Keys to Comprehending Abundance-Based Paradigms

By Wade Frazier

August 2008


Today’s Dominant Ideologies are Scarcity-Based

Why Civilizations Fail and Organisms Self-Destruct

Conspiracism and Structuralism

Symptoms and Causes, Palliatives and Cures

Potholes on the Road to Free Energy and Abundance, and How to Avoid Them

The Coming Paradigms

Developing a Comprehensive, Abundance-Based Perspective


An Epilogue - Peeling the Free Energy Onion


This essay was inspired by many years of interaction with the public, friends, allies and critics on the issues of free energy, healing the planet and attempts to communicate the idea of an abundance-based paradigm.  If we cannot comprehend an abundance-based paradigm, we cannot pursue one.  The most formidable barrier to comprehension seems to be assumptions so deeply ingrained that they are invisible to those holding them.  Scarcity-based ideologies are only ideas that were fed us, and we can choose other ideas.  Humanity’s survival may depend on it.


Today’s Dominant Ideologies are Scarcity-Based

Thomas Kuhn was the most prominent writer to begin using the modern definition of paradigm, which describes the framework that science operates within.  The term can also describe the frameworks girding other disciplines.  Systematic thinking is older than civilization, and today’s various systems of thought are sometimes called paradigms, ideologies or the “isms.”  All ideologies have a set of foundational assumptions.  The ideologies that currently dominate American thinking include:

Those are all based on the scarcity principle because they exalt one group at the expense of others; the first three do so quite obviously, while the last three are subtler.  Other scarcity-based ideologies have been under siege in America during my lifetime, such as racism and sexism, largely due to the relatively high standard of living that Americans enjoy.  Abundance-based paradigms can make all scarcity-based ideologies obsolete. 

All scarcity-based ideologies are rooted, to one degree or another, in economic scarcity, which in turn is based on energy scarcity.  Experienced free energy activists are aware that abundant, free, environmentally harmless and forever renewable energy technology exists but is suppressed.  If that technology became publicly available, all scarcity-based ideologies can fade away, similar to how sexism and racism are.  With dismaying frequency, people object to the very idea of free energy and abundance, often quite violently.  They seem to be defending their scarcity-based ideologies from the threat of abundance-based assumptions


Why Civilizations Collapse and Organisms Self-Destruct

There are striking similarities between the prevailing dynamic for how civilizations have collapsed and a compelling alternative dynamic for how the human body succumbs to degenerative disease.  Those dynamics can help illuminate the path to free energy. 

Joseph Tainter proposed today’s favored dynamic for why civilizations have collapsed.  Civilizations generally appeared when people became sedentary, which was dependent on a local and stable energy source.  Such stationary sources usually relied on the domestication of plants and animals, although not always, such as with the Pacific Northwest culture that relied on salmon swimming up rivers.  The energy surplus provided by domestication and human concentration in settled areas allowed for specialization, and professions developed.  Tainter described the increasing specialization and its attendant “advances” as the “investment in complexity” which was paid with the coin of energy, which has powered all ecosystems and economic systems for all time.  In ancient civilizations, food delivered most energy.  After studying all proposed explanations for collapsed civilizations, Tainter concluded that collapse was due to energy scarcity.  When a hungry urban specialist returned to the countryside for greater food security, the city lost some of its collective skill.  When the trickle of exiting specialists became a flood, often taking with them anything they could carry, the urban environments began to collapse.  The specialists reverted to more “primitive” behavior in order to survive, which doomed the civilization. 

Louis Pasteur’s germ theory of disease is a cornerstone of modern biology and medicine.  However, there is persuasive evidence that Pasteur’s germ theory is a flawed plagiarism of his contemporary, Antoine Béchamp.  One consequence of Béchamp’s discoveries was a different dynamic to describe life and decay processes.  During the 20th century, a number of scientists, either following Béchamp’s lead or pursuing their research independently, discovered similar if not identical dynamics.  Those discoveries are partly based on viewing life processes with microscopes (1, 2) that achieve resolutions considered “impossible” by Isaac Newton’s optical theory.  The findings of those microscopes are virtually irrefutable, particularly by a scientific establishment that refuses to look through them, in a situation that recalls Galileo’s detractors refusing to look through his telescope to see Jupiter’s moons.

The dynamic first noted by Béchamp and further developed by his professional descendants begins with the understanding that multi-cellular life forms are made possible by specialization.  When life was unicellular, each cell did it all: acquiring energy and other nutrients, maintaining its metabolism, expelling waste and living.  The human body is based on specialized cells.  When those specialized cells receive proper nutrition (most nutrition is energy) they perform their specialized task.  However, as Gaston Naessens documented long ago, when cells do not receive proper nutrition, they begin losing their specialization.  If the body fails to live up to the “deal,” those specialized cells lose their specialization, revert to more “primitive” behaviors to survive, and even begin robbing nutrients from their neighbors, becoming biological brigands.  Every degenerative disease that Naessens studied had the same sub-cellular dynamic, the most common outward manifestation being cancer.

