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The Top Researchers in the Free Energy Field


Area of Interest



Website or starting point
Dr. Robert Adams Pulse Motors
Harold Aspden Free Energy Physics
Paul Baumen SWISS ML, Testatika Machine

The index and information page for this series of pages
Electrets vs Dielectric Absorbers
Eguchi Electrets
Horseshoe Magnets and the Testatika
The electron field generator
The electron cascade effect
Some free electric notes
The Principle Experiments
Testatika demonstration 1999 report
Methernitha Testatika News
Testatika Machine ML converter pictures
A transcript from the Testakica video


Thomas Townsend Brown Brown Effect, Hi voltage flying saucers
Tom Bearden MEG
John Bedini Pulse Motors
Hans Coler Electro-magnetic over-unity

Bruce De-Palma The N-1 Homopolar Generator

Ed Gray Gray Motor

David Hamel Hamel Spinner

Eric Krieg WEB LIST and OU Prize
Lester Hendershot over-unity device that was thought to be tapping into a magnetic force field

Howard Johnson Johnson PPM motor - self running

 Deceased ?
Dr. Peter Lindemann Cold Fusion/ Free Energy /OU
Scott McKie POD Patent 5,146,395
Bill Muller Motor/Generator E-mail Bill and Carmen
Jean Naudin All Free Energy/.OU Devices
Joseph Newman Newman Motor
John Searl Searl Effect, Generator

Floyd Sweet Sweet VTA


Patent Servers here

Brown, Paul (1989). "Apparatus for Direct Conversion of Radioactive Decay Energy to Electrical Energy," US Patent No. 4,835,433. 

Carr, Otis (1959). "Amusement Device," (i.e. A Flying Saucer), US Patent No. 2,912,244. 

CA. Hickox, Barbara, (1981). "Electric Dynamo," US Patent No. 4,249,096. 

Hyde, William (1990). "Electrostatic Energy Field Power Generating System," US Patent No. 4,897,592. 

Johnson, Howard (1979). "Permanent Magnetic Motor," US Patent No. 4,151,431. 

McKie, Richard L. (1992). "A Power Supply Comprising Two Tank Circuits," US Patent No. 5,146,395. 

Merritt, Thomas, and Mario Pasichinskyj (1985). "Linear Reciprocating Electrical Generator," US Patent No. 4,500,827. 

Pasichinskyj, Mario (1990). "Magnetic Motion Electrical Generator," US Patent No. 4,904,926. 

Richardson, Frank B. (1978). "Electromagnetic Converter with Stationary Variable-Reluctance Members," US Patent No. 4,077,001.

 Shoulders, Kenneth (1991). "Energy Conversion Using High Charge Density," US Patent No. 5,018,180 (in the last pages). 

Tesla, Nikola (1891) "Electro-Magnetic Motor," US Patent No. 464,666. 

Trombly, Adam (1982). "Closed Path Homopolar Machine," International Patent (PCT) H02K 31/00, 39/00.


Names of researchers and links to some of their work, e-groups, or pages or personal sites..

Name e-mail e-group Site or homepage
Don Adsitt    
Joe Arnold Joe Arnold
George Bugh
Doug Konzen
David Mason David Mason
Gaetan Masse     Gaetan Masse website
Gene Nelms  Gene Nelms    
Hector This Site
Butch Lafonte Butch Lafonte This Site
Tim Harwood
Tim Ventura     Hi Voltage Lifters
Ben Thomas
Christopher T. Moore Christopher T. Moore
 Eric Volgels  Eric Vogels
Alan Francoeur      
Olaf Berens      
Matthew  Trovato  Matthew  Trovato
Neil McPherson      
Christopher Arnold      
Joe Arnold     Pulse Motor Site


Links not edited yet:

A collection of Links from Greg Woods.

Tesla stuff... 


