Uses for Barium Oxide Bar Magnets

barium oxide bar magnet used to magnetize spring water

In addition to using the barium oxide bar magnet with Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR you can also use it to magnetize water. It appears that the HDR causes some change in the structure of water that I do not fully understand.

Steven Gibbs sent me the barium oxide bar magnet on the left and instructions on how to use the magnet to magnetize bottled water. I think this water is healthy to drink and the magnetized water tastes better than regular tap water.

Perhaps the molecular structure of the water is altered in some strange unexplained way by the bar magnet giving it a different taste. This might also explain how the HDR can cause an effect on a biological organism when they are subjected to a magnetic field.

It is important to use the north face of the barium oxide bar magnet when attempting to magnetize water. Steven Gibbs says that the south pole end will yield poor results.

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