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Charlie Doyle's account  (a former major supporter)
The following is from George Sikes, inventor of the  WINDCRANK :
In June of 1996, I received a phone call from a person named Mike Hall,
he said he was calling on behalf of Dennis Lee and a company called
Better World Technologies. He said Dennis was at the awards
presentation in Atlanta, Ga. on May 11, 1996 and witnessed the award
being given to me for my patented wind turbine which I call a Windcrank
TM. He wanted to know if I would come to Newfoundland, New Jersey to
work with his "engineers" to develop and market my invention. At the
time I was thrilled to be asked to come and join his group, little did
I know what I was in for. On arriving there I met several of the people
working in his "lab" as he called it, I later found out that his "lab"
was the back half of a two car garage. At first I was denied access to
all the "secret" free energy technologies Dennis said they were working
on but after a few days passed and they were sure I was not a Government
agent or spy for the CIA, they gave me full access to all their "secret
and classified work". I soon discovered there was nothing, they had a
fellow working on a Fischer engine trying to make it run on air or
something like that. The only amazing thing I saw was Professor Yule
Brown's gas machines, which were perfected in China. At that time
Dennis was planning his 33 state tour for his so called "free energy"
show and tell, Mike Hall and Dennis asked me if I would like to go on
the road with them and demonstrate the bench model of my wind turbine.
I agreed and went to the first five "shows", the fifth one being at
Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Dennis said he was going to declare
complete energy independence at that "show"and that he would introduce
Professor Yule Brown to the "world". He also said he was going to
produce an engine that would run on water at that "show".It was at this
time that I found out what they were up to, the so called engine that
was to run on water had been modified to run on compressed air, fed to
it by an air hose that was concealed from the audience. At the right
moment Dennis gave a secret signal to someone in the back to turn on
the high pressure air and the "amazing" free energy motor would "run",
the audience was stunned in disbelief over the fact that Dennis Lee
had all this technology at his fingertips. At the end of the "show"
people were rushing to the sales counter set up to buy the dealerships
for his amazing technologys.To this date as far as I know Dennis Lee
and his Better World Technologies has not come up with any free energy
device of any kind. The very sad part about all this is that Dennis
tries to make people believe God is directing his every move, but we
know better, or at least I do. There came a time at my stay there in NJ
that I knew that I had to get back home and away from what I believe to
be a big scam of the people. Dennis had rented a small machine shop in
Butler, NJ and one day Yule Brown was down there to check on his
Browns gas machines, Dennis came up and saw me talking to Yule, he went
into a rage and told me to never talk to Yule Brown again, he also told
me to get out, I said what do you mean get out? He just said get out in
a very angry way, a way that I had not seen in Dennis before, his true
colors came out that day and I knew this person was not nice, I saw the
evil side of this man. That afternoon when Dennis came in I told him I
was going back home, Dennis pleaded with me to stay till the road show
was over because he was still "showing" my wind turbine on his road
shows and also by that time I left the road show and was working on a
hydro turbine that I was to install at a nearby water utility company.
I told Dennis that I would stay until the turbine was installed. I
think it was early October when I left. The only good thing that came
out of this for me was that I got to meet and work with Professor Yule
Brown. I'm writing this because I want people to look at all the facts
before they buy into any type "dealership" for so called free energy
devices, from what I've seen in this world nothing is free, beware!!

george   url for windcrank progress, please bookmark

The following is a statement from Jim Murry who worked with Dennis:
"I designed and built what Dennis is demonstrating and it just doesn't work.  I quit working for Dennis Lee when he asked me to fake out measurements to make a device appear overunity to investors."

This person worked with Dennis, but is afraid of some of those millions of investor dollars going for SLAPP lawsuits:
I was involved in the same "scheme" seven years ago with Dennis Lee. I actually tried to market the device for him in my area. The marketing wasn't to sell the device, but to place it somewhere that used a lot of hot water for a trial. It was actually a solar collection system. I really liked the panels that were used. I tried to evaluate the claims that were made about the system from a thermodynamic sense since I'm a Mechanical Engineer. The only thing I could figure (since I never was able to place one for a trial for first hand experience) was that maybe the system built up pressure in the solar panel (from heat input) and released it intermittently to help drive the cycle and save on the portion of energy that would normally be applied to the pump. If that isn't what happened, his claims would violate thermodynamic principles (which of course isn't possible). I marketed the system hoping to verify how (and if) it worked. I separated myself from his operation after making a training trip to his offices in California. He had a working model of the system there. I wasn't able to verify how it worked though. As it turned out ,he is a religious fanatic. He held a prayer session for the distributors (which I bowed out of when it got started). He just assumed that everyone was religious like himself. He wrote a book about his trials over the product. It is full of persecution scenarios and the religious attitude that "God will provide". He's picked up and totally changed directions on religious hunches. He's been provided for financially at just the critical time because of his religiousness. He's picked up and traveled to the holy land and gained insights by climbing the holy mountain. etc., etc. I still don't know if his product will do what he claims since I looked into other things to do when I got home from the trip. I thought that his business folded entirely, but I guess you can't keep a man with PASSION down.
PhACT-FAQ on Heat Based Free Energy Prepared by Tom Napier
Joe Newman blasts Dennis Lee - apparently, in 4/86, Dennis tried to buy Joe Newman's technology

The following is from Boyd Cantrell who gave Dennis Ideas:


George you are absolutely right when you said that Dennis Lee has been
preaching phase change for years and so far zero. I will now tell you some
facts of my life.  Eric Krieg has wanted me to tell my story for some time now
and your letter has prompted me to do it.

