Posting of another Amazing claim of free Energy last updated 12/26/96

This posting is written by someone other than Eric Krieg on an invention other than Dennis Lees Bruce says he'd like to go for Eric's free energy prize in a few months

I got your Web link via INE pages..Have you ever studied Moray's devices ?There is now a site on the Web where you can order a book on how to build it at:(the Radiant energy generator of Bruce A.Perrault) Their server was down for a few days due to technical problems. I do not know if you are aware of this but there is a chap on Prov. of Quebec that has been demonstrating in semi-public meetings a working free energy unit-it seems to be similar to what Moray did.This person knows about Tesla but about Moray(?).So far thousands of persons have seen his unexplainable demos,critics,skeptics alike along with laymen-so far nobody can't explain it.That person states that it is for us to look at it and to each of us to try to duplicate it(he cannot fully understand it either as I understand it). He can generate electricity without any apparent power source or battery-nobody has been able to find the trick,so far as the doubters would put ut.From a sort of an apparatus,where you have 3 Tesla(?) coils interconnected to an exotic(?) circuitry he can from a SINGLE wire output Free energy(electricity)-it can be either direct or alternative current-this without an inverter.He has been able to put his house on this free electrical device(bigger than the one he is demonstrating) and also been able to operate a carrousel fair for 1 week without any problems.He can also transmit electricity at a distance-like putting a motor in a transparent plastic bac of tap water,start it at a distance of 20 feet,and the motor will run under water-claims that it will go on for 1 week then stop on account of a special ingredient that he puts inside it He states that he is in contact with higher entities(but does not state that he is a contactee).He was forcibly put into a mental hospital for about 3 yrs on a public denounciation by governmental agents(?) and subjected for 3 yrs to electrochoc in order to cure/lobotomise him.No formal charges were ever brought vs him. While he was younger,his Catholic(Roman) parents had him exorcised due to the bizarre inventions he was putting out.He is now poor,not much of a talker and before he was put into the hospital he ha dhad several threats vs him by unknowns(?).Since his release he has started anew his semi-public demos(his rationale being as more and more people become awar eof his discovery then it will create a momemtum and unstoppable movement).He has been approached by "Japanese" investors that did offered him tons of $$$ to buy him up and shut him up too(?).He has refused a shis discovery is for all of humanity.He has been physcally threatened and now getting death threats-stop or else...This is why he prefers to run in a semi-public environment.Local papers of the region have pass him out as a quack of soem sort. People that went to his demos,some of them have been able to duplicate partly(?) his free energy device and run their summer camps on it.He has so far refused to make and sell soem-up to each individual to mak eits own-tha thas been his approach so far.The perosns that have the greatest of problems are those with an university degree in science-electrical engineers that have assisted at his demo-nothing is hidden,no mysterious black boxes-after his demos are completed everyone can ask questions and examine his apparatus-thus some scientific skeptics go to his show as DOUBTING THOMASES expecting a sort of a magical/freak show-see with their own eyes his performance,cannot grasp it,believe it and afterwards can't come to grasp with what they have just witnessed and go home convinced that there is a trick(even after ausculting his apparatus) and that somehow/day it wil be found. In conclusion this chap makes/produces FREE ENERGY.All of the above was gathered 2nd handed from family members(no,NOT the dimwitted cuzin Jeb type)-some even have electrical degrees in engineering,thus.. I have put this storey on the Net in various groups but so far just 1-2 responses.Guess everyone is too preoccupied with his own solution and search for the Holy Grail.I can find out when his next meeting will eb hoeld(a fee of $20(Canadian-equivalent to about $14 US) is demanded-typical audiances is from 20-50 in Motels or small reunion Halls.Does it 1,twice a month or so.He has a naturopath(woman in her forties(?) that is knowledgeable on tesla that does most of the talking.He is about 28 yrs old and rather quiet type-mor eof the inventor variety(?-hum). I am no scientist,inventor but if you are interested or any other friends of yours-I can find out when his next semi-public demo will be held-NOTE-YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SPEAK/UNDERSTAND FRENCH.I am unsure if he is that fluent in English at all.The woman might be.They are very wary because of the threats vs them(they are real and not of the bogus variety).Yours.. P.s. Of course you would have to get there on your own.The only way to find dissect the real stuff is for people in the know(about Tesla,Moray) to go there and speak to this chap and them try to duplicate what they have been witnessed to.If they can,then Free energy era is upon US and golden age too(?).No doubt mars,moon etc mining by prisoners,undesirables,etc.. under coercition of robots would not be that far off.

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