Joe Newman's Free Energy Claims - are they valid?
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For over 20 years Joe Newman (born, Joseph Westly Rogers)  has been promising to demonstrate a device that produces more energy than it consumes.  Many people have contributed time, materials and money to try to make this happen and many have concluded that Newman is dishonorable, incompetent or just plain nuts. My copy of the test performed by the National Bureau of Standards says that in a test, Newman's machine only returned 1 third to 2 thirds the energy put into it (the rest of the energy being wasted).   Norm Biss of Erie Pa  reports that he got his employer to agree to build and test a Newman motor.  He found Newman to be ignorant of electronic motors and their assembly. Newman made a whole mess in the motor with 3 different kinds of glue trying to hold everything together.  He broke all kinds of parts on the motor by over heating and using an 8 lb sledge hammer.  They say Joe stole a key to the place and stole the device the day before qualified engineers were going to test it. More on this at: THE NORM BISS STORY
   Joe has rented out whole stadiums to demonstrate claims of over unity.  Joe claims there is a way with magnets, wheels and wire to turn parts of copper atoms directly into energy. Joe got national attention in the early 80's when he had a number of backers trying to get the patent office to grant him a patent for a big heavy machine he said would make excess energy seemingly out of thin air.  The main complaint people had was that Joe would demonstrate a device that both had input power (often batteries) and produced output power.  Joe has claimed that over 30 scientists and engineers have signed excess power affidavits - some have since recanted.   Skeptics point out that it is difficult to measure power and that these people (if they exist) were mistaken.  Dan Benvenuti invested around a half million with Newman but was appalled to see it wasted on lawsuits and self promotion.   Newman and his followers are not helpful putting investigators like me in touch with any of the alleged 30 scientific people.  Most scientists feel the existing established laws of electromagnetism have done a fine job of accounting for known phenomenon for the last 100 years.  Hoards of people like Newman come up with alternative theories of physics.  Newman has claimed to demonstrate proof of FE (Free Electricity) many times.  Among his demonstrations has been a motor running off batteries turning a shaft which people can't stop with their hands.  I don't feel that this is the extraordinary proof that should be expected for an extraordinary claim. I offer a $10,000 prize for proof of Free Energy. But when I called up Joe to try to set up a time where he could try to win my money, he just cursed me out and threatened to physically assault me. Joe who is last known to be in Arizona is only one of many  people who have claimed to have Free Energy Machines.   Many people who have bought his $80 book, have tried to follow the instructions to make their own over unity machines - and failed after years of effort.    Joe has run for president, claimed to contact UFOs and runs a radio show where he talks about God giving him messages and much patriot style rhetoric. He also operates much the same as Dennis Lee.
See - Jeff and Judy's independent conclusions on Newman.  A review of Newman's 7/99 free energy demonstration James Randi Educational Foundation - investigating Newman Forbes (5-15-00) The Alchemists of Energy -mentions Newman.  Newman2 converter index page-German tests find nothing to it
NEWsee a full scientific analysis of Newman and mistakes made by HastingsNEWVoodoo Science - a great book covering people like Joe Newman and Dennis Lee.
 Newman Energy Machine: Tested by the NBS
recent updates: 
1/3/2000  Newman has predicted major catastrophy for the Earth in May of 2000 
4/99 Newman asks for $3500 down for a free energy machine to be delivered in July 
5/00 Newman starts trying to get towns to pay him to prevent tornados
7/01 Newman under orders from God decides to start "NEW ISRAEL"

A few interesting things about Newman from the Life magazine story on him

If anyone were to assume that Joe Newman's "Energy Machine" will do as he claims, then they should expect Mr. Newman to gladly and truthfully answer the following questions:

1 -   Knowing that it requires an RPM of 3600 to power a Generator for auxilliary power, as a back-up to "Grid" power, why doesn't Joe Newman run his prototype at 3600 RPM ?
Joe runs his motor at 50 or 100 RPM.

2 - Why doesn't he reveal the amount of voltage required to power his motor for the average home ?
Dr. Roger Hastings (Whom Joe quotes when it suits his purpose) has stated that it would require between 10KV and 20KV to run Joe' motor in the average home.

3 - Joe Newman refuses to answer questions concerning approval by UL and NEC (Underwriter Laboratorys) and (National Electric Code).
Anything that is manufactured and is to be connected to any type of dwelling MUST meet the following National Standards:

NFPA 70, 1999 edition, National Electric Code.
Standard Building Code (Latest Edition).
NFPA 101 Life Safety.
NFPA 850 Power Plants (As applicable).
Underwriters Laboratorys.
Factory Mutual  (As an insurance issuer, Factory Mutual set guidelines for the entire insurance industry).
Local Authorities having jurisdiction.
Federal Communications Commission.