Nikola Tesla's patents
Nikola Tesla's patents - Meny (1886-1928)
Muzej Nikole Tesle - Nikola Tesla Museum - Homepage
Nikola Tesla -- entry in National Inventors Hall of Fame
The Nikola Tesla web site that was once here has had trouble. Grant Kirkwood sort of lost the files when switching servers. For a while, it was accidentally<BR>
Dr. Nikola Tesla: A biography by Gary L. Peterson
Genius of Nikola Tesla (Phil Hamilton, Telsa FBI FOIA papers)
Tesla References by (Richard Quick)
This is a big text file....
Nikola Tesla: inventor, engineer, scientist
Mini biography, bibliog. links, photos, etc.<BR>
Nikola Tesla: Humanitarian Genius
"BUST THE SMITHSONIAN!" -- Edison is not America's "Wizard of Electricity."
Edison is not America's "Wizard of Electricity."<BR> America's real hero is snubbed by the Smithsonian the Smithsonian is paid by commercial interests to perpetuate a myth.
Tesla Wardenclyffe Project
The International Tesla Society
The International Tesla Society's links page
Tesla Memorial Society Inc.
Nikola Tesla: Tesla Memorial Society, Inc.
Tesla Technology Research
Nikola Tesla page by
Interesting article...
Nikola Tesla: The War Of The Currents
A paper by Jennifer E. Wade
Books by Tesla
Complete Nikola Tesla U.S. Patent Collection - Main Page
Tesla Bookstore
Borderlands books about Nikola Tesla
Fringe Science publisher....
Prodigal Genius -- The Life of Nikola Tesla; by John J. O'Neill (TOC)
Originally published by Ives Washburn, New York, 1944; Published in Great Britain by Neville Spearman Ltd., 1968; Reprinted in the United States by Angriff Press, Los Angeles, 1973<BR>
Discovery Channle: Dead Inventors' Corner: Tesla's Brain
Nikola Tesla - the man who invented the 20th century (ArtBiz page)
Pennsylvania Department: Nikola Tesla Program: 9 October 1996
Drumdow: Niagara's Hydro-Electric and Industrial Heritage
history of Tesla's first commercial install
Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty's Homepage)
Invention of Radio

Tesla Coils....


Tesla Coil pictures -- John Williams: Under construction
The Itty Bitty Backyard Project
Brent's High Voltage Page
Bill Beaty's Ball Lightning Page
Tesla Coils -- intro by Brent Turner
Theater of Electricity -- Tesla Coils
Tesla, tesla coils, jacob's ladder, high voltage
High Voltage stuff: jacob's ladder, high energy pulser, etc.
The Tesla Consortium
This particular page caters to those who would like to find out more information on: Nikola Tesla (by reading his autobiography or biography), the basics of the Tesla Coil, the more advanced Magnifying Transmitter, the various email lists on the net. I have included a software section for those who would like to know "exactly" what's going on with their coils, or future ones. Also available are pictures of Tesla Coils in action (photographed by their builders).
Oudin Oscillator (modified Tesla Coil)
TCBA: Tesla Coil Builder's Association
TCBA News Page



Tesla Turbines....


An Unofficial Tesla Turbine Page



Weird stuff related to Tesla....


Secret Government Research, H.A.A.R.P.
HAARP Main Page
Introduction to Angels Don't Play This HAARP



JLN Labs - Scalar Waves Research
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman: Contents
Clean Energy Technologies, Inc.
The company's patented technology uses ordinary water as fuel, highly specialized metal coated microspheres, and an electrolytic cell, called the Patterson Power Cell . The company has named the excess heat producing phenomenon the "CETI Reaction," until a more complete scientific understanding exists.
Art Bell -- Art's Parts
Watson Family Home Page
Greg Watson's New Energy Projects
Robert Stirniman's Electrogravitics Page
The Virtual Times International
JLN Labs - The Greg Watson SMOT V 1.0
JLN Labs Home Page
Hans Coler invention part 1/3
HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research
JLN Labs - The Hamel Scalar Generator
Frequently Asked Questions: Sending E-Mail to AOL
The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications
AETHER SCIENCE -- Dr. Harold Aspden
Physics that denies the existence of the aether offers no insight into the energy source from which the universe was created. It offers no destiny for spent energy radiated into outer space. It offers no regeneration mechanism for recycling energy. It offers instead a mere illusion of something called 'four-space', which provides no guidance whatsoever as we confront our needs for energy in a pollution-free environment. The only way forward is by back-tracking to see where science has strayed and then finding the answers in the new physics of Aether Science.
Correa Patent Abstracts
Power from AE Emissions; P.N.Correa, MSc, PhD, and A.N. Correa, HBA
Free Energy, Theory, Devices and Progess
De Palma on Free Energy
Free Energy - The N-Machine!!
Untried Homopolar Generator Experiments (why N-Machines are not OU)
Homopolar Generator, HPG, Faraday Disk<BR> N-Machine ideas
The Borderlands Of Science
(this english version wasn't available on the date of first visit)
The Borderland Of Science Pages - Energy - N-Machines
(In German)
Geoff Egel: Free Energy experimenter in Aus.
lots of experiments to try....
Walter Russell 'Physics' Homepage
The University of Science and Philosophy
Starship Engines
The 714-x Area - Basic Notions in Microscopy
The 714-x Area - Bloodfeud
TZ: P/S Modif: Self-Circumcision
Apollonius.Net - Earth's Sirius Connection
How Much Is Inside?
Crank Dot Net | archaeology
Crank Dot Net
Patent of the Week

Joe Newman's home page

Explanation of the "A & B" Field