Astral Time Travel

Using the HDR to induce OBE for astral time travel

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR created by the inventor Steven L. Gibbs is my favorite tool to induce an OBE or Out of the Body Experience for astral time travel.

Astral Time Travel

The basic process for using the HDR for Astral Time Travel is to turn on the HDR unit for five minutes while sitting in a quiet dark place where you will not be interrupted. I try to relax by taking a bath first and then resting. The HDR is used to help me slow down to 7.8 rate called theta. This rate is close to 8-12 beats per second of the alpha rate. Using Steven Gibbs HDR with its powerful magnetic field helps me slow down, relax, and astrally project.

Using the HDR for astral time travel is not easy. I am successful only 1 in 10 tries. This makes the process a bit of a bummer because you never know when you will have a good astral time travel jump. Most of my successes in astral time travel happen on or near the day of a full moon. Steven Gibbs says that daybreak on the day of a full moon is the best time for time travel when using the HDR.

The difference between physical time travel and astral time travel is that in physical time travel your body and all its components goes to a new timeline, but in astral time travel your astral body goes on a journey. Usually to the astral realm which is a spiritual representation of the physical realm.

HDR electromagnet with bar magnet


Astral Time Travel without the HDR

Yes, it is possible to astrally project without an HDR. I have done this but find it hard to focus on a particular time and date that I want to travel to. Here is how.

Select a quiet area with dim diffuse lighting where you are not likely to be disturbed from your astral time travel. For example, a toolshed as you do not want your telephone to interrupt your session.

Practise meditation and basic relaxation techniques. Such as closing your eyes, and repeating a mantra. Make sure the chair or couch you are sitting on - is comfortable. Take slow deep breaths, and forget about your surroundings.

Now, this is important, focus on projecting out of your body. Concentrate on the target you wish to aquire. Empty out all fear and doubt.

With your eyes closed visualize a cone of white light energy, and exit your body. You are now transported to the time and place you have selected. Look around to orient yourself.

It has proven difficult for me to travel without the HDR and the results were not as good, but I usually relax and enter into a state of being where I can exteriorize my astral body. This exteriorizing is needed for astral time travel. Some people spend a long time practising before they get results. This can be aided by biofeedback and also semi-sync neural tapes.

They key is for your soul to leave your body, but people get spooked and results vary. Our soul will leave our body on death so many people compare this to a NDE or near death experience. This is the basis of fear in people who do astral time travel. I find it a bit scary, but still enjoyable.

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