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Pphacthology of fringe inventors

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Pphacthological profile of free energy inventors:

They are usually quite intelligent but not always emotionally stable. Childhood lack of acceptance, and tough family situation caused them to be deep thinking loners. Studies have shown that radical thinkers tend to be latter born children (their most outspoken critics tend to be first born) Their authority-questioning nature kept them from getting traditional science or engineering degrees. They are for the most part self taught from a huge collection of writings. They secretly track the writings of other inventors. They have always enjoyed the thrill of building things. They seem to cling to the common myth, "if you try hard enough, you can get anything to work". They are totally offended by the judgemental and exclusive nature of mainstream science and wish to eventually prove them short sighted. They don't seem to hold conventional jobs and often have trouble in close relationships. They have always been interested in fantastic claims. They often have spent years writing up massive yet obscure tomes on their thoughts. They are not put off by lack of success and will struggle to solve the mystery to their dying breath. They frequently have a paranoid fear that some evil force is trying to thwart their altruistic quest. They often believe to be in direct contact with spirit beings. They frequently become "disjointed from realty" yet can superficially appear to be in control. (it's strange but many people who are really nuts can "hold it in" when they have to) I've talked to a large number who suffer mental illness - one informed me: "most suffer from Bi-polar disorder, (Manic Depresive) Tesla, Edison, Ford, Wilber Write, Faraday, W. Churchill, Volta, Ben Franklin, T. jefferson, fulton, HG Wels, Asamove, Openhimer, on and on and on."

In deference to these fascinating people: many significant inventors and scientists from 100 years ago matched this profile (unfortunately, since newer discoveries now require large team cooperation, we see less success). There are genetic, ontological and neurochemical explainations for ones brain being predisposed to be a free energy inventor. People of this pphacthological profile can just as easily get sucked into alternative physics, wierd theology, new age psuedo science, unconventional math and fringe politics. I see these people as usually harmless and a welcome change from the usual boring nature of typical TV-opiated Americans I meet. hey, who knows maybe one will save the world

The following are interesting quotes from some of Dennis's literature:

my comments are in italics along the way "The fast is over and it was amazing and very unusual. God talked to me like crazy key word! for the first 30 days.' 'God did give me a major revelation in scripture before He stopped talking to me. He had me organize all the volunteers to circle this propery as a symbolic gesture of preparing to move into the promised land.`

`If you have read the story, you know that when God rescued the Jews from Egypt and fed them in the desert, they had no heart for entering the land. The Occupants were Giants. The felt it was hopeless to stand against such a powerful enemy (it would be like daring to stand up against the rich fossil fuels and electric barons of today)

`Some original dealers have told us that we have a lot of nerve to expect them to resume making payments on their dealerships after we lost their money. They expected Moses to succeed against . . .`

`God asked me if I was a corporate citizend or if I was a soverein citizen. I knew what He was getting at, so I took a lot of rabbit trails, but they all led back to the same revelation. I was a corporate guy with a social security card and the works"

God told me to tell all the patriots I could get a chance to talk to , that He has heard their prayers. He said,

I have heard the prayers of my people. They come before my throne continually every day. They humble themselves and pray ceaselessly for Me to heal their land. Tell them I have hear them and I will heal THEIR land ... I have not heard any heartfelt prayers form those who are part of the corporate America deception. . .

in talking about the public show - which went on way past midnight: Dennis Says: ` The show will go for two to two and a half hours (7-9:30).`

I have never met a heat pump installer who didnot think he could make our unit work properly without us, and I have never met one who could. apparently, many people have had difficulty getting the heat pumps to work

When I went to jail, dozens of dealers tried to make this happen and not one of them succeeded! They couldn't even make the heat pumps perform. Do not entertain networking and please tell us about all attempts to network with you!! You do not need anyone else to be able to exploit this opportunity. the following appears in Dennis's book (sorry it has no page numbers) " I have investigated a score more motors that claimed to get more energy out than was supposedly put in. I've yet to see one that I believe does that. This is not to say that I think people who have claimed to have achieved it are charlatans or frauds. . .Anyway, if you ever get the chance to investigate an over unity claim be sure to take a scope with you as well as someone who knkows how to use it. Usually the well meaning inventor is just as shocked by the results when power factor is added to the equations as you are. Check the Power Factor!" I applaud Dennis's well deserved skepticism in this area. There have been many people mislead because they don't understand power factor. By the same token, given Dennis is right that many mistaken inventors are promoting devices that take technical knowledge to debunk; he should understand when people like me want to take a scope to measure his device.

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