I began trying to figure out how to convert some of the ambient temperature
heat into mechanical energy in 1981.  Two years later in 1983  I succeeded and
my proof of conception dates back to 1983.  I knew that I could never build it
so tried to find someone who would.  On 4-12-96 the Inventors club of america
called me and said that some guy named Dennis Lee had been trying to figure
out a way to do this.
I called his organization and explained what I had.  On 5-15-96 a Mike Hall
called me and said that Dennis wanted to see what I had and that in the
meantime they would send me a book entitled the Alternative by Dennis.  I sent
them my invention disclosure the next day.  Mike Hall called me on 6-12 and
told me that they liked my disclosure and wanted to build a Prototype and have
it ready to go on tour and show it.  I also have letters from Mike.  Then
Dennis changed his strategy, He called me on 6-18 and told me that Mike had
misunderstood him and got things mixed up.  Dennis then told me that he had
already invented this thing ten years ago and had a working model.  We talked
for a while.  He went on and on about his life and how the powers that be were
after him, etc.  I still have that phone conversation on tape which is legal
in oregon or I wouldn't divulge the fact,

Later while reading his book I see that he says that he got the idea in 1988
to power a heat engine with his heat pump and hired the experts to help him
figure out a way to do it.  So I say to myself "How could he have that working
model  two years before he even got the idea and set up a shop and hire the
experts to figure it out ?"

So I wrote him a letter asking him how he could have had a working model two
years before he thought of it.  He answered saying that he didn't have to
explain anything to me.  I still have that letter too.  I then sent a letter
to Bill Bradley, Senator of New Jersey,  committee: ENERGY and NATURAL
RESOURCES and told him the whole story.   Senator Bradley answered and thanked
me and said this information will be helpful when he takes action on the
issue.  I then wrote Dennis and told him what I had done  So if he builds this
thing I would take it away from him.  He answered with a threat to sue me
which has not come to pass.

Now, back to the present.  I don't think that This Dennis Lee has really tried
to give this thing a real chance.  I saw later on his video tape where they
dumped the heat into the very water that was being pumped out of a barrel.  I
don't feel that this is so fantastic seeing that they had two different
temperatures reservoirs though I do appreciate the fact of pumping water for
free.  Incidentally, I later learned that the dumping the heat into the pumped
water was someone else's idea.  That someone else told me himself.

Anyway George, I don't feel that Dennis Lee or anyone else has done justice to
this thing.  As for your other ideas about free energy,  I'm glad that you and
others are doing these things.  I guess I'm just stuck in a rut on this
ambient temperature heat thing.  I've been at it since 1981.
Sincerely, Boyd

A statement from Evan Soule of the Joe Newman free energy organization about Dennis

Dear Eric and Bill: Ten years ago, inventor Joseph Newman gave a week-long demonstration of his technology in the Superdome in New Orleans. Over 9,000 people attended from across the country. One of these 9,000 people was Mr. Dennis Lee -- a stranger to Joseph Newman and myself -- who claimed that he wanted to "combine his technology with that of Joseph Newman's." Both Joseph Newman and myself were very unimpressed with Mr. Lee both from an "intuitive" perspective and and literal perspective due to the vague nature of his claims and proposals. This was the last time we ever saw Dennis Lee in person.

Over the next few years, a number of individuals from the Pacific Northwest -- especially Washington State -- contacted us because they wanted to warn about Dennis Lee's activities in Washington State. I was told that the State Attorney General's office was conducting an investigation of Dennis Lee's activities. Supposedly a number of individuals lost their investments with Mr. Lee ... while I do not recall all the details of their accusations, I believe some of the information is in my archives from that period.

Just wanted to pass along this information per your letter above. Best regards,

Evan Soule'

Director of Information NEWMAN ENERGY PRODUCTS

An anonymous recommendation someone sent me on Dennis

;This was forwarded to me by a friend of mine, who knows I'm interested in the subject. I had been thinking of a web page about DL. Seeing yours and others, maybe I'll go ahead and do it. I had been more involved with him than I care to think about, and he's now ignoring me because he knows I know the score, and what a complete phony he is. Personally, I think the whole scam is to pretend to represent something that *would* work if done right, making sure everyone gets ripped off along the way to spoil the whole field.

