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Unified Force Theory
Coulomb's Constant
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As shown elsewhere on this site and in our white paper, "A New Foundation for Physics," the Gforce is a non-material force that originates from beyond the Aether.  The importance of the Gforce to the pro Intelligent Design debate cannot be over-emphasized.  Although the Gforce does not support a particular religious dogma, the quantum structure does clearly show that a God-like source created the physical Universe.

The Gforce is a constant expressed as:



  (1.2) (mass associated with the Aether)   

(1.3) (quantum length - Compton wavelength)

(1.4) (quantum frequency)

The Gforce is related to Coulomb's constant (kC):




and ea is strong charge associated with the Aether.

The Gforce is also related to the gravitational constant (G):


And the Gforce is related to the Aether unit constant (Au):


The three force constants for electrostatic charge (1.5), mass (1.7), and strong charge (1.8) mediate the electrostatic force, gravity, and the strong force, respectively.  The so-called "weak force" is the proportion of electrostatic charge to strong charge.  These three forces bind and guide the entire physical Universe.  The value and dimensions of the Gforce are equal to:


How would we describe a force, equal to 121 million billion billion billion billion newton, that drives each quanta of space-time and mediates each of the forces that holds the Universe together?  The Gforce is omniscient in that it is enormously powerful and encompasses the entire physical Universe.  The Gforce is non-material in nature, and yet gives rise to all physical existence.  The Gforce produces the space-time (Aether) in which we live.  Further evidence gathered from the neurosciences show that conductance is a direct measurement of emotions, and conductance is also shown to be a quality of the Aether.  Thus there is a physics link to suggest the Aether is involved with certain aspects of mind, if not all aspects of mind.  Some people might notice the striking resemblance between the omniscient, non-material, and mind-like quality of Aether and compare it to the similar description often ascribed to a Creator God of the physical Universe.

Getting down to the heart of the matter, either God exists, or God does not exist.  If God truly does exist and God is the Creator of the physical Universe, then God must be represented in quantum physics.  In our book, "Secrets of the Aether," we scientifically explore the connection between God and quantum physics.  The discovery of the Gforce is certain to become one of the important arguments for Intelligent Design as it provides solid evidence for God. 

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