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Mr. Krieg:

After reading several reviews of other Dennis shows around on the web, it appears that Dennis's Indy show was very similar. I'll try to recall a few of the demonstrations. I had originally heard about Dennis Lee from surfing the net. I maintain a bookmark file of a lot of "free/alternative" energy sites, and found some article about his problems in Ventura buried down deep in someone's archives. So I decided to track down his company and watch his videos.

I received the 3 video set and the book, but had a difficult time getting through all 3 videos. I think they could all neatly be compressed into a 30-minute spiel. Anyway, I guess I was too lazy to return the package to get my money back, so there it sits in my closet. If you don't have a copy, it's yours for the asking. I think perhaps that's how they keep their petty cash coffers full, by counting on the lazy folks not returning the materials. Oh well. After that, they had my address of course, and I received a mailing which advertised the upcoming show in Indy, and I decided to go.

The show was held in the basement of a downtown hotel, starting at 7pm ; there were about 300-400 people there. For as much technology that was present, and the effort that was gone through to produce the show, I was disappointed in the "coherency" of the whole affair. He started out by introducing the Low Temperature Phase Change system, and after running it for awhile, a couple of people were taken from the audience to verify that yes indeed, the hot side was hot and the cold side was cold. The scientific explanation for the layperson followed, along with slides of C.O.P. data, and a short video showing the testing of the system in a meat locker (or whatever) and also the complete system hooked up to the Fischer engine.

It all sounded logical enough, but seeing that video of the Fischer engine just instantly reminded me of one of the "professor's" contraptions on Gilligan's Island-- the type with whistles, steam, flywheels and partially inflated bags. It made sort of a "pot-chokata- ssssssssssssP" sound. He went on to talk about this "Brauer" fellow who took these ideas one step further and modified a V-8 engine to run on this new cycle. This was one of the more impressive, yet disappointing highlights. Dennis went into great detail about how much torque this engine could generate over and above it's rated limits, and then proceeded to ruin a perfectly good torque wrench by attaching it to the crankshaft of the engine and letting some compressed CO2 into the cylinders. I have never heard of engine torque being measured this way. I think he got confused about the difference between static and dynamic torque. He then ran the engine on CO2 for about 5 seconds.

Anyway, he told the story about being locked in jail, laboratory raids , etc, and then jumped right into the Brown's Gas welding show. The audience had a much better reception to this, than they did to the energy machine. At one point in the BG demo, Dennis was talking about how the flame will weld tungsten, but unfortunately he didn't have any. A fellow in the back jumped up and said "Ah seen your show in Atlanta (or wherever ) and thought I'd better git you some tungsten fer your next show". Dennis seemed a little flustered, but took up the challenge. It took awhile to weld the pieces, but apparently they did it. Most of the show was spent talking about Yull Brown, and what he's gone through for the last 30 years trying to get his machine produced. Only towards the end of the show, Dennis very quickly went through the rest of the gadjets on the stage. There were "torque amplifiers", wind turbines, and some other stuff that I didn't stick around for. I left at about 11:00 and the show was still going. I think he was winding up to make the "Dealer Pitch".

Overall, the show was interesting because there were lots of good ideas demonstrated which could be brought into the light of scrutiny. I feel very sorry though, that all of this good stuff wound up in the hands of Dennis Lee. Although he might be the only promotional vehicle that these inventors have found to introduce their wares, he really comes off as a religious nut case and that is probably a turn-off to many scientists who would otherwise begin to ask more investigative questions.

After being introduced to the Yull Brown Gas machine at that show, I proceeded to gather as much information as I could about this device from various sources, and am still rather intrigued by it. I haven't actually worked this welder myself, but I think there is more going on inside it than regular electrolysis welders. I really want to get my hands on one to try some experiments of my own, but they are $2000 just for the little "jewelers" version. The whole radioactivity elimination test would be great fun to try.

About Solar: I would love to hear about any solution which could get me off the grid, and provide the same reliability and utility at lower cost. My dream is to build a totally energy self-sufficient retirement home in the mountains of North Carolina. In the mean time, however, I always thought I would have the most fun running a business that offers others a viable alternative to the electric companies. As yet, however, I'm still searching for that alternative. -PM

Eric's note: His experiance and conclusion is much the same as many I've heard of. I get the impression that most people with any skeptism simply don't become dealers, but never make bash Dennis for having made so many unsubstantiated of ill-arrived-at claims. Dennis only needs one in ten attenders to make an investiment to make tons of money. I think he likes seeing skeptics walk out early as long as they don't make a big deal as I have.

The following is a note from Jack:

By Officer Jack McLamb (ret)

               Please my dear friends do not join the ranks of the thousands
who have paid money and who have spent the last 5 to10 years waiting for
DENNIS LEE'S  magical free energy machines to appear.
               It is my opinion that Lee has been conning people for many
years with his side show of machines that allegedly produce free energy.   A
dear lady friend says she put in thousands of dollars over 8 years ago and
is still waiting for her machine.   And I know numerous others that have
invested over the years to no avail.
              After making millions over the last decade from our trusting
countrymen, is it not time that Lee produces at least one machine, places it
in a home or business of someone we know for sure he has not bought off and
let people come and see it work?  He's back again and with a new deal for
all who will but trust him.  Look at his past decade of performance (Zero!)
before letting him do it again...i.e. receive millions more of the hard
earned dollars from thousands more of our unwitting fellow Americans.    As
a lawman for many years I've seen and arrested con men, and it is mine and
others opinion, that he is a very good representative of that lucrative
profession -  a slick, well-spoken, man with many sad stories of rough times
"just trying to help others", while selling a "story" of hope and prosperity
for all who will but trust him (with their money!)
              Before becoming one of his "helpers", aiding and abetting his
ripping off more money from our less than rich countrymen, try doing what no
one else has done, challenge him to produce just one machine that
works...And please, not the machine that he presents "before your very eyes"
and tells you "see it works"!...and then allows no one with the knowledge
and skills who would know, examine it to prove that it truly is producing
"free energy".

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