Plasma Fusion Motor/Generator  By Christopher Arnold

US Patent 6,271,614: Pulsed Plasma Drive Electromagnetic Motor Generator

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Motor running at 53 VDC
Motor running at 350 VDC
Motor running showing Plasma
Thermal Video of device loosing heat

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The unique properties of my device are here:

My device has the ability to LOOSE heat during normal operation

How it Works

My Patent Application as internationally published

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Free energy has been sought for hundreds of years and perpetual motion has been hot on its heals. An Internet search of "free energy" will reveal a list of crackpots that will astonish you. Science is our protection against this fraud, but what if science fails to understand a new concept or worse yet - scientists see the proof and they pretend they never saw it because they do not understand it. I have personally seen this happen, and it's not pretty.
The device I have invented is simply, a "New Technology" and not a Free Energy Machine. It is not just a motor or a generator, it is both. It can recycle its input power and it displays what has been called "magnetic cooling". Only two people I ever talked with had any concept of magnetic cooling, however neither would explain it further - why? The device is highly efficient in operation and, as a motor - it may be the most efficient on this planet. But it's not just a motor.
What is it then?
When this device is:
1: not using electricity,
2: it is generating electricity,
3: displaying magnetic cooling,
4: recycling the pulsed electromagnetic fields,
5: producing torque as the power is supplied by
6: PULSED PLASMA with Evidence of FUSION.
See the above video evidence for yourself. 

Correa & Correa, Igor Alexeff and others "PLASMA" patents require something called a plasma discharge tube. So how is my device fundamentally different - I have no need of the "TUBE" as a plasma containment device.
Is it time to seek alternatives to Power our future?
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            Licensing of this patent is available
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