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Ch 2 - Ontology
Ch 3 - Gforce
Ch 4 - Aether
Ch 5 - Dimensions
Ch 6 - Units
Ch 7 - Constants
Ch 8 - Angular Momentum
Ch 9 - Unified Force Theory
Ch 10 Atomic Mechanics
Ancient Technology


 Ch 9 - Unified Force Theory


Unified Force Theory

Simple and Symmetrical

For over 100 years, physicists have been searching for a Unified Force Theory to unify what the Standard Model calls the electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear forces. Even more important is the Theory of Everything, which not only unifies the three previously mentioned forces, but also includes the gravitational force. The Aether Physics Model does provide a mathematically correct Theory of Everything that unifies all four forces. Since the four “forces” unify in the Aether Physics Model, "anti-gravity" effects may soon be engineered and the preferred mode of human travel will take a giant leap forward. 

The Aether Physics Model sees all stable quantum matter (onta) as primary angular momentum, as already explained. Primary angular momentum passing through Aether produces charge effects. There are two types of charge, the electrostatic charge, and the strong charge. There is a precise proportion between the spherical electrostatic charge and the toroidal strong charge. The proportion of these charges is the “weak interaction,” or “charge proportion” of the onn.

The electrostatic charge is the “carrier” of the electrostatic force and the strong charge is the “carrier” of the electromagnetic or strong force. The strong charge is also directly proportional to the mass of the onn (via its angular momentum) and provides the link between the gravitational force and strong force.

The problem with the Standard Model interpretation of the strong force is that it is not quantified in the dimensions of charge, which would be compatible with the electrostatic force.  Instead, an imaginary pion, or pi meson, was invented.  By recognizing the Aether and its conductance, the strong charge was able to be quantified, which led to the completion of the Unified Force Theory.  The theory is so simple, it was discovered only three weeks after the error of single dimension charge in Classical Mechanical units was corrected.

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