Throughout the United States, local authorities WILL NOT  approve anything that doesn't meet the bare minimum National Standards.  Mr. Newman would have to bring this device to each Committee for every standard that has to be met, BEFORE they can be installed.  Can you imagine the response from the local Power Company when you tell them that you are going to install a transfer switch between them and your Newman Device?  They will completely disconnect you from the grid.  The Utility Companies do not want anything connected to their system that may jeopardize the integrity of the grid.  This is the reason for having Electrical Inspectors into a dwelling before a certificate of occupancy can be issued.  Only AFTER the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, will the Utility Company hook up power.

4 - How can Joe Newman sell a motor for $7,000.00, when, by his own statement, he has $6,000.00 worth of Neodymium magnets in the motor.
Joe Newman is demonstrating a motor with Neodymium magnets inside.  This is what he is using as a selling point.  The only way he could sell the motor for the asking price, is to replace the Neodymium magnets with Ceramic magnets which are only 1/3 as powerful.  Whoever purchases one of these motors with Ceramic magnets inside, is going to find out that it will not produce as stated by Joe Newman.  In addition, this is known as "Bait-and Switch".

5 - Why will Joe Newman not let anyone else test his motor ?
Joe Newman wants everyone to accept his word that the motor performs as he says.  He does not give any results for a "Locked Rotor" Test.  He doesn't even use a Dynamometer.  He says:  "You cannot stop or choke-down the motor using two hands".  Furthermore, he will release no specs for the motor performance, so it can be independently verified.

Joe likes to refer to "Honest Thinking Individuals".  Well, when "Honest Thinking Individuals" ask Joe these questions, he and/or Evan Soule' immediately classify that person as a disbeliever, and a pawn of the Power-Brokers.  YOU MUST ACCEPT JOE NEWMAN'S WORD ON BLIND FAITH !

Joe Newman/Evan Soule' refuse to use words like Perpetual Motion, Over Unity, Free Energy, etc.  What they DO say is that Newman's motor has over 400% "PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY", compared to Input Power.  (Circumlocular chicanery).  This really awes the "Layperson".

If anyone is seriously considering buying one of these "White Elephants", please take the time to get satisfactory answers to the above questions.

Another independent account:
I took Evan Soule's advice and tried to call Newman directly.  I got a hold of his wife and she was very nice (one investor told of Newman cussing him out over the phone).  She agrees the show was a disaster but insists the people who made the machine were incompetent and that something was lose and dragging and that Newman has been working with people to get it right.  She said a few independent engineers would make measurements (couldn't put me in touch with them or the scientists who have looked at it in the past).  She didn't know if Newman would be willing to have me look at it.  She says he may do another show in Phoenix and have a local radio show involved. I'd certainly be willing to do a debate on the air if anyone can get me on (same offer goes for Dennis Lee )  Stay tuned, I'll try to directly call Newman next week. Newman has dumped me off the Newman email list and purged my posts to the Newman bulletin board.

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book review  -  to be eventually posted on list and as new page

this is certainly the tallest and most thick book in my entire collection of
crackpot literature.  It reads very much like Dennis Lee's tomes:  with
lengthy copies of letters from supporters, copies of court documents and
plenty of talk of God, conspiracy and obligatory butchered science.  I had
to laugh out loud when I perused through an entire chapter of embarrassing
rejection letters from various scientific sources.  I now understand how
Newman snookered a few real science people:  he drew such an incredibly wide
net over decades, of course he was able to find a few foolish ones.  The
letters from Hastings make him look like a kook as well.  The book has no
mention I can find of Newman marrying the 8 year old girl - lots of news
coverage of "look at what our local boy has done" but none of the stories
covering the little girl or financial victims.  It did mention an estranged
son, ex wife and daughter.  There was a hilarious picture of Newman demoing
two balloons strapped together with some pitch about alternative propulsion
systems.  A real free energy nut can never restrict him self to just solving
our energy problems - No they have to also make claims about curing
diseases, remediating nuclear waste, promoting world peace, fixing the
economy, stopping hurricanes, etc.  Among some of Newman's claims in the
book are:

  running for president in 2000
  having cursed out and threated to beat up his dad
  Y2K is going to be a time of disaster
  God has some savior to arrive in 2000
  400 years ago, Nostradamus predicted Newman would arrive
  Newman being skilled at stealing cigarettes at a young age
  Newman wasting over a million in a failed attempt to get a patent
  how the May 2000 planetary alignment will bring calamity
  how atmospheric phenomenon like rain and hurricanes are magnetic in nature
  ESP with magnets and wires

One thing I was interested to find is that the "30 scientists and engineers"
that Evan incessantly chants about include many people who aren't.  I only
counted only 20 of them who could be considered engineers - most all of them
were from Newman's locale.  No mention is made of the many people who took a
look and were unable to be convinced to sign something.  Also conspicuously
absent was any answer to the bottom line question: "if you have overunity,
why not just create your input power only from excess output power".   I
guess Newman's life's work has really been evading that question.
It also appears that Evan really put together the book.  Strange this copy
has his older mailing addresses the whole way through.  In other news, as of
8/24/99, the Newman web pages still make no response to objections raised on
the Krieg-Biss pages.