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Telesio Galilei: Video Clip. The Universe of Myron Evans; 1 (2 Mins)

Telesio Galilei: Video Clip. The Universe Of Myron Evans; 2 (2Mins)

Telesio Galilei will be publishing the Guglienski book in collaboration to European well established Publishers

Santilli’s Isoprime Theory

Prof M.W. Evans: British Civil List Scientist. Appointment.

The Missed U-turn, Wladimir Guglinski, (to be published)

Lawrence P. Horwitz. Scientific Contributions

Abrupt Climate Change, Achim Brauer Et Al

A Humanist Vision, Raul Perez-Enriquez

Santilli Galilei Academy Award Ceremony for 2008

Santilli Galillei Academy Awards 2008 Part 1

Santilli Galilei Academy Awards 2008 Part 2
Santilli Galilei Academy Awards 2008 Part 3


RELATIVITY: Tsolkas Christos

The Telesio -Galilei: Announce that Prof, Jeremy Dunning-Davies has been nominated President of the Association

Telesio -Galilei: Gold Medal Award Ceremony July 2008

The Telesio -Galilei, Award Winners for 2009. Will be announced during August 2008

Prof. M. W. Evans Civil List Scientist

Life on Mars

The Origin of Life, Evolution, Metamorphosis

Whose Relativity Is It

Point-Mass Singularities, Energy and the Two-Body Problem in
General Relativity

Inconsistency In GRT With Resolutions Via Isogravitation

The Myth of the Big Bang

The Overrated "Masters" of the Universe

Santilli - Galilei Web Statistics March 2008

Santilli - Galilei Web Statistics February 2008

Chemical Polarity of Light by Santilli Galilei Member Scientist Takarada

PowerPedia:The Rutherford Santilli Neutron and Its New Hadronic Energy

Well done Prof. Dr. Stephen Crothers

Chapter 5 from Jeremy Dunning-Davies book "Exploiding a Myth: Conventional Wisdom or scientific truth?"

Earth climatic change

Santilli - Galilei Web Statistics January 2008

Merging quantum mechanics with the theory of relativity

New Structure models of hadrons, nuclei and molecules

Experiment Yields Neutrons From Gaseous Hydrogen

Surfer dude stuns physicists with theory of everything

Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry: With Applications to the New Clean Fuels and Energies By Ruggero Maria Santilli

HyCoal: The new clean burning coal with hydrogen additive

Santilli - Galilei Web Statistics Dicember 2007

Rising Tide Australia Article

New Member, Prof. Smulsky and his words

The Universe of Rhawn Joseph

In response to "dererummundi" blog article

ANNOUNCEMENT: Santilli - Galilei Prizes 2008

Gold Medal award to Stein Johansen

Very interesting reading: The All-oneness Hadron Materia (AOHM)

Very interesting reading: The Klein Bottle in Nature

Very interesting reading: Higherdimensional Correspondence, Ruggero Santilli, Chris Illert et all, and ORMUS

Publishing an interesting letter 2

Publishing an interesting letter

ANNOUNCEMENT: Santilli - Galilei Prizes 2008

New General Secretary Dr. Kiril Chukanov

New Vice Chairman Dr. Myron Evans

Dedicated to Dr. Myron Evans

Prof.Santilli Nomination for Nobel Prize

New Chairman Prof. Jeremy Dunning-Davies

Celebrating Prof. Jeremy Dunning-Davies

Scientists broken speed of light

Greatest Mathematicians and Physicists of all times

A Gold Medal

Formal request to Capracotta Council

Denunciation of the APS and the Panofsky Prize

Nobel Prize Nomination

Prof.Santilli's appeal against obscurantism in science

Il Grande Grido

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