Why Dennis Lee should trust Eric to help evaluate and publicize the free energy machine

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I'm willing to make full disclosure to prove I'm not a government agent I'm an environmentalist, I have cancelled checks to prove I've been a National Arbor day society member 10 years ago. I'm a backpacker and love nature - For years I've hated the acid rain damage to the outdoors due to fossil fuel use. I`d love to help any effort to make safer cleaner power.

Like Dennis, I'm a born again Christian. I accepted Christ into my heart as a teenager and am very familiar with the bible. I try to live a moral life and follow the biblical mandate to seek and promote the truth.

Dennis made a number of quotes I've often heard from the militia movement. But, I have friends involved in the militia movement. I`ve been an NRA member and I presently have a license to carry. So I'm alright.

I have an electrical engineering degree and have worked for instrumentation companies - I could be a great resource to help prove if a device which truly generates more energy than it consumes.

I'm connected with different skeptics groups, Engineering societies, Mensa, and University professors. I could help get Dennis an audience with people who could lend credibility to the machines.

I'm a private investor, if I were convinced of the devices worth - I'd want to loan Dennis development money not just out of love for humanity, but out of personal desire to get rich(er). I could also help convince many well off friends to raise money to manufacture the devices.

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 There's No Such Thing As Free Electricity
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