Winding Coils

This is my method for winding coils. I have found that it makes for a stronger electromagnet. I plan on doing some testing of coils later, but as you can see from the real player movies that they are quite powerful. Use any method you want. The coils are wound from 23 gauge wire on a 3/8" X 2 1/4" bolt. This makes for a shorter stubbier coil I use for the pickup coil. For the drive coils use the same method but use a 3/8" X 3" bolt. For a bifilar coil do exactly as outlined below but  wind 2 wires together at the same time ( 23 gauge and 21 gauge).

Begin with 50 feet of 21 gauge wire. Use a 3/8 X 2-1/4" bolt and nylon washers. Assemble as shown. Use a 1" piece of masking tape and tape the center area as shown.
Follow the threads and wind the wire on the end of the bolt to begin.. The coil will be wound in this direction at all times. cover the bottom threads with masking tape, cross the wire over into the center area as shown and begin winding. Keep it tight. Wind as above, turning the bolt with the right hand and applying pressure with the fingers of the left hand to keep the wraps tight. 1st layer is done.
Bring the wire back down as shown. Press the wire into place as shown, and use a small strip of masking tape to hold it into position. Looks like this.   
now cover this 1st layer of wire with another 1" piece of masking tape. wind coil again until it has completed the second layer as shown. again bring wire down for repeating earlier steps. tape into place again.
cover with 1" tape. Second layer complete. Do this same process until you complete 5 layers. After the 5th layer, bring the wire down only 1/2 way, cover and wind the next layer as usual. After 6th layer is complete, cover with tape. For the next layer, bring wire down again, but shorten the position about 1/8" as shown above. Use a small piece of tape to hold it into position before winding. Continue this process on each succeeding layer until the wire is used up. It will look cone shaped when finished.
    cover last layer with tape again. Cover again with electrical tape. FINISHED.
As an alternative you can use Teflon plumbers tape. It holds tight and can withstand high temperatures.  

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