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Subjects in this section:

These are Claims of individuals and may or may not be true. You should contact the individuals for more information if interested.

1. The Jasker Power System

2. The Roto-Verter

3. Motionless Shock Charger

4. Lutec 1000

5. Power from Video Tape

6. Transparent Aluminum - Just Interesting.


7.The Meg Now Patented

8. 200-300 % OU energy -Space Power Generator

9. Self Sustaining Permanent Magnet Motor/Generator

10. Replication of the Swill ML, probably a hoax

11. Electric Radial Motor

12. ELSA Gravity Mill



Projects of Don Adsitt

 Subjects in this section:

Projects of Don Adsitt 1. Replicating the Muller Generator

2. Begin Project of Ell Motor/Generator

3. Dec 03/02 Ell-Generator Update

                           E-BAY  and other PLANS - YOURS FREE for a limited time only! 

1)   No Hydrogen Needed_FREE_ENERGY_FROM_THE_EARTH (cost $14.99)

2) NEW FREE ENERGY E.L.S.A. Gravity Mill Plans  from John Herring-  got from the inventor to share with you FREE.  Go here to see.

3) Added e-bay's "Ambient Power Module" Plans (cost 24.99 for kit- 9.99 for plans)

  Video test of the Ambient power module and Don's power module comparison.

4) 2000W-5000W Inverter Plans (cost 14.99 on ebay)

5) ALF Vapor Carburator

6) Electromatic Motor Car

7) Fueless Heater info and patent/plans

8.) Free Geet Plans

9.) Car Engine that runs on Tap Water

Elsa Gravity Mill Plans - can e-mail inventor if you have questions.

Perpetual Motion - Some things according to Physics that do not work and the explanations.

Subjects in this section:

Adsitt Magnetic Ramp Experiments 1. Ramp Movies

2. Crossing over to separate ramps

3. Straight and circular ramps

4. Uphill, Downhill Ramps

5. Magnetic Field Photos


Subjects in this section:

Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion Experiments & (movies) 1. Scissors test

2. geared test

3. Rotor test 

Subjects in this section:
Looking at Patent 5,929,732 - from Lockheed Martin, 1. A look  at a prototype  

Subjects in this section:

Other Magnetic Experiments 1. Levitating Steel in a magnetic Field

2. Steel plate experiment

3. Low voltage single wire transmission

See the devices of Jerry Smith-Real Player Movie

Subjects in this section:

Pulse Motors 1. Adams Pulse Motor

2. Small Pulse Motor & Movie

3. Konzen Pulse Motor & Movie

4. Vertical and Horizontal Pulse Motor & movies

5. Bedini Pulse Motor

6. Roller Skate Motor


7. Pulse Motors - anonomous

8. Dual Battery Bedini Pulse Motor

9. Dual Battery Unit Built By John Bedini

10. Konzen new 1/2 watt pulse motor

11. Pulse motor of Ed McCullough

12. Adams Pulse Motor - Serge Abramov from Russia

13. New magnet motor design - Steve Kundel


Subjects in this section:

Electro-Magnetic Motors 1. Newman Type Motor

2. Equilibrium Motor

3. The RotorVerter


Subjects in this section:

Magnetic Motors and/or Generators 1. Motor Attempt by Eric Vogels

2. Attempt 1 at Minato Wheel

3. Attempt 2&3 at Minato Wheel

4.  New Update.

5. Minato Patent  


Subjects in this section:

The Muller Motor/Generator -PHOTOS and MOVIES 1. Motor/Generator (1 )

2. Motor/Generator (2)

3. Single Coil Test

4. Miniature Solid State Unit

5. 200 amps

6. Coast Down

7. Explain

8. Old Ford Alternator

9. Small Motor/Generator

10. Table Top Version


11. Magnetic Experiment 1

12. Magnetic Experiment 2

13. Amorphous Metal Experiment

14. Generating Hydrogen

15. Project - Hydrogen Generator

16. Photos and other info

17. RLC Circuit

18. Motor Coil Construction

19. Muller Site Info.

Find out what Dr. Peter Lindemann and Dr. Aaron Kan said after seeing the Muller Experiments in Person

20. REPLICATION Attempt of MULLER GENERATOR by Ron Classen



Subjects in this section:

Hydrogen Generators 1. Hydrogen Devices and Experiments of Chris Tibbetts

2. BINGO Hydrogen Project by Jean L. Naudin 

3. Geet Plans -Paul & Molley Pantone  


Subjects in this section:

Experiments of Dr. Jaynes


1. Adams motor 160KV Marx Generator

2. Back EMF experiments

3. Ball Lightning Lifters     Tesla Coils

4. Impulse Magnetic Fields

5. EV Gray Motor

6.  Switched Reluctance Generators


Subjects in this section:

MEG - Motionless Electromagnetic Generator 1. The MEG now Patented  

Subjects in this section:

Asymmetric Rotary Capacitor Disc Motor 1. Capacitor Disc Motor

2. Electrostatic Motor


Subjects in this section:

High Voltage Motors and EHD Engines 1. EHD Model R9

2. HV Radial Engine

3. Million Volt Generator

4. Million Volt Marx Generator

5. The Ionic Engine


Subjects in this section:

High Voltage anti-gravity 


1. Lifter Designs by Gaetan Masse  

Subjects in this section:

Generators 1. Bedini Generator MK1

2. Bedini Generator MK2

3. Bedini Generator MK3

4. Generator from James W. German

5. Interference Disc Generator

6. Muller Generator by Atle Olsen  

7. Muller Replication by Ronald Classen

Subjects in this section:

Hamel Spinner 1. Hamel Spinner  

Subjects in this section:

Flynn Magnetic Technology 1. Magnetic Sims

2. Magnetic Explantions

3. Motor Based on Technology

4. Motor based on Technology


Subjects in this section:

Coil Testing 1. Testing of standard vs. Cone shaped Coils.

2. RPM Test

3. How to wind coils


Subjects in this section:

Scalar EM Experiments 1. Free Electron Pump

2. Time Energy Pump

3. Time Energy Pump V1.2

4. Smith Coil

5. Resonance Standing Wave


Subjects in this section:

Plasma Glow Panels and Generators- photos and movies 1. Plasma Panel Photos-movies

2. Plasma Panel

3. Plasma Generators

4. Jacobs Ladder

5. Light bulb


Subjects in this section:

Plasma Motor 1. Plasma Motor

2. New prototype


Subjects in this section:

Perpetual  Motion 1. Finsrud Device and  movie  

Subjects in this section:

Other Devices or Interesting Things  1. Big Thinking with Over Unity

2. Patents 5873249 -  6009707

3.  Hutchison Effect (and) Movie

4. Pulse Charger of Jean-Michel Cour


Subjects in this section:

Wind and Solar 1. Wind Turbine of George Sikes  

Subjects in this section:

Ferro Fluid 1. Ferro-fluid photos  

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