HDR - Double Terminated Quartz Crystal

Steven Gibbs says that using a double terminated quartz crystal with the hyper dimensional resonator (HDR) will assist the user in attaining astral travel. Quartz has certain properties that allow it to be used in digital watches for telling time. In fact, it appears that quartz crystals have chronodynamic facets.

double terminated quartz crystal
According to a psychic friend the double terminated quartz crystal must be flawless for it to work as a spritual tool. Steven Gibbs used to sell double terminated quartz crystals but he told me his supplier was out of business. I found this quartz crystal and it has sharp points on both ends, no cracks or chips. This crystal is used inside the witness well of an HDR.


The most important thing that I have found is to get high quality crystals when doing psychic research. Crystals help me to focus me psychic abilities and enter the realm of the supernatural. I have observed many strange paranomal episodes when using an HDR teamed up with a double terminated quartz crystal. Steven Gibbs says that double terminated quartz crystals should be "charged up" inside of a pyramid before using them inside the Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

The witness well is located on the top right hand corner of the HDR box. It is in that cylinder that I place the double terminated quartz crystal. Most people believe that a quartz crystal has the ability to tell time. That is why they are used in watches. I use my quartz crystal inside the HDR.

See the double terminated quartz crystal in the picture sitting on top of the rubbing plate at the bottom of the HDR box. This crystal is used inside the witness well.

Click to view movie of the HDR used with a double terminated quartz crystal.

hyper dimensional resonator (HDR) with double terminated quartz crystal

Steven Gibbs HDR & electromagnet


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