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Ch 2 - Ontology
Ch 3 - Gforce
Ch 4 - Aether
Ch 5 - Dimensions
Ch 6 - Units
Ch 7 - Constants
Ch 8 - Angular Momentum
Ch 9 - Unified Force Theory
Ch 10 Atomic Mechanics
Ancient Technology


 Ch 7 - Constants



The Whole of the Quantum Realm is Constant

Quantum measurements show that all true quantum constants have a definite structure, imparted by the Aether. The precision and symmetry of the quantum measurements is stunning, leaving no doubt about the Aether Physics Model’s reality and accuracy. All the functions within the Aether Physics Model are clean, mathematically and geometrically correct, and precisely modeled. 

The Aether Physics Model yields the world’s first and simplest Unified Force Theory. A question is often asked, “What is it that makes the speed of light constant?” In the Aether Physics Model the answer is, “the quantum measurements”. The speed of light is not the speed it takes to get from one Aether unit to the next; it is the highest frequency that the shortest distance can be replicated. There is another scenario that could give faster than light speed. What if we bypassed the onn altogether and modulated the Aether unit instead?

Permeability is a quality of Aether unit that refers to the degree it can be penetrated or permeated. Permeability is the quality of Aether that “grabs” onto strong charge. Think of water permeating or penetrating a piece of cloth. The water can pass through the cloth, but there is a certain amount of drag imposed on its movement. This is the effect Aether permeability has on strong charge.

A photon is electron angular momentum that explodes outward at the speed of light. Electromagnetism and mass are reciprocal to each other. Mass is linear in the gravitational constant, but curled in the Coulomb electrostatic constant and Aether electromagnetic constant. Electromagnetism and gravity are two aspects of the same thing since all mass is shown to be directly proportional to the strong charge.  

The Fine Structure constant is the proportion of the spherical electrostatic charge to the equivalent spherical electromagnetic charge. 

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