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Ch 2 - Ontology
Ch 3 - Gforce
Ch 4 - Aether
Ch 5 - Dimensions
Ch 6 - Units
Ch 7 - Constants
Ch 8 - Angular Momentum
Ch 9 - Unified Force Theory
Ch 10 Atomic Mechanics
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Third Edition Now Available: 
ISBN: 0972425128
by David W. Thomson III and Jim D. Bourassa
Illustrated by Jon Lomberg

The theory introduced in Secrets of the Aether is unique, mathematically correct, and describes the discrete structure of the quantum realm.  After three years of research and lecturing, we have now expanded the book to over 300 pages of relevant information.  Included are many new discoveries and insights, backed by numerous graphics, and supported by the existing scientific evidence.

Secrets of the Aether presents quantum physics in a new paradigm with easy-to-understand equations. Examples of topics quantified in Secrets of the Aether are:

Electron binding energy equation

Unified Force Theory

Dark matter


Geometry of charge

Origin of neutrinos

Geometry of space-time and space-resonance

The new system of quantum measurements units allows scientists to see freshly discovered relationships in reality.  Secrets of the Aether is key to understanding new perspectives and making new discoveries in:





Quantum Mechanics

What struck me most was the enormous sweep of the book which discusses matters ranging from Pythagorean scales and the Golden Ratio to classical Aether and quantum mechanics.

The chapter on Dimensions is really fascinating. I was impressed by the analysis of the structure of space and time, by the identification of length and frequency, and the view of mass as linear.

It is clear that the author has studied many aspects of modern physics - including its history and philosophy. The highly original ideas formulated in this work are clearly the fruits of many years of serious study and reflection. We live in an age in which values, worldviews, and politics are changing at unmanageably fast rates. Each day brings not only fresh and unexpected news, but also revolutionary ideas and perspectives whose impacts no one can foresee. I see this book in this context. Not everyone will agree or accept everything stated in this book. But the book certainly deserves careful attention before passing judgment on it.

V.V. Raman, PhD  Rochester Institute of Technology, Physics Professor

The expanded book presentation of Secrets of the Aether is stunning.  Over 280 pages, 8 x 11, printed on good quality paper, with more than 70 brilliant four-color illustrations and many other graphs and charts.  All statements are clearly explained with complete, precise mathematical equations that you can proof out for yourself.

AUTHORS David Thomson and Jim Bourassa have founded the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute, an organization dedicated to researching  the Aether.

For the first time in human history, a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory is presented, supported by the same empirical data used everyday by physicists.  Through a very simple observation noted 100 years ago by Charles Coulomb, the electromagnetic units are corrected of an error that has led physics astray for so long.  Now, electrodynamics is expressed in simple dimensional equations, the neurosciences are now united to quantum and classical physics, and the precise geometry of subatomic particles is modeled.  

You have seen the quality of work and type of information you will find in the Secrets of the Aether book discussed in the pages of this website.  It's just a taste of more than 280 pages of the most exciting physics discovery of the new millennium.

Read SECRETS OF THE AETHER.  Contribute to the discussion.  We welcome your feedback.

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