When civilizations collapsed, attempts to preserve them included coercing specialists to remain at their urban posts.  However, providing them what they needed was both the cause and the cure.  Coercing the specialist dealt with the symptom instead of the cause.  Similarly, today’s orthodox cancer treatments attack those former specialists that reverted to more primitive behaviors in their quest for survival.  Naessens’s brilliant treatment feeds the cancer cells instead of attacking them. 

Symptom suppression always fails when the cause remains unaddressed.  In crisis situations, suppressing symptoms may be appropriate, but cures address causes.  A stressed body produces degenerative disease, whether from poor nutrition (dead food is responsible for most poor nutrition), imbibing caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other stimulants/depressants, industrial pollutants (fluoride and many others), psychological stress and other stresses such as inhaling smoke.  Western medicine primarily suppresses symptoms.  The USA’s medical establishment rarely compensates people for preventing disease.  Why sell prevention by the ounce, when “cure” can be sold by the pound?  Virtually every alternative cancer treatment that abandons the “attack-the-tumor” paradigm of Western medicine is outlawed in the United States, and they are almost all harmless, cheap and vastly more effective than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  Western medicine has yet to adopt the paradigm that deals with causes, and even attacks and suppresses it.  However, the most important issue is not that Western medicine is about earth’s most lucrative racket that only provides symptom suppression, but that nearly everybody plays along, giving their power away to that establishment.  The system also indoctrinates people into ceding their power to it.  The only viable solution is people accepting responsibility for their health and practicing prevention. 

Whether it was an urban specialist returning to the farm or a specialized cell turning cancerous, each specialist bore some responsibility for the system’s failure.  Blind specialization, without seeing the whole, is part of the problem.  R. Buckminster Fuller observed that specialization in science has served to keep scientists controlled by the ruling class.  Activists must distinguish the forests from trees, branches from roots, and address causes instead of symptoms in order to be effective.  Not only could such efforts forestall the looming catastrophe, it could begin looking a lot like heaven on earth if relatively few people began directing their efforts toward causes instead of symptoms. 


Conspiracism and Structuralism

Global civilization is obviously in crisis, and earth’s environment is increasingly precarious.  In the summer of 2008, the global economy is being buffeted by financial and earthly storms, with financial and crop failures gaining momentum, oil is nearing $150 per barrel, gold is nearing $1,000 per ounce, and food prices are skyrocketing.  Mainstream analyses are plagued by the assumptions supporting the dominant ideologies (capitalism, nationalism, scientism, etc.), and have limited validity.  For instance, it was easy to foresee the economic catastrophe unfolding today, although few mainstream pundits saw it coming, and those blindsided by it are already dispensing the standard bromides of “all is well,” as extraordinary measures are enacted (such as the world’s national banks’ and governments’ interventions in 2008), or “the storm has passed,” before it has even hit shore. 

Two schools of non-mainstream analytics have existed for many years, and are generally associated with the radical “left” and “right.”  Noam Chomsky and friends epitomize the radical left.  Their analyses are characterized by careful scholarship and rejecting the assumptions that gird nationalism, capitalism and organized religion.  There are almost no scientists in their ranks, but their work uses a scientific approach that examines societal structures.  Their style of analytics is called structural or institutional analysis. 

The radical right’s analytics tend to focus on elite activities, particularly when they act in concert and secrecy to manipulate the world’s political-economic systems.  Those elites usually act through the world’s dominant institutions, which they may nominally control, but do so for private ends.  Such analytics are often called “conspiracy theories” or conspiracism, with those labels usually applied pejoratively. 

Those differences exemplify two competing schools of thought: the “mass movement” and “great man” theories of history.  Mohandas K. Gandhi led India to freedom from Great Britain, and did it with fasting and non-violent civil disobedience.  While he was a leader without peer, the millions who followed him provided the momentum that broke Britain’s grip.  However, Gandhi did not invent non-violent civil disobedience; India adopted non-violent forms of resistance only after the British repressed the so-called Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 with extreme violence.  Also, British weakness was the key dynamic in their loss of empire, which also happened to France and other colonial powers weakened by World War II.  While Gandhi was indeed a great leader, global political-economic dynamics provided him the opportunity for success.  Were Gandhi’s virtues, the movement he led, or British imperial weakness responsible for India gaining its independence?  The “great man” theory would credit Gandhi.  The “mass movement” theory would credit the millions behind him.  A more comprehensive political-economic analysis might give greater weight to the imperial trajectory that resulted in British weakness. 

