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I realize this may seem egotistical - but there are people who find my writings thought provoking  of course many others find me stupid and irritating
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GENERAL RANTS A repressive school system and idiot conformist kids in high school some how failed to beat the creativity out of me. I'm never afraid to take a totally different look at things. I refer to my iconoclastic screeds as rants and invite you to subscribe to them
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SCIENCE I send out an overview of some area of science about once a week.  This is meant to promote science to young people - or folks who want to learn more.
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NICE JOKES I send out some jokes you can tell your daughter about every week.
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CRACK POTS I find the real world a little dull and love following irrationality. To me, not much is more exciting than a raving insane crackpot
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FREE ENERGY One of my favorite kinds of crack pots are people who believe in free energy
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VICTIMS OF FREE ENERGY SCAMS A lot of people have lost big money to schemes fom the likes of Dennis Lee and Joe Newman.  The following list is a support group for people who have finally come out of denial  Subscribe

DENNIS LEE And among people who believe in free energy is a lovable eccentric ex convict named Dennis Lee who has been promising to install machines across america for the last decade which would make electricity out of thin air.
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SKEPTICAL But, I'm not just about observing insanity. I feel the way to combat the insanity and ignorance in the world is to not just speak truth but to teach people to evaluate what is true themselves. And to that end, my main volunteer effort is contributing to the skeptic movement
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There are a few other subjects that I help disseminate information on:

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH I have done a lot of investigation into the alternative health claims of Therapeutic Touch The email list I set up includes over 30 people (mostly believers). I've done some direct testing of such claims.

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ORGONOMY Years ago, there was a famous shrink who made all kinds of claims like pointing pipes at clouds to make rain and other whacky stuff like that. He died in prison, but that didn't stop hundreds of followers from idolizing him for the last half century. The "science" he left behind is called orgonomy

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DOWSING The paranormal claims of dowsing says you can find all kinds of stuff (not just water) below ground using simple rods or sticks.

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Software Jobs in PA The following email list goes out maybe once every 2 weeks with information on real time software engineering jobs in South East Pennsylvania. For a updated list of where go to  jobs says you can find all kinds of stuff (not just water) below ground using simple rods or sticks.Click to subscribe to Pa_SW list.

Other places I hang out in cyber space are: and the phact board.

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