Finding a vortex

How a radio can be used to locate a vortex

Use a radio to locate a vortex

According to Steven Gibbs a vortex is needed to use the HDR. Therefore we need to find a vortex. One simple way to locate this vortex or grid point is to use a small portable transistor radio to find an area of radio silence where you cannot get reception. The HDR control unit provides a pulsed magnetic field that should interact with the vortex.

A vortex should block radio signals. In fact, this is not 100% accurate as metal can also block radio signals. With my cell phone service cuts out when I am over the vortex. I get a NO SRV and no bars. Steven Gibbs say that this is because a vortex will interfere with radio signals.

Some people use a pendulum with a double terminated quartz crystal to find a vortex, but I prefer a EMF detector so I can detect a magnetic anomaly.

The EMF detector allows me to quantify the size of a magnetic anomaly and to be able to record in a scientific manner what I an experiencing. EMF meters are often used by ghost hunters and people that are looking for paranormal phenomena.

People use the HDR for Astral Travel may claim that they do not need a vortex, but it seems that this is how the Steven Gibbs HDR works. Using a powerful vortex acting as a doorway between dimensions. Inventor Steven Gibbs uses many different methods to detect a magnetic anomaly, including a frequency counter. Using a frequency counter is suppose to work better for finding a vortex, but I have found that using an EMF meter will tell me the gauss reading for the vortex. This information can not be obtained from a frequency counter. Radio for finding a vortex
barium oxide bar magnet

Unlike a barium oxide bar magnet which has a fixed static magnetic field, the magnetic field of a vortex will fluctuate and vary due to the nature of the magnetic anomaly. We often find that near a vortex people will report strange paranormal activity such as ghosts and UFOs.

Here is HDR Future Tech that will soon appear in our timeline.


I use a barium oxide bar magnet with my HDR.