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From my former short teenage membership in a cult and subsequent study of them, I base these characteristics of Cult leaders. I offer the following lists of tendencies often found with cult leaders like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Rev Moon, Victor Paul Weirwell, etc. (there are some of these tendencies which I have not observed in Dennis Lee:) By the way, I used to be very gullible and was involved in a cult in 1975.

  single authority - unlike distributed power of modern organizations or religions, cult leaders totally overshadow other leaders within their organization and exhibit lack of trust to members. - Dennis claims to be "God's anointed" and tells his people not to listen to other sources of information on him

  questionable credentials -most claim to be self taught or fake education credentials Dennis's people admit he's self taught. I've found glaring science errors in his rants, but he says he got high grades before dropping out of college

  requirement for unconditional trust - they tend to demand extreme loyalty unquestioning faith and do not tolerate open criticism of their ideas. Dennis disagrees - but only his voice makes it to dealers.

  they generate extreme wealth at expense of poorer followers but are unwilling to submit to 3rd party disclosure and audits. Dennis tells his followers to max out on their credit cards or cash in life insurance policies to send him money. [hear it live]-Dennis's companies have raised millions from faithful followers -many driven to poverty. I admit the lack of evidence that he is living large.

  they always claim to be in unique direct contact with God - - Dennis's literature lists verbatim conversations from God. He used to claim to "write in tongues" - and had his immediate family change their last names to "David" - Dennis's name was Josiah David

   sexual misconduct with many female members. -no hit here: I've never heard anyone accuse Dennis of sexual misconduct with members.

   grandiose promises which make followers feel very significant in history. -Dennis claims his products should sell many billions. He's made a large number of business deals he says should make his followers rich (they do the reverse)

  they demand major ongoing financial contributions from members some groups ask for more than $10,000 now Dennis encourages the faithful to buy more dealerships for up to $100,000 and to drop money on his endless new schemes.

  they claim that evil sinister forces attempt to subvert them - the devil, the government, etc. A sense of paranoia helps keep faithful followers. The tend to say anyone not with us is against us. - Dennis talks far more about the evil conspiracy against him than technical evidence -he says not to log into these pages because the CIA will find you

  Cults often claim before you can pass judgment on us, spend money to get fully indoctrinated with tons of our one sided rhetoric Dennis's followers claim my many pounds of his newsletters and books studied are still inadequate to base criticism upon.  I still encourage people to not just draw conclusions from me alone - but to hear out Dennis as well.

  Many cults claim that a big event is just around the corner -Dennis's followers have been saying some big announcement is forth coming and major money will soon be available. He's been saying he will have free electricity machines in a few months . . . for the last 16 years. He also talks of having billions of investment dollars very soon too. 

My buddy, , Fred, describes his cult involvement from years back  

In the case of Dennis (I'm not saying he has a cult) - there is a too long list of enemies. He claims a large growing list of individuals or groups are out to get him. I've heard him or read his literature put down the following: the US federal government, the ventura county DA, a Washington state DA, investors who backed out after getting cold feet, the arresting sheriff, many early investors who weren't patient enough, his original business partner, all Patriot leaders, former associates like: (Paul Pantone, ) me (although I offered to be his biggest supporter), the tesla society, big oil, existing heating companies, power companies, the PUC, the FBI, the DOE, patriot movement leaders who criticize him. Most of his followers seem as loyal as any cult members that I've tried to reason with - they quickly shun me when they find out I don't believe Dennis's claims. I think others refrain from hearing me simply because Dennis tells them I am an enemy. My information as of Sept. 1997, Dennis has said I'm backed by the CIA and am somehow able to find out who sees these pages.

The following are interesting quotes from some of Dennis's literature: -

my comments are in italics along the way

"The fast is over and it was amazing and very unusual. God talked to me like crazy emphasis on the word crazy for the first 30 days.' 'God did give me a major revelation in scripture before He stopped talking to me. He had me organize all the volunteers to circle this property as a symbolic gesture of preparing to move into the promised land.`

`If you have read the story, you know that when God rescued the Jews from Egypt and fed them in the desert, they had no heart for entering the land. The Occupants were Giants. The felt it was hopeless to stand against such a powerful enemy (it would be like daring to stand up against the rich fossil fuels and electric barons of today)

`Some original dealers have told us that we have a lot of nerve to expect them to resume making payments on their dealerships after we lost their money. They expected Moses to succeed against . . .`

`God asked me if I was a corporate citizen or if I was a sovereign citizen. I knew what He was getting at, so I took a lot of rabbit trails, but they all led back to the same revelation. I was a corporate guy with a social security card and the works"

God told me to tell all the patriots I could get a chance to talk to , that He has heard their prayers. He said,

I have heard the prayers of my people. They come before my throne continually every day. They humble themselves and pray ceaselessly for Me to heal their land. Tell them I have hear them and I will heal THEIR land ... I have not heard any heartfelt prayers form those who are part of the corporate America deception. . .

in talking about the public show - which went on way past midnight: Dennis Says: ` The show will go for two to two and a half hours (7-9:30).`

I have never met a heat pump installer who didn't think he could make our unit work properly without us, and I have never met one who could. apparently, many people have had difficulty getting the heat pumps to work

When I went to jail, dozens of dealers tried to make this happen and not one of them succeeded! They couldn't even make the heat pumps perform.

Dennis said on one of his dealer tapes:  "I need to encourage you to do this no matter what it takes for you to do it. You can take in partners, limited partnerships, get a loan, break the kids piggy bank, max out the old credit cards, borrow against the insurance, cash in the Christmas fund or even the college fund because if you get them at $2.50 now before the 15th, it's going to be easy to get that money back".[hear it live]

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