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The Telesio - Galilei Association on Scientific Truth, was established in September 2007.
The association primary aim is to defeat scientific obscurantism and promote scientific truth.
The association secondary aim is to promote scientific debates among the scientific community at large.
There are no economic interests, or considerations to the association.

Telesio -Galilei Association for the betterment of science.

The raison d'etre for the Telesio-Galilei Association and its affiliated Academies is the free exchange of scientific ideas.
We are all well aware of the ways and means by which contemporary science is suppressed, and how any argument
that and any person who challenges orthodoxy and dogma is ostracized, ridiculed, ignored or otherwise dealt with using
unfair methods, by the mainstream scientists (and all too frequently by those who are themselves opposed to the mainstream).
To champion the true scientific spirit, and encourage rational and scientific discourse for no reward other than scientific truth;
are the main objectives and ideals of the Telesio-Galilei Association. Prizes of medals and perhaps honoraria are ancillary;
to provide recognition of and encouragement for true scientific work. Indeed, there are many points of disagreement and contention
amongst scientific technicalities and concepts; as it should indeed be. That we should regard ourselves responsible as an Association
for upholding the right of rational disagreement as the most important principle governing our assembly.

The Telesio - Galilei Association
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