Tate ambient module Test

Ambient Module Test

Comparable test of Don Adsitt's ambient/radiant Module
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Ambient Power Supply Module


Tate Power from the air. Tate Ambient Power Module. Joseph Tate Last Known Address 760
Waldo Point Sausalito Ca (4965) 415 331 8150 332 9918 U.S. Patent 4,628,299 . This design converts radio frequency energy to power that can be usefully applied in power devices such as clocks, radios and smoke detectors. This design makes use of a doubler, splitter and rectifier.  The device has been known to give 36 volt/9 watts. This devices does away for the need for batteries by extracting energy
from natural and man made radio waves. The device uses a coil made of the following design 479 turns of #22 wire on a 3" plastic tube, the coil should be loosely wound as a close wound coil tends to reduce power collection. One end should be connected to unit at antenna connection point and the other to an antenna of your choice . Other coil types could be used in your experiments such as sliding induction coils that is inside one another and find the best position by moving them in different positions. Other coil types can be found by referencing any good book on radio fundamentals. Check out the Tesla type coils as well.

I recently built this kit as purchased from ebay. ($24.99 for the kit- plans only- $9.99) The plans were not very good. I had to figure out the diode directions and cap directions from the schematic.  Anyway - I hooked it up as they said and could just barely get a LED to light.  Here is the circuit. It is easy to make. - Don