People atop steeply hierarchical economic/political/social systems often do act in unison, in secrecy, and quite unethically and even criminally.  Here are some examples. 

In those situations, elites directed the American government to undertake actions on behalf of private interests.  Hundreds of year ago, Adam Smith described the phenomenon of polities reluctantly relinquishing lands largely due to the private profit opportunities available to those controlling the government.  The primary difference between a “conspiracy theory” and “structural analysis” regarding those operations is how much documentation is available, and whether the USA government’s employees ran the operation in their official capacity or while wearing their “private interest” hat. 

Also, participants in conspiratorial events can often appear in subsequent events, or their relatives can.  For instance, Cromwell eventually handed his empire to his handpicked successor, John Foster Dulles, who became Dwight Eisenhower’s Secretary of State.  John’s brother Allen ran the CIA under Eisenhower, and the Dulles brothers mounted the operation to overthrow the Guatemalan government in 1954 on behalf of United Fruit, which they had a financial stake in.  A year earlier, the Dulles brothers helped overthrow the Iranian government on behalf of American oil companies.  Teddy Roosevelt’s grandson Kermit staged the Iranian coup.  Kermit’s operation was too easily traced to the USA’s government, so the CIA and friends have been privatizing American-based covert action ever since, making it even more difficult for analysts to assess the documentation.  A family member was a privatized covert action soldier and almost tried recruiting me into the family “business,” which I reveal publicly for the first time here.[1]  JFK fired Allen Dulles for the botched Bay of Pigs operation (which Hunt ran, as he did the Watergate burglary, and he also helped overthrow the Guatemalan government), but Allen got his vengeance by sitting on the Warren Commission, obscuring the CIA’s involvement.  Key records of John Foster Dulles’s activities while running Cromwell’s empire have either been destroyed or remain private.  How deeply those conspiratorial activities went, and many others like it, is anybody’s guess.

All alternative cancer treatments, which almost universally abandon the attack-the-tumor paradigm, have been subjected to breathtaking suppression by organized medicine.  A structural analysis reveals how a handful of people at the leading biomedical institutions are largely responsible for branding anything not attacking the tumor as quackery, while the conspiratorial view acknowledges those same elite activities, but credits more conscious realms of manipulation and control.  In the end, there is little difference between their perspectives

When my partner was offered a billion dollars to cease pursuing free energy, a CIA man who said that he represented European interests delivered the offer.  The people probably behind that offer told Steven Greer that they have bribed ten thousand people to keep disruptive technologies such as ours from public awareness.  Those offers never leave paper trails for analysts to peruse, and silence is part of the deal.  The Global Controllers (“GCs”) have honed the quiet suppression of disruptive technology into a science.[2]  When an organization I helped found in 2003 began planning a free energy conference, one of our conference speakers was murdered at the same instant that a fellow board member stated to me that we might be under surreptitious attack.  That murder capped a strange week for some of the board members, including me, and that organization’s founder later admitted publicly that the murder spurred him to move to South America.  During my journey, I encountered many alternative energy inventors and entrepreneurs who were openly threatened to cease their efforts.  If the inventor was a college student in his physics lab, they would simply seize his device, repeatedly.  Inventors and entrepreneurs with more formidable resources might have their labs, containing millions of dollars of equipment, stripped to the walls one night or receive the threat that exceeds all others.  The murder attempts come later, as a last resort, and not because the GCs are squeamish: a trail of bodies attracts too much attention, even when appearing to be due to heart attacks, strange cancer cases, random crimes, accidents and suicides

Those surviving such suppression efforts usually encounter a humanity in deep denial, with their experiences dismissed.  Those facile dismissals would resonate with the few Jews who escaped Hitler’s concentration camps early in World War II.  Their fellow Jews generally denied the validity of the escapees’ experiences.  It all sounded too fantastic, and those Jews did not want to believe it was true.  Many discovered the hard way how true those tales were.  My former partner survived prison and innumerable hardships on his journey.  Numerous media reports have covered his journey: in print, on the Internet, and repeatedly on national television.  Every critical account I have seen was filled with lies and intentional distortions, and few were clever lies - most insulted the intelligence of anybody possessing the slightest acquaintance with the facts.  Even my partner’s fellow free energy travelers often repeat the media’s disinformation, verbatim, when the facts are easily obtainable. 

