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The Telesio - Galiliei Association on Scientific Truth is a non profit, free of charge association of scientists and intellectuals.
It is based in London, and also is symbolically based in Kroton, Italy, the former Magnagrecia capital "Kroton", place where thousands years ago intellectual and scientific development given by Pythagoras, Philolaus, Alcmaeon, Democedes, contributed to humankind's progress.
The name Telesio - Galilei was selected in honour to 2 of the greatest scientists of all time, Galileo Galilei Da Pisa and Telesio Da Cosenza for both man not only changed the way we understand our world, both man stood firm against obstruction of intellectual proliferation.

This is free association toward intellectual and dialectical discussions, hence the sole objective is to explore the meaning of universal truth if any.
To explore true science and its development, is to understand the meaning of our own existence.
This newly formed association has only a moral and ethical dimension, and directs its Associated efforts toward contributing in the proliferation of true science and its historical Development, and nothing more.
Your free subscription to become an associate member will mark the beginning of a new global association of intellectuals aiming to help the proliferation of true science.
Please write to the Institute if you wish to become an associate.

The Telesio - Galilei Association on Scientific Truth

The Telesio - Galilei Association
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