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Note: in 2002, Dennis split up with Paul Pantone and joined forces with Jesse Epps (former civil rights advocate) and taken over the NUAF – the National Union of American Families


First of all, there probably are publications following this - I'm just not familiar with them. Main stream press may ignore Dennis - but they don't bother debunking him either (even though I've offered my story for free) It bothers me that the press sticks to the same tired stories (cops, burnings, crashes, elections, sports). Dennis's followers agree with me that the typical American is a TV opiated loser not interested in using his mind to examine a claim.

I tried hard to get a journalist to cover the show. I offered to be a technical advisor. It seems obviously a big story to me since it's a matter of either a huge scam with many million dollars conned from poor people or the biggest technology jump since fire. I, as a true skeptic (not a knee jerk nay sayer), am sincerely open to giving a claim a look at even if it is very radical. Someone posted the full page ad in my office. Most engineers simply took one look and said 'this is an absurd set of claims, no way could all these break throughs be possible'- their reaction was to just write it off as a scam. I think people in the press did the same thing - it sounded too outrageous like it couldn't possibly be true so they ignored it as they ignore the absurd claims coming from "Weekly World News" in super market lines. Most journalists are scientifically less capable to evaluate such claims than the excited people at Dennis's shows. I have trouble believing that all ~500 major newspapers and all their people are part of a extremely sinister cover up. There are alternative magazines like Utne, New Republic and Mother Jones who uncover true government conspiracies on a regular basis. I know people in the press (it just happens these people are not on a science beat) - I'm sure if I offered an inside scope (as compared with an arm chair opinion) I could get a newspaper to do a story or allow me to run one. (I got you to put me ahead of other emails) let's follow Dennis's request to try to get an open investigation for the whole world (as compared with the one sided demonstration which I saw in Philly) .  After USA Today made about $60,000 off a full-page ad from Dennis, they did do a good critical story on his scams. 


If you think there is a media conspiracy against Dennis, then why have many forms of media rejected Eric's offer of skeptical information on Dennis?

If the press were out to get Dennis, they could give coverage of Eric's investigation and quotes from people a heck of lot less charitable than Eric.

If you think the press should examine every amazing claim. See if you think they have time to examine these 100's of engine efficiency enhancing products

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