The following is what Joe Newman (who is very similar to Dennis) has to say about Dennis Lee:

Resent-Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 19:27:38 -0700   To:

 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
               11445 East Via Linda, No. 416
                 Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
                      (480) 657-3722

           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 18, 1999)


   It was just brought to my attention that Mr. Dennis Lee
(also operating under the name of  "Better World Technolo-
gies, Inc." or  "United  Community  Services  of America")
ran  a  full-page  advertisement in  USA TODAY  on Friday,
September 17, 1999.   He specifically stated that he would
be  "selling  magnetic  motors  that  are  more  than 200%

   All people be warned:   Dennis Lee  came to my national
demonstration at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans in
the  mid-1980s  and  he  even  wrote  me a letter offering
$1,000,000.00  for  permission to use my Pioneering Energy
Invention  to  operate  a  device   he  had  already  been
promising to people.

   I turned him down and told him,  "If your device works,
then you don't need  my Magnetic  Motor Pioneering Techno-
logy."   Even at that time I  was  suspicious  that he was
deceiving people.  NOW I KNOW THAT HE IS!

   If he is in  ANY WAY  claiming that "He and his company
have invented a  Revolutionary  Magnetic Motor"  (that can
operate at over  100% efficiency),  then I consider him to

   And if Dennis Lee  sells  magnetic motors that are over
100% efficient,  then HE & HIS COMPANY WILL BE SUED BY ME!

   He  even  attempts  to  lie  by  claiming to have first
discovered that  magnets will attract copper and aluminum.
That fact has long been taught in science.   If one places
a magnet on a stack of  thin aluminum or copper plates and
quickly lifts the magnet away, the top plates will rise.

   Many  years  ago  I  even  showed this effect by having
neodymium magnets connected to scales, opposite and facing
one another,  but being  only 1/2 inch  apart so that they
were DEFYING  gravity with  the magnets becoming suspended
in air.   I then also placed an aluminum ruler between the
two magnets and the faster I moved the aluminum ruler, the
more  strongly  the  two  magnets  tried  to follow in the
direction of the  moving ruler.   This  simple experiments
demonstrates ATTRACTION!

   It is also true that the aluminum or copper is repelled
when  the  magnet  is moved towards those hanging objects.
Dennis Lee and Cohorts apparently don't know this.  Copper
and aluminum are both attracted and repelled by magnets.

   The above simple demonstration was documented years ago
on video which was purchased & seen by  many people across
the world,  including  most probably  Dennis Lee  since he
specifically purchased my book.

   Dennis Lee and Cohorts  also attempt to claim that they
are demonstrating  something new by  stating that they can
transfer  electricity through the air  to another receiver
of the electricity.

   TRUTH:   Michael Faraday  was the  FIRST  to prove this
more than 150 years ago.  His accomplishments subsequently
caused James Clerk Maxwell to disclose his famous Electro-
magnetic Field Propagation Equations.  In the early 1900s,
Nikola Tesla also proved that such could be accomplished.

   As any hustler would do,  Dennis Lee and Cohorts cover
themselves by stating in the headlines of their USA TODAY
full page advertisement:  "This machine MAY give you free
electricity for the rest of your life."   Further down in
the advertisement,  Dennis Lee and Cohorts state that the
demonstrations to be  held around the country are "free,"
but then, in the same advertisement, they state that they
intend to separate you from $275 before you leave.

   I call that talking  out of  BOTH SIDES OF YOUR MOUTH.
I  have  given  many  TRULY  FREE  demonstrations  of  my
Pioneering  Energy Machine Technology  across the country
and  at  such  demonstrations  I  have  never  asked  for
"contributions or donations"  nor  attempted  to sell and
accept monies at my demonstrations for any product except
for  what  was immediately  deliverable to the public ---
such as my fundamental book, THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH

   I have also demonstrated  on numerous occasions uncon-
nected banks of lights being lit while my Motor/Generator
was  operating  and  I  even  had  individuals  from  the
audience hold lights over the battery pack and the lights
would become illuminated without ANY wires being attached
to  them.   I  did  this, for  instance, at the Louisiana
Superdome in New Orleans at a  demonstration specifically
attended  by  Dennis  Lee.  Such  demonstrations  are all
documented  on videotapes  which  have  been  distributed
across the country.

   People: BEWARE.  Any attempt by Dennis Lee and Cohorts
to  claim  my  Revolutionary Energy Machine Technology as
their own will mark them as FRAUDS and THIEVES!

   I am  pushing ahead  with the  honest production of my
life's  work.   Even  the  A & E  Network and the History
Channel  have broadcasted  Specials that verify the truth
of which I speak!

Power to the People!

Joseph W. Newman

(480) 657-3722

P.S. Please pass this email along to others!

Eric's note: I've heard some even more juicy stories but they were either too third hand to post or the person behind the story was worried about reprisals. There are a few people who are still owed money by Dennis who don't want me to tell their story because they worry they will not get their money.
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