Is Eric a secret agent of a government conspiracy to stop energy inventions?

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  • hear Dennis's wife telling Dealers I'm backed by the CIA (100K long)

  • Dennis Lee warns his followers to not even look at my web pages or speak to me. As of 7/3/98, many dealers have cut conversations with me (believing I'm a "bad guy") - but to the best of my knowledge, no on has made a simple investigation of me. It sounds absurd, but a number of pro-dennis investors seem to think that I'm a government agent, part of a massive international multi-generational anti-freedom conspiracy. So to try to expose my rare skeptical voice to those who see black helicopters, CIA dupes and men in black everywhere, I'm willing to offer proof that I'm simply a volunteer skeptic activist acting purely on my own as one interested in truth. If anyone is interested in investigating me:

    I have pay stubs, W2's, tax returns, financial account statements, and references to coworkers which can thoroughly document my employment history since my teen years. I have not worked for the Federal government or any agency of it in my life. The closest thing to that was some computer consulting work for Penn State University. Before someone tells people that I'm some kind of agent to carry out nefarious activities for the government should first accept my open offer to examine my evidence and interview people who have worked with me. To UFO people that resent my debunking, I've made open offers of blood samples to prove that I am fully human. For the record (in spite of how absurd it may sound) I`d like to offer the following information about myself to those who imply I'm part of some evil conspiracy: I'm an eagle scout, sunday school teacher, frequent volunteer, haven't left the country in the last 10 years, voted solid republican, born in the USA, been at the same address for the last 12 years. I've never had any involvement with the following groups: Masons, Catholic Church, World Council of Churches, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Trilateralist Commission, DOE, FBI, Satanists, Atheists, Communists, JDL, MJ12, operation Omega, NOW,

    however I have belonged to the following organizations Boy Scouts, National Arbor Day society, NRA, Republican party, several skeptics organization, Consumers Union, IEEE, SAE fraternity, ToastMasters, Glenside Bible Church and Chelton Baptist church (and have records and witnesses to prove it)

    I can offer a long list of Pastors, Civic leaders, teachers, social group leaders, volunteers, police officers, reporters, etc who can vouch for my integrity. I'm also willing to allow anyone accusing me to access my criminal record , social security records, credit record, court records, birth certificate, employment records, society membership records. I offer the following time line of my personal history as a place for anyone to impune my motivations. People, if I am a conspirator, it's very important (and not hard) to prove it. It's particularly important since my web sites gets about 40 - 80 hits a day. If you can prove I misrepresent myself in any way, In the name of truth, you should send the results of your study to the Dennis Email server list (you can get on it from my main page, all the pro-Dennis sites (from my main page) and me (I've already posted many things I disagree with.)

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