BWT - an inside story of working with Dennis Lee of NUAF

Charlie Doyle is just one of a number of people who have come forward after having been involved in Dennis Lee’s operation.  Most of these people do no have the guts to blow their story wide open.  The newspapers have had other people give their accounts as well.

My story of working for Dennis Lee: by Charlie Doyle  posted 3/99 at

Howdy folks,      Just thought I'd better get involved in this BWT (Bad Working Technologies) commotion going on here.

    My name is Charlie Doyle and from August of 1996 to June of 1998 I was involved in the strange little cult known as BWT.  I couldn't stand the strange and even ludicrous goings-on at Dennis' cult anymore so I finally gave up on the whole thing in May of 1998. Since I have returned home I have seen my name tossed around in Dennis' ultraweird "newsletter" and on his diatribing and quixotic "update line".
    Upon returning home I was completely ready to let the whole BWT experience vanish into my past and move on without any harsh words or public criticism for Dennis, but since Dennis repeatedly and cowardly blames me and any others who've come and gone through the revolving doors of Dennis' illusionary "technical revolution", I feel obliged to speak up to at least say a few words in my own defense ( not really that important to me) and ( this is my main purpose ) to shed some light on the odd claims and behavior of Josiah David......Ahhh.....I mean Dennis Lee.  I am doing this with the hope that unsuspecting investors might think twice before they fork over their life savings for a shot at a free energy machine, flying saucer, plastic house, explosion-proof mesh machine, miracle hydro-electric turbine or any of the myriad other non-existent "technologies" that Dennis taunts his unsuspecting and ever anticipating dealers and potential dealers with.
    On this last email Mike Hall claims that I have questionable morals for selling my dealership for a profit.  He claims that I shouldn't sell anything which I hate to an "unsuspecting soul" at a profit.
    Just for the record here are the facts of the sale of my dealership:

