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Note: from 11/96 through at least 1/2003, no takers  - but that doesn't disprove free energy

For years I've heard the claim that many people have come up with machines that pull energy seemingly out of thin air (using heat, magnetic fields, ether, gravity or what ever). Books on urban legends are full of rumors of this. Believers in free energy machines feel that the obvious hoaxes must be separated from the real thing. I offer to pay travel expenses and $10000 (plus additional pledge money) to anyone who can pass the following test:  I also offer a $2000 commission to anyone who talks an inventor into submitting a winning design to me.

To any winners, I promise to openly promote your device to the scientific and engineering community – I’d also promise to be a lot more humble in my reporting on paranormal claims.   . Mark in Kansas is willing to help investigate is willing to pledge money as well.

Free Energy Test Frequently asked questions. Please review these before sending me email

Terms of the Eric Krieg Free Energy Machine Test Prize Offer:

Actually the test would validate free electricity. I don't feel confident enough with my ability to measure subtle heat increases of perpetual motion devices that eternally run with no conventional power input.

  Claimant must mail me a request to be reviewed ( including the following information: general description of operation, requirements for demonstration, description of energy output, non-disclosure agreements, mass and volume of areas to be kept secret, full description of any latent stored energy in the object such as pressurized canister, batteries, springs, etc.

  Claimant must sign an agreement surrendering any and all rights to legal action against Eric Krieg or other participating person or agency, so far as may be legally done under present statutes, in regard to injury, accident, or any other damage of a physical or emotional nature or financial or professional loss of any kind.

  Claimant and Eric Krieg must agree in advance to what will be demonstrated and how much of the device Eric and party will be allowed to inspect before, during and after the demonstration. There should also be an agreement on measurement of power output.

  This offer is made only by Eric Krieg and not on behalf of any organization, though others may be involved in examination of claims.

  The following forms of heat or energy generation will not be considered “free”: engines consuming fuel, batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, devices involving prestored or external mechanical energy (such as springs and flywheels). The device should be constructed so that it would be able to put out continuous energy for weeks with out consuming anything with in the device that could be used up in a life time.

the device must put out at least 1.5kW of electrical produced resistive heat energy at least 90% of a 24-hour window of time. Eric shall provide the resistive loads and power measuring.

the device to be tested shall not exceed 6 ft on any dimension unless per prior agreement. (My garage is only so big)

the device must be less than 2000 lb. of mass. And the CG must be within 2 feet of one side. (That’s all my forklift will handle)

the power output must be approximately 100 volts either AC or DC - so that Eric's array of 15 100-watt bulbs can be as brightly lit as by convention power grid power. It's the responsibility of the claimant to provide transformers, converters, etc. to supply specified output. Eric will provide a conventional (non GFI) 20 amp breaker between the between the device and electrical load.

Conventional AC power (15 amps 120 and 240) is available only for machine start and independent measuring equipment

the claimant agrees to open coverage by members of the press (with the exception of pre agreed parts of the device which can be shrouded). The claimant understands that Eric will publish results and openly make them available in cyberspace.

  Claimant agrees that no trickery will be involved and agrees to return money if fraud is discovered later.

  Eric agrees to pay up to $1000 of documented travel expenses and a $10000 prize (along with pledged prize amounts) if the device passes the test.

  Testing will be done in an enclosed garage. Witnesses, video cameras and electronic instrumentation will be recording the entire event. Copies of all test data will be made openly available for the cost of duplication, shipping and handling.

  The claimant is requested to privately run through the test ahead of time.

  Eric is open to negotiating reasonable exceptions to these terms ahead of time.

  For a device that can not be transported to Eric's site, Eric is open to traveling to a distant site if an engineer or skeptics group of his choosing first does a pre-validation (terms to be negotiated)


Extra notes:  Above terms are negotiable. No, I don’t want to look designs you think will work.  I have no interest in stories of someone alleged to have demo’d  FE – I need to see it myself.  I don’t want to look at alternative theories of physics till something wins the prize.  I’m not part of some group of “Free Energy MIBs” out to stop FE.  I would love their to be FE.  Over 100 people have emailed saying they expect to soon win.  I’m also willing to facilitate tests for claims of 100+mpg carburetors. I would love to lose my money and feel my net worth would go up in the long run from exploitable FE.   I feel the long history of fraudulent FE claims justify a cautious look. Check  out Free Energy FAQ related to this test.  Contact me if you want to copledge money to a winner.

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A west coast open prize (inspired by this one ) for proof of a free energy machine they are based near Phoenix AZ.
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