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NEWS:  Since March of 2007, Dennis has been claiming to ship kits doubling car mileage - I've been unable to find real proof. Since of Summer of 2003, Dennis has been trying to get Churches to recruit people for him and has dropped the NUAF.  Dennis's former partner, Paul Pantone has been in jail and now is in an asylum . Dennis broke his promises of free energy delivery by March and July and Dec 28 in 2002. He took out a full-page ad in Newsweek to promote his 50 state tour. In addition to having people pay between $5 and $20 to sign up for free electricity, he's having people pay $1000 to have their cars get over 100 mpg . Dennis was arrested in Kentucky and released on bail.   In 2006, Dennis is being pursued by the Attorney General in Washington. (other states that have made efforts against have been AR ME ID KY TN VT OR CA WY NM) Dennis started a MLM group called BWA.

        2001 tour media coverage:
 APB NEWs      Wilkes-Barre    Washington  New Mexico  Kentucky    Michigan  Wyoming  Michigan Vermont      Read about his first tour show  Akron     AR    CNBC ,        Washington,      San Francisco,    New Mexico,        Philadelphia,       Minnesota,        Alabama, an Independent test of Lee's motor    Radio report      Mansfield OH   NJ criminal report     Berwick PA    Arkansas   Illinois  Tenn ohio
As of 12/00, Dennis has told his dealers that they must get 1.6 million people to pay to register for machines before any machines will be installed on homes.  As of 9/01, he has been investigated by AG's in Tennessee, Maine, Vermont, NJ, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, New Mexico Idaho and North Dakota

I'm a skeptical electrical engineer fascinated by the 100's of people who have claimed to have free energy.  I saw Dennis Lee's full-page ad for energy independence and apparently paranormal devices. For the sake of the world I wish such extraordinary claims were possible, but I'm concerned for his many investors if this follows most similar claims I've studied. Apparently, Dennis (a high school drop out) has been running people bankrupt during and before his last 15 years of claiming to have free energy machines.  The real agenda of this and other of his nationwide tour has been to sell dealerships for up to $100,000. (even though Dennis tried to sell some for $3000 in 2005)

On September 23 1996, 3 other engineers and I went to hear him speak for 5 hours at the Philly Core States Center (it cost him somewhere around $100,000 to put on that show). It reminded me of shoppers home network, professional wrestling and Jim Baker. Among the many things we think deserve further skepticism are: 

  1. He seems to think the entire government and American industry is part of a huge international multi-generational conspiracy to suppress his truth. Dennis's militia and patriot movement rhetoric (and constant religious talk) avoids the only important question  is Does the free energy machine work? 

  2. He has been getting in trouble. with the Law since long before he got into free energy claims 

  3. He implied that one Browns Gas machine ran on water, with out explaining the huge quantity of energy needed for electrolysis. He also referred to a machine running on air without making it obvious that the air was compressed from another source. I would have been impressed if the machines were left running for more than 5 seconds. 

  4. He is a high school dropout whose scientific references frequently confused units of measure to derive unbased conclusions. He constantly interchanged units of power, force and energy and compares static torque with dynamic torque I've since been told he lacks a science education and his former technical "experts" won't deal with him. 

  5. His biggest claim was a briefly described device that could harness latent heat from the air ultimately into electricity. I would have been more convinced if he had left such a machine running while lighting light bulbs with no wires attached through the whole show. Many engineers and scientists have reviewed his theory and found it flawed and basically in violation of natural laws of nature. I'd be more impressed if a team from the publication "SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN" "CONSUMERS REPORTS" would investigate his claims than lawyers. Dennis ignores my open $10000 prize offer for proof of a free energy machine and James Randi's offer of a million for proof.

  6. One of his machines with just little wheels rotating was claimed to put out more energy than put in - it quickly stopped in perpetuity. 

  7.  He also operates much the same as Joe Newman.

  8. Many of his devices just ran a short time on a charge of compressed air and stopped -others were not demonstrated. I don't think his investors understood that he offers no real proof of claims. 

  9. He told us he had a brick battery, which put out a volt of power. Power is not measured in volts (only in volts times amps) - besides you can get a volt out of a potato too, but the power level would be less than a watch battery. .  

  10. As a rule of thumb, warning lights go on for me when I hear people say stuff like: God gives me direct revelations, this invention needs a little more work to be demonstrated, I want people to invest with no business plan or formal contract. Yep when I hear a guy talking about God and money in the same breath I get the feeling that it's Money that's doing the talking. Also, most deals that 'are good for today only' are really about not giving you a chance to think it over - especially deals offered to exhausted people in a mass hysteria way past midnight. 

  11. A few late breaking odd things about BWT:  on an early scheme of Dennis's. They claim to have sold all 2000 dealerships. ( they say priced at $100,000 – I figure $3000 would be an open market price) Dennis claims to receive revelations direct from God. His people says even they aren't allowed to access the machine. Dennis keeps promising a fair demonstration but ends up hiding behind a growing list of excuses not to demonstrate. As of 1999, they have been trying to get whole churches to put up "Seed Money".  Dennis once promised to sue me.

  12. Dennis's claims of high COP of heat pumps are mixing apples with oranges - because his units under test are SOLAR POWER ASSISTED! And there's an element of multi-level marketing in the dealerships. 

I'd love to see a chance for 3rd party engineers (like me) and scientists to do a hands on examination of his machines. . For centuries, people have made false claims of free energy similar to Dennis's - such people constantly hide behind claims of secrecy and the excuse that evil forces are trying to stop them. Some also simply stop working on their free energy machines and start something else with out finishing it either. I think most people of science are like me - they love their countries, humanity and the environment and would love to see a machine, which could make cheaper safer nonpolluting energy. Every segment of business (except the power industry ) would greatly benefit. 
Dennis has changed from calling Yull Brown the greatest man alive to the most greedy man he has ever met - he also thinks OJ was innocent.

I feel that trained people in the skeptical movement are better qualified to examine extraordinary claims than Dennis's dealers. Skeptics usually takes on paranormal claims (astrology, ESP, dowsing, ufos) - but we feel that Dennis is fair game since his free energy machine would have to violate the laws of thermodynamics. James Randi has promised to pay Dennis $1,000,000 for simple proof of the machine. The scientific people who joined me at Dennis's show did not see Extraordinary evidence for Dennis's extraordinary claims - but we are open to any evidence which may arrive.


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UPDATE:  Even Spotlight magazine  blasted Dennis.  You can hear Dennis telling his followers to send in money saying: , "I need to encourage you to do this no matter what it takes for you to do it. You can take in partners, limited partnerships, get a loan, break the kids piggy bank, max out the old credit cards, borrow against the insurance, cash in the Christmas fund or even the college fund because if you get them at $2.50 now before the 15th, it's going to be easy to get that money back".    Don't believe me, hear Dennis's own words: Home business scam alert hotline
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Special thanks for support and assistance to  Tom Napier, Gary, Malcolm Watts, the Australian skeptics, Milton Rothman, the IEEE, the BBB, Rev Russel Bixler,  Jack McLamb, Tom Valentine, Bo Gritz, George Wiseman, David Kohler ,many anonymous dealers and members of:.

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