        I originally bought my dealership in July of 1996 for $10,000

        My role as a volunteer for BWT ( Bad Working Technologies) over the course of 2 years resulted in the awarding of my dealership to me free and clear after only making a few payments.  I think I made 5 or 6 payments in the fall of 1996 at about $200.00 so in the end I forked over close to $1000.00 cash and of course many hours of labor as a paid volunteer to Dennis' cult.
        I sold my dealership in January of 1999 for $300.00 to a local auto mechanic.  The $300.00 has been paid to me in the form of auto work to my tired old Subaru Wagon.  The new dealer only forked over at the most $50.00 cash ( for the parts ) and the rest in labor.
        I have an open offer to the new dealer that I'll buy the worthless dealership back from him for $100.00 if he feels that it was a rip-off.  He bought the dealership because he's a Y2K conspiracy nut who loves the latest conspiracies.  I told him if he would like to hear a stream of dogmatic claims and wacky conspiracy theories then he's truly found the mother lode at BWT.
    I was a volunteer at BWT but I received a small salary and free food and rent from Dennis.  Dennis is for some reason pointing out that I was not an employee but a volunteer, and the fact that the Fox news story introduced me as an employee seems in Dennis' mind to help discredit the Fox piece.  Dennis needs all the help he can get to hide the fact that they caught him on tape lying about never having made FE claims until the night Fox taped him ( Dennis has clearly been claiming to HAVE a FE machine since at least  October of 98 ).   I can't see where it makes a bit of difference if I'm called a volunteer or employee or cult lackey or what....I still worked for BWT for over a year and I know firsthand what a strange and bogus operation the whole place is.
    My claim that the flying saucer flake John R.R. Searle has received a $10,000 per month assistance from Dennis was simply a paraphrase of what Mike related to me earlier.  I don't know how long the payments went on but I know that Mike told me at least once that Searle received 10k per month.  I have no proof that any payments were made, I'm just paraphrasing Mike.  And Mike never utters a peep that he didn't hear first from his personal prophet of God Dennis Lee.
    My claim that the Fischer engine was plugged in at demos is certainly true.  It's also true that Dennis never hid the fact that it was plugged in.  But there certainly was and is immense deception taking place on the part of Dennis in his Fischer engine demos.  Most of the deception starts by Dennis being 100% ignorant of all things technical and scientific.  Dennis first convinces himself that every word emanating from his lips is from "His God" and hence anything he claims, bogus or not, is justified in his mind.  He then does what he has to do at this point;  make false claims about having a FE or perpetual machine.  He justifies this by claiming to be divinely inspired.  He has to make these bogus claims because he has backed himself into a corner with his dwindling network of dealers and he now feels the need to actually bring forth the long anticipated FE machine. Otherwise he risks an impending revolt which his mountainous ego could never allow.   Never mind the fact that the laughable piece of junk has never come close to delivering excess energy.  Never mind the fact that his dealers are being lied to.  Remember, he's immune to guilt because "His God" is actually doing the sales pitch.  Dennis is just the physiological conduit of the misleading and nauseating message.   His God is the one making the claims.......HALLELUJAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! to His God..
        The demo of the Fischer engine which I witnessed was held in May of 98.  In this demo Dennis claimed that what the dealers were witnessing was "impossible".  He claimed that he had to plug in the machine just because the miraculous contraption was "hard to balance" (whatever that means) and that the sold out world of science and technology was denying the world the opportunity to use the incredibly simple and revolutionary engine.
    What Dennis didn't tell the enraptured and technically ignorant crowd of dealers was that the only reason that the engine could move at all was that two giant tanks of stored energy ( liquid co2 ) were connected to the engine and when slowly released and combined with the electrical energy being consumed by the return pump which was plugged in to the wall, the hulking machine could convert those two energy sources into mechanical energy at what is undoubtedly an extremely low efficiency and high cost.   Of course Dennis has never allowed a real scientist in to inspect the efficiency of the engine and to determine if indeed the engine is delivering excess energy.  That would be too dangerous.......The bad guys are everywhere in what Dennis claims is "The hopeless and morally bankrupt world out there"
    The most frustrating thing about Dennis is that he employs his technical ignorance to allow himself to make extravagant claims.  He wears his technical ignorance like a crown of jewels.   He has an
aversion for all mainstream scientific and technical knowledge.  He never uses the scientific method to test ANY of his "inventions" or "products", he just makes one misleading claim after another, releases one ill-prepared product after another and he blames one scapegoat after another to temporarily bail himself out.   He considers any dissent to be malicious and dangerous to his cause.   He is surrounded only by loyal brainwashed yes-men ( and yes-women ) who both overlook and fail to understand his technically ludicrous claims.   Dennis and BWT is truly a hopeless cause regarding creating new products, building unique energy products, or even for making sales literature or videos. Everything he does reflects his "inverse midas touch".
    I've waited almost a year on the sidelines watching Dennis scapegoat me unfairly and to continue  throwing  the ceaseless stream of  dealer donations and new dealer purchases into a black hole never to be seen again.  I really wish that Dennis could somehow contain his immense ego and simply invest his unfortunate dealers' pile of cash into a product or products built with real engineers and conventional manufacturing techniques.   With the $2,000,000 plus that have flown out of Dennis' grasp over the past couple of years you'd think that Dennis would have at least ONE decent profitable product to show.  It's not unreasonable to think that BWT should at least have some real estate, a product, an impressive factory, SOMETHING.......ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE AND VALUE to show at this point.  Unfortunately all the dealers have up to now is deflated hopes and a continuing stream of extremely bad ideas destined to lose even more dealer money.   Dennis is an egomaniac out of control and I have to admit it hurts me to think that there's no end in sight to Dennis' delusion.  Yeah Dennis, I'm the one screwing everything up, that's for sure.  Just the fact that I'm sitting here breathing air is hurting "Your Quest".  If it weren't for me everything would be ok. The dead products would be thriving, the pathetic videos and sales literature would amount to more than gibberish, more suckers would be sucked in at $100K, your cars would run for more than a couple of weeks, everything would be pure and impeccable.  If only that screw-up Charlie Doyle hadn't volunteered  DAGGONNIT!!!
    Well Dennis , one thing you can't deny is this:  I've at least helped you to dupe a few more suckers by making myself available as your fall guy and helping you to buy a little more time before the BWT floor inevitably caves in.  Without me you might actually have had to accept some of the responsibility of completely blowing several million all by yourself.  Hey....Anyone stupid enough to give you $100K and expect to ever see a dime of the money in return is probably stupid enough to also believe that it's not actually YOUR fault Dennis, that the laughable lack of success is really the fault of that scheming and meddling
Charlie Doyle.

