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a little advice to anyone looking for a job:  The first thing you want to do is get in direct.  If a headhunter gets your resume and starts blasting it everywhere, even if you have a direct resume in, the headhunter may try to get in line for a commision (around $20,000 extra dollars) - which makes you less likely to get a job (unless the personell dept is being bribed ).  Many times headhunters put out ads that look like regular companies looking for workers.  The following company names are headhunters:  (only call them if you can't get something direct on your own first):  Judge, Texel, Main Line, RHI, whitthauer, etc.
   Another scam to avoid:  if you work for a consulting company, they will usually make about a $20/hr commission off you and you have to travel great lengths and will get laid off as soon as the economy stops booming.  If you work for one, make sure to get at least 20% more than for a direct company.  For that matter, if you don't mind being a contractor worker, call me to find out how to get in direct.

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