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"I'm so skeptical, I can hardly believe it!"

I feel the world's biggest root problem is ignorance  - more rational thought would go a long way to help.  

   recent story on healing pucks

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  I've investigated the paranormal claims of Therapeutic Touch

  My page examining Dowsing and Homeopathy

  My page examing Astrology

  My central focus is Free Energy Claims by Dennis Lee and the free energy claims of Joe Newman

  I provide a guide to Fringe Kooky Kristian Kulture I've gotten some hot headed responses

  The web's largest list of Crack pot web sites I have a sick fascination with lunatics and irrationality

  I offer a $10000 prize  for proof of free energy! and Free Energy FAQ

  My early look at Wilhelm Reich's Orgonomy claims
science fair ideas for young rational students
a story in Wired magazine mentioning me: One Man's Power Game

  Looking at both sides of Homeopathy -

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