Barium Oxide Bar Magnet

Matched and Barium Oxide Bar Magnet

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR was originally referred to as the Sonic Resonator and used a barium oxide bar magnet when Steven Gibbs first built it. You were to use the North Pole of the Magnet against the Stomach Charka. Steven Gibbs says that the magnet is now not needed for the HDR. This particular magnet is inexpensive and you can buy one on Ebay for $8 each. A more powerful neodymium magnet will cost you about $50.00 but I do not think that is necessary for astral time travel.

Remember to keep the barium oxide bar magnet away from diskettes and credit cards. CDs and DVDs are fine, but the older technology video tapes and cassette tapes can demagnetize when close to a powerful barium oxide bar magnet.

Place the barium oxide bar magnet in a secure dry place. Children can pinch fingers when playing with such a large and powerful "toy".

Diskette with Barium Oxide Bar Magnet

Like most magnets the large block will chip if you drop it so protective eyewear is advised. It should not be used near an old style television set, but the new LCD TV is fine. The powerful magnetic field can mess up the alignment of the electron beam in old TV sets.

Magnetic North is different than the North Pole
Magnetic grid points like the Hartman Grid and Curry Net will align themselves N-S facing magnetic north, not true north. The physical north pole is true north, but the magnetic north pole is close by in Northern Canada. Every vortex on earth is connected to the magnetic poles and the HDR works by creating a resonant magnetic field that vibrates at a certain frequency in harmony with the magnetic poles. Since the magnetic north pole moves then a magnetic vortex should also move.

Barium Oxide Bar Magnet sold by Steven Gibbs

Above Barium Oxide Bar Magnet sold by Steven Gibbs.

Is larger and more expensive.

My HDR is used with a barium oxide bar magnet to increase the strength of the magnetic field.

It is believed that a bar magnet can step up the power of the HDR and make it more effective.

Remember to place the north pole end of the barium oxide bar magnet over your stomach charka.

According to Steven Gibbs if you use the south pole end of the magnet you can be sent to an astral infernal region which will make you wish you had never used the HDR for astral time travel.

It is important to use the north face of the barium oxide bar magnet with your stomach chakra as shown in this movie. Barium oxide bar magnet movie.

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