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Ch 2 - Ontology
Ch 3 - Gforce
Ch 4 - Aether
Ch 5 - Dimensions
Ch 6 - Units
Ch 7 - Constants
Ch 8 - Angular Momentum
Ch 9 - Unified Force Theory
Ch 10 Atomic Mechanics
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 Ch 3 - Gforce



Exploring the Gforce

The only manifestation of force is either a push or a pull relative to mass or charge. The Gforce is equal to 1.21 x 1044 newton. That is written out as:
121,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 newton or 121 million, billion, billion, billion, billion newton. 

That is one enormous force! And it is the force driving the primary angular momentum and charge of each onn and Aether unit. 

Strong charge (electromagnetic charge) is the result of primary angular momentum spinning within the Aether. Essentially, primary angular momentum and strong charge describe the same onn, but from orthogonal perspectives. An all-powerful, all-pervading force, creating, binding, and maintaining the existence of the entire Universe is an extraordinary quality, which quantifies and relates to each of the electrostatic, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces.  The enormous unit of Gforce is derived from both Coulomb’s constant and Newton’s gravitational constant.

The Aether unit is like an individual piece of real estate in the quantum Universe and represents a specific space that oscillates at a specific rate between forward and backward time. As any onn spins within a single Aether unit, it moves one quantum distance (Compton wavelength) in the direction it is going.  The speed of light is one quantum distance times the quantum frequency. 

Almost all quantum measurements in the Aether Physics Model are expressed in dimensions of frequency, rather than time. Measured time is merely a perception of just one of the two frequency dimensions. In each quantum moment, an Aether unit is actually moving in the forward time direction and then in the backward time direction, oscillating a full cycle at the quantum frequency. For whatever reason, onta only exist in the forward time direction. The backward time direction is not experienced by onta, and therefore the larger structures made from onta (planets, animal bodies, plants, etc.) also do not experience the backward time direction. It is the lack of experiencing the backward time direction that onta appear to have properties called ½ spin and forward time.  Thus, time is directly related to the spin nature of onta.

The Gforce acts on mass with "reach" (length squared per mass squared) to produce the Newton gravitational constant. The precise symmetry of Coulomb’s constant and Newton’s gravitational constant is astonishing. Both seem to be based on the same quantum length and Gforce.

That Gforce exists in not only the Coulomb electrostatic constant and Newton gravitational constant, but also a third "Aether constant," which is proposed in this treatise to govern the strong force law and is substantial evidence in favor of a higher universal order. 

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