

   People: BEWARE.  Any attempt by Dennis Lee and Cohorts
to  claim  my  Revolutionary Energy Machine Technology as
their own will mark them as FRAUDS and THIEVES!

   I am  pushing ahead  with the  honest production of my
life's  work.   Even  the  A & E  Network and the History
Channel  have broadcasted  Specials that verify the truth
of which I speak!

Power to the People!

Joseph W. Newman

(480) 657-3722

P.S. Please pass this email along to others!



.  The following quotes from his  "Last Judgment" publication imply he considers himself some kind of messiah:

"I have already put out press releases that Nostradamus predicted my existence over 400 years ago"

"I have shown numerous mathematical facts showing that God has chosen me to speak to the people on this earth because the people do not listen to God"

"He will be known as Mitreya means world unifier and Buddha 2500 years ago further predicted that he would come from the West and would appear around the year 2000AD
I am that servant of God"

"Christians, I am that person (Lamb) chosen to carry the FINAL WORD OF GOD. Note - I was born as Cayce prophesied July 2, 1936!"

"God has revealed to me that I am the essence of the scripture in Revelation Chapter 19 verses 11 - 21."

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