Note: I've heard the following general line of response:

"The BWT people feel they haven't faked anything, they don't try to fool people, they don't have on-going funding for Searle.  I've also heard arebuttal that Niebergale misrepresented things and FOX did ambush journalism.It should also be noted that Charlie Doyle sold his dealership for a profit."

the following is an account with permission from Michael about Dennis:

When Dennis Lee appeared at a Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs, i had a chance to interview him privately, shortly before he made his presentation. The background on this is interesting.  He tends to draw a public which is not normally plugged into Tesla communication lines.  Thus, the Tesla Society found it worthwhile to have him come in and do presentations, because he did draw people who would not otherwise have known about our activities.  Many of these people are older gentlemen with money to invest. Everyone i have ever spoken to who has invested in Lee's projects, has never seen a return on their investment.  This would total about 20 people over a span of several years.  Many of these investors follow Lee around the country, in hopes of getting back at least something.  What Dennis tends to do, is put on very compelling shows which include what appear to be working models of several technologies which he has collected over the years.  He
always spent a lot of time talking about how he has been persecuted by various authorities.  There is always tremendous anger displayed during his talks that i have witnessed, which tends to be appreciated by the crowds. This anger often spilled over into his dealing with Tesla Society officials, and they have always reported to me that he was extraordinarily difficult to work with, frequently setting up bizarre conditions and requirements for his presentations.

At the time of this interview, which i think was in 1997, his main focus was "solar energy".  The solar collector he demonstrated was a model i was familiar with from my work in a solar energy business in 1982.  It is not truly a solar system.  It is actually a heat pump which depends on a lot of electricity to run its motors, and is charged with a conventional refrigerant in its plumbing.  This particular model was regarded by most legitimate solar energy experts of the early 80's as terribly inefficient, an opinion i can vouch for, having assessed two different working installations of this system.  He also was displaying several other models, including an odd-looking wind generator and a "free-energy device" which nobody had a chance to seriously evaluate at that time.

I first ran into him at the Global Sciences conference in 1989 in Denver. At that time, i heard several reports of an incident at a supplemental presentation he set up, which was not part of the actual conference proceedings.  Because it was not a regularly scheduled part of the conference, i was not in the room at the time.  Therefore, a friend arranged for me to see a video of the incident.  A noted Tesla technology researcher came into the room, and when given an opportunity, asked a pointed question as to why none of Lee's investors had yet received any money back.  Lee then
went into a bizarre diatribe against this individual, accusing him of having murdered an 8-year old girl.  Eventually the researcher left the room, as it appeared the incident was about to degenerate into a physical fight.

While talking with Dennis Lee, he first brought up the subject of his father, who he said was his main inspiration in life.  He made his father out to be a god-like individual, but factually he said they lived in a series of apartments while he was a child after his parents divorced, and that his father never made much of a living as an itinerant worker.  Then, we somehow got on to the subject of religion.  Dennis said he is a devout Christian.  He told me that he receives communications from God constantly, and that God always tells him the right thing to do.  At that point the interview had to be ended because his presentation time was coming up.  I had the unenviable job of introducing him on stage.

I came away with the impression that Dennis Lee is a singularly dangerous individual.  This is due to the twin aberrations in his personality -- that he has this voice from God always telling him what to do, making it possible for him to justify any action, and that he actually believes whatever he says, when he tells a lie.
To get the official BWT position on such criticism, see  Our Response to Critics

The following is a neat annecdote from Charlie:

My favorite anecdote in support of Dennis' credulous nature while dealing with dubious inventors is the one about the "shaft".  This is by no means the only anecdote, which I could relate in support of my accusation that Dennis is a gullible spendthrift.  I have seen Dennis blow millions of dollars on some of the most bizarre and foolish ideas imaginable.  Things which Dennis touted for a while to his dealers but eventually were revealed to be just another delusion of grandeur relegated to his voluminous scrap heap of bad ideas never to be mentioned again by Dennis. The anecdote of "The Shaft"  was told by Dennis to myself, Ward Williams and young Charlie in the early morning hours after one of Dennis' many long-winded sales presentations at Moonachie NJ in the summer of '97.
He gave these "shows" to prospective dealers during a particularly high-rolling phase of his weird program. On this particular night there were three potential dealers in the audience and Dennis sat on a stage under a bright light for an unbelievable eight continuous hours during which numerable bizarre ideas and concepts were presented to the baffled audience with the intention of selling any one of them a dealership for $100,000.  .
After the sales presentation mercifully ended at about 3 AM Dennis, myself , Ward and young Charlie headed to a NJ diner for another hour or so of vintage Dennis tongue-flapping. So here you have it;  as told by Dennis Lee at a greasy diner I present "The Shaft" as an insightful look into the strange mind of Dennis Lee:

