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The Muller Dynamo as a working model.
Goal: Perform an actual work load.

Principal: Pulse one coil while collecting from eight.


Warning - Disclaimer

Remember that this is an experiment. All pictures and drawings are subject to change without notice. A design element might function correctly as shown, but that element might not have been the right one for the purpose. Anyone is welcome to use this material as a reference, but you right-click and copy at your own risk!

Some things you see on this website might conflict with your own interpretation of build design. Conversely, some things you see on this website might be an idea you've never thought of. This is my own experiment of the Muller dynamo. I have 30 years experience in the electrical field........design engineering is not one of my strong points, so this will be a challenge.



Hint: If you don't have at least $2000+ to invest, don't even begin to replicate this.
Total expenditures to date: $3100.00
(includes cost of "mistakes") last $$$ update 9-27-2004

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