November 28 2002.


For me, pulse motors were a great stepping-stone, as a huge amount of information was learned and experience gained. This is effectively my conclusion on the Adams Motor after one year of experimenting, studying the published articles, and communication with Dr Adams. It relates only to the basic public-domain device, and is unrelated to his 'thermo-generator' machines of later years.


Efficiency in the Adams Motor is measured by comparing the terminal voltage of one set of batteries powering the motor with the terminal voltage of another set being charged by the generator (integral, by design). On face value, this appears pointless, but there is an unusual effect that occurs when lead-acid batteries are subjected to high-voltage spikes, such as the motor coils produce. Their open-circuit voltage rises to a level higher than normal, but the net energy content still diminishes over time as normal. The very small motors that Dr Adams originally built were capable of masking the normal voltage decrease of the supply batteries and making them appear to hold their energy level. Large automotive batteries will run a small motor for several weeks (as I have done), and the mechanical contactor switch will fail within this time giving the impression that the motor is going to keep running forever without draining the batteries.




Harold Aspden offered Adams his services as a retired patent attorney and managed to circumvent the normal procedures for having a patent granted. Aspden effectively patented something based on a device that was (then) untested or built, and his own conjecture, subsequently becoming GB patent 2,282,708 filed on 30 September 1993. Aspden wrote that it would take less energy to electrically demagnetise an iron stator core than the torque energy supplied by a permanent magnet's attraction to it. This has proven incorrect in many experiments since, with most showing that it is in fact a very inefficient process after factoring in normal copper and iron losses.


 The proof of Adams' original error is in the 'Manual' published by Nexus of Australia, in the form of graphs comparing supply and charge battery voltages over time. These, combined with replication of this effect by myself and several others, and no evidence that the motor can be a self-runner are sufficient for me to conclude that there is no more energy in the system than the batteries can supply.


 Wishful thinking, lack of information flow, and distortion by those uninformed has led to the creation of yet another Internet legend. That aside, it is a wonderfully rewarding hobby building all manner of motor configurations, and also an excellent hands-on way to learn about electromagnetism and energy transfer.





The following is a response by someone lese to all this:

The Adams Motor - A Skeptical Viewpoint

In 1992 Robert Adams of New Zealand began publishing a series of articles in Nexus magazine about a free energy motor he had invented,  that had supposedly been 'suppressed.' As a result of these articles, Mr Adams rapidly established himself as something of a minor celebrity, with a legion of adoring fans. While some have stated Mr Adams is a fraud, that statement is too simplistic.

A variety of statements were made by Mr Adams about his motor, and those such as a reduction in current draw (when unloaded), once up to proper speed, have been replicated. Also, while Andrew Thorpe has claimed the lead acid battery charging effect is imaginary, this rather flaky effect has also been replicated. The webs studies Mr Thorpe published simply confirmed that his pet theory - sacred geometry is the key to over-unity, is a flawed hypothesis. 

So do we finally have one that works? Well, maybe not. Despite calling his device a motor, Mr Adams has stated the following:

'The fact of the matter is that I have never advocated the application of my technologies to that of "Motor Vehicles". Over the years I have had dozens of motor racing magnates of Australia and U.S.A. approach me offering large sums of money to apply my technologies to their racing machines, every time I have had to refuse - there would have been no quicker way to have committed suicide.'

A motor than can not be developed to handle mechanical loads is the strangest form of motor I ever encountered, and calls into question the bizarre branding of the technology. It also illustrates the technology has not been 'suppressed' in recent years, and that Mr Adams has had ample opportunity for commercial development, so any lack of product is his responsibility alone.

Hindering development, is the fact that the motor is phenomenally sensitive to pulse width and duty. The duty of the rotor magnets must be lower than 25%, and anything beyond 3/4" face magnets are not recommended. When combined with stator cores that are little more than 25% the area of the rotor magnets, you can see the rotor torque transfer possibilities of the motor are extremely weak, and the design possibilities limited, yet it must be constructed this way to properly capture the effect.

Furthermore, switching is a terrible problem for the motor, with energy gain only manifested with mechanical switches. To this extent the motor seems to be a trip back into the 19th century, based upon the kind of electrical distortions electrical engineers worked so hard to REMOVE from commercial products, such as to improve reliability and durability of electrical systems. Whether an Adams motor can usefully run for extended periods of time remains to be proven, most especially since rumors that the motor cores go 'off' with prolonged usage persist.

There are also question marks about the mentality of Mr Adams, in that he appears to have spent his life on a lab bench 'the past 35 years worked a constant 12-15 hours 6-7 days a week' (on his 'motor'). One has to wonder if this fervent dedication, has over time, left his focus slightly confused. In his mind a curious anomaly, has grown to a significance far beyond the reality of the effect. 

Questionable Qualifications

And then we have the qualifications of Robert Adams. Like so many free energy researchers, he seems unwilling to talk about where he obtained many of his so called 'qualifications,' and the Ph.D stands out for particular attention. The following is as best as I could determine the truth behind the Ph.D of Robert Adams:

'I am also mindful that Adams, now recognized by an honorary doctorate from the Open International University of Sri Lanka, to become Dr. Robert George Adams.'

Mr Aspden is the ONLY person authorized to declare himself as having worked in collaboration with Mr Adams, so presumably he should know the true status of the Ph.D, and the institution that awarded it, as he was working in close co-operation with Mr Adams during the period in question. |

'The Open International University..... Established in 1991 by Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, ......... correspondence courses in various systems of alternative medicines such as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Electro-Homeopathy, Bio-chime, Herbal Medicines, Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Magneto Therapy, Indo-Allopathy......'