Dennis was busy trying to get his heat pump FE machine to work back in Ventura CA in the late '80's when he received an anonymous call from an "inventor" who claimed that he had been working on the very same free energy  process somewhere in one of the plains states ( I think it may have been Kansas ).
This anonymous inventor claimed that he had a working model of a heat pump based FE machine and he claimed that the audible noise in the background at his residence was the very same miraculous machine running continuously and producing loads of free electricity. Of course Dennis is not one to hang up on a FE inventor who claims that he's solved the final mystery of how to make the simple yet elusive FE system work.  Dennis was at once interested but he found himself both short on time and money sufficient to travel out to Kansas to take a look at the wonderful contraption.
The solicitous inventor then promised Dennis that Dennis was only one key ingredient short of finding the esoteric arrangement of a functioning FE machine.  He claimed that the missing part which
made his machine work and in whose absence prevented Dennis' machine from the glory was none other than the "shaft".  The  "inventor" promised Dennis that if Dennis would only purchase the all-important  "shaft" then all of Dennis' troubles would be over and he of course would finally have realized his life-long dream of becoming a world hero.
Dennis was now confronted with a dilemma.  Should he spend the cash necessary to fly out to Kansas on short notice with his trusted FE genius Vane Frazier, footing all of the expenses necessary to thoroughly examine the  magical "shaft" before plopping down the $20,000 fee for purchasing the amazing "shaft";  or should he  save the expense of the trip and simply take the total stranger's word on the importance of such a shaft and send the "inventor" a check for $20,000 sight unseen. According to Dennis the reason that he chose to simply send the stranger a check for $20k is that it would be foolish to spend an additional three or four thousand on all of that unnecessary preliminary investigative stuff when he was likely to purchase the shaft regardless of the investigation!! Using quintessential Dennis logic, Dennis reasoned that the mysterious "inventor" made a reasonable claim that Dennis would be unable to complete the FE system without this special "shaft".  And since it was becoming obvious to the team of geniuses at BWT that the FE machine was not about to work anytime soon, they'd better not let this fortuitous opportunity from god slip away.  Dennis came to the conclusion that what he and the network of dealers needed at that time was $20,000 worth of

So, of course in keeping with the long tradition of incompetence, arrogance and credulity from  Dennis Lee, Dennis sent the unscrupulous stranger a check for $20,000 without so much as a picture, an independent testimonial, nothing.  And thusly, Dennis had once again found himself and his dealers on the receiving end of "the shaft" only this time he would have an actual shaft for him and his dealers to ponder for years to come. All it took to scam Dennis to the tune of $20,000 back in the late 80's, with a tight budget and the hopes and trust of hundreds of  loyal  hand-to-mouth dealers on the line was a simple anonymous phone call offering to sell Dennis the "shaft" and certain fame and glory in exchange for merely a pile of his loyal dealers' hard earned savings.
  The most amazing thing about the story was that Dennis seemed proud of himself that someone would con him and that he was honorable enough to meet the challenge of parting with the dough.  He unabashedly related the occurrence to us and didn't seem the least bit discouraged by his disgusting and continuing gullibility. The moral of the story? I think it's this:  If you're a con man looking for your next sucker, and you are either well  versed in or are willing to learn about all of the latest conspiracy theories and pseudo-science engaging the Better World Technology cult, then look no further than the following
Dennis Lee
3002 Rt. 23  North
New Foundland NJ 07435
973 208 1122

This is of course the headquarters of Dennis Lee and BWT ( Bad Working Technologies ).  Here  you will find a most simple-minded cult leader who arrogantly wastes his devotees' money faster than he can beg for more.  He is perfectly suited to be scammed due to the following list of traits:

He hates all mainstream science and technologies and badly wants to show them all up. He has an infantile understanding of the laws of physics and the principles of science and engineering

He considers all inventors to be sent from his god and he wouldn't dare question the validity of their claims for fear of losing the inventor to some other free-energy messiah or worse, to his main adversaries the CIA

When he does give-in to his occasional skepticism he will check out the claim by sending one of his brainwashed lackeys such as Big mike, who is certainly  the most reliably sycophantic and servile of his handful of servants.  Mike is the perfect combination of blind loyalty, unquestioning commitment to Dennis, conspiracy theory aficionado and technical ignorance.   He wouldn't think of panning an inventor if he thought Dennis was leaning toward funding him.

Dennis has an insatiable desire to be world famous and to be considered a world leader.  He'll stop at nothing while muddling his way toward his quixotic goal.  All an unscrupulous con man has to do is to play to Dennis' innate desire to be a hero and he'll have a fat check of the poor dealers' money deposited into his bank account faster than faithful assistant Big mike can drop to the floor to kowtow Dennis.

Charlie Doyle


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