I believe the above is the correct url for the Open International University of Sri Lanka. As you can see, none of the courses would be accepted on a Western campus, and the awarding of the Ph.D to Robert Adams would appear to have been an attempt at a crude publicity stunt, shortly after it opened in 1991. 

'The Open International University of Sri Lanka' 

'Letter of Authority from Open International University to The International Institute of Integrative Medicine

December 2000

Dear Sirs,

We are honored to extend to the International Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM) the status of an extension campus of Open International University in Sri Lanka. We agree to recognize your courses as equivalent to our own and your students who have completed the required course material for the various curriculums of your institution, will be immediately granted an appropriate degree from our institution, provided that they have completed the full curriculum that is equivalent to our degree plans. We also recognize the various international training facilities you have established throughout the world, and internships, tutorials and class work at any of these institutions will be likewise recognized so long as they come with your institutions seal.

As you know, we are both chartered in Sri Lanka (see attached documentation) by the appropriate authorities and additionally carry the charter of the World Health Organization under the auspices of the United Nations. You are free to likewise consider yourself under both the government sanction of Sri Lanka and the World Health Organization via both both an affiliated and extension of Open International University.

We welcome you to our University and congratulate you on your many achievements in the field of Integrative and Complementary Medicine.

Lord Pandit Professor Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya, president of Open International University and Rheumatologist and acupuncturists for the Colomobo South Govenrment General Hospital Kalubowila, Sri Lanka
.' - 'The Open International University in Columbo, Sri Lanka.' 

As can be seen from other websites, sometimes the University has the word 'Columbo ' added to the title, which would appear to fit with the institution title given out by Robert Adams 'I received my Ph.D. from the Colombo Open University in Sri Lanka.' The emphasis on the word 'Colombo,' and sometimes Mr Adams also drops the word 'Open,' appears to be an attempt to confuse readers with the legitimate University of Columbo in Sri Lanka ( Mr Adams has also clarified that his 'Knighthood' was not in fact bestowed by the Queen of England, as one would expect, but by an alternative organization:

'I attempted to explain to him that recipients of the Knighthood, which I received in Australia via the University of Colombo of Sri Lanka, are first nominated by the Senate and Board of Directors of such Universities, or other academic institutions. These nominations are then passed on to the United States Licensing Approval Authority for certification. I point out now that the open University of Colombo is recognized by the United Nations Charter for the University of Peace by the United General Assembly Resolution number 35/55/5XII/1980.'

As is referenced, comments in this article are taken from an article published by Robert Adams on his website concerning his 'qualifications.' The article fails to give enough information to properly determine where or how his Ph.D was awarded, which would tend to indicate it is more or less bogus, as no-one with a genuine Ph.D has any need to be so defensive. This is why I take the comments of Harold Aspden, penned many years ago, as most likely the authoritive source on the matter, as I expect Mr Aspden is simply relating what he was told on the phone by Mr Adams when word of his 'doctorate' first dropped through the post. However, readers are free to make up their own minds, and we can only regret the fact that after Tom Bearden's fake Ph.D was famously exposed, it is now necessary to examine such matters.

The following page is a list of vaguely creditable learning institutions in Sri Lanka, and notably the 'Open International University' fails to make the list. Instead, interestingly, we find another apparent namesake organization, called the 'Open University.' One is left with the impression Mr Adams is playing with smoke and mirrors with his qualifications, and without the clue provided by Harold Aspden, it would not have been possible to trace the probable dubious source for his doctorate. Point of fact, there is not really any such 'Colombo Open University,' as Mr Adams calls it in Sri Lanka, so his authorized statement about the awarding institution for his doctorate is proved at best unclear, at worst outright bogus. - HOME PAGE OF THE OUSL: THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SRI LANKA Established in 1980, The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is the only recognized University in Sri Lanka where students are able to pursue further education through distance learning techniques. 


University of Colombo
University of Moratuwa
University of Peradeniya
University of Ruhuna
University of Sri Jayawardenepura
University of Jaffna 
University of Eastern 
Open University of Sri Lanka 
University of Kelaniya 


What is the Adams motor good for? Well, it makes a nice toy, and I would be happy to encourage anyone to spend a few weekends trying to build one. Is it a technologically useful product? Maybe not. Mr Adams has had 30 years to come up with something useful, and seems to be struggling. While at time of writing he is still alive and I can not rule out the possibility he has some super secrets not disclosed in public, the world grows weary of being told the motor has been 'suppressed,' when whatever the past history of the device, this has clearly not been the case in the 1990s. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof, and the burden of proof remains upon Mr Adams to show he has invented something more than a lab curiosity, that can justify the grand claims he made for his technology in the original Nexus articles, and the terms such as 'revelation of the century' which he employed in his writings. A detailed declaration about the awarding institution for his doctorate, also seems long overdue, such that the present confusion can be properly resolved. It is absurd that we are presently left to guess which Sri Lankan 'university' awarded his doctorate, and inevitably when such doubt exists, most people will tend to believe there is something questionable to hide. If people wish to claim such qualifications, proper details of the awarding institution should be provided upon request.

 The bottom line on the Adams motor, is that it only works if the motor is
SMALL, and only with a MECHANICAL switch, plus Mr Adams seems to have a fake
Ph.D. So it's not very practical.



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