I have never seen a sizeable audience constructively engage the free energy milieu.  Most never move beyond denial, or do not comprehend how the industrialized world is almost entirely dependent on energy.  Those who understand the energy issue and overcome denial often fall prey to conspiracism, fixating on organized suppression, when it is a minor aspect of the dynamic.  Few make it past those mental/emotional pitfalls to attain a productive understanding of the issue.  Every free energy activist/inventor whose efforts I respect is, to one degree or another, a mystic, as were nearly all of the twentieth century’s greatest physicists.  Mystics tend to reject dogma, whether it is religious, scientific, economic, etc.  They discovered something inside themselves that provided their insight, not external sources. 

The ideological divide separating conspiracy theorists from structural analysts has roots in our reality’s bedrock assumptions.  A conspiracy theorist believes that elites act in concert and secretly to achieve a desired outcome.  A structural analyst believes that elites need not act conspiratorially toward that desired outcome; the mechanical and “natural” workings of our institutions ensure the result, with those elites rarely aware of the broader ramifications of their self-interested efforts.  According to the world’s religions, somebody or something consciously created the universe.  According to scientific cosmology, in the beginning was the Big Bang, and the “laws of physics” and mechanistic evolution led to today’s situation on planet earth, with nobody designing anything or creating it.  That same divide separates evolutionists and creationists (often called “intelligent design” theorists today).  The conflict between structural analysts and conspiracy researchers is merely a modern version of a very old debate between two lopsided perspectives. 

As Jim Hightower once said, our societies are not organized by left and right, but by top-down.  The so-called left and right have criticized each other for many years, with “conspiracy theories” being derided by the radical left, particularly when leftists begin subscribing to them (called “fragmenting the left”) and the right calling Chomsky and friends conspiratorial “left gatekeepers.”  It is an ideological battle

Beginning with the ancient Greeks and continuing with European scholars and scientists after the Greek teachings were reintroduced to the West via Islam, the practice of using logic and observation eventually formed the rationalist-materialist paradigm that dominates science today.  However, the greatest physicists did not subscribe to it.  A cornerstone to developing that mechanistic paradigm was eliminating consciousness.  Today’s science views the universe as a huge mechanism, and discovering the mechanism is about the only mystery worth pursuing.  Eliminating consciousness was an ideological assumption.  Ironically, our consciousness is all we know.  When a teenager, I was shown that the chemical/mechanical models of consciousness that prevail in science today are inadequate, which is easily demonstrated. 

Once the materialistic blinders fall away, a new universe opens up, but not one where organized religions flourish.  Organized religion has often been the mystic’s most persistent assailant.  Jesus and Buddha challenged the religious orthodoxies of their day.  As Ken Wilber made the case, there is no inherent conflict between science and religion, but between the genuine and the bogus.  The bogus aspects of both are their authoritarian and dogmatic facets.  The worship of the mechanism has been likened to dissecting a computer and describing all its parts and how they work and interact, but then concluding that nobody built the computer and that it came together by accident. 

Erwin Schroedinger wrote that science has nothing to say about our consciousness and its source or destination.  Werner Heisenberg stated that science possessed validity only within narrow parameters, and when it began playing philosopher and generalizing about a phenomenon’s source, it lost its validity.  Albert Einstein wrote that “cosmic religious feeling” motivated the greatest scientific and religious geniuses of history, and that whatever intelligence designed the universe reduced all systematic human thinking to insignificance.  James Jeans wrote that the success of relativity and quantum mechanics, the two pillars of today’s physics, led to the realization that today’s science is not in contact with reality, but is still watching Plato’s shadows on the wall

To banish consciousness from science limited the territory that science can explore.  To assume that consciousness is merely the byproduct of chemistry, somehow reaching its flower with the appearance of human beings, reeks of human egocentrism.  To deny consciousness’s existence apart from its physical manifestations is positivism and something that the greatest physicists had no use for.  The rationalist-materialist paradigm is a religion, and a rather flimsy one for those expecting the universe’s mysteries to all be revealed within its framework.  Many brilliant minds have committed the logical fallacy of classifying anything not materialistic as irrational.  Similarly, intuition and flashes of creative insight, no matter how brilliant and accurate (1, 2), are not phenomena that can be rationally or materialistically dissected. 

The ideological contrast between the rationalist-materialist paradigm and the notion that consciousness resides independently of its physical manifestations (and may even create physical reality) explains a great deal of the mutual antagonism between structural analysts and conspiracy researchers.  While conspiracy researchers often suffer from conspiracism, structural analysts often suffer from structuralism.  The “conspiratorial” aspect of the world’s political-economic dynamics is a minor yet critical ingredient.  Paying out $100 billion in quiet money to bury disruptive technologies, while operating a global surveillance network, is an impressive effort.  To ignore those activities because they do not leave a satisfying paper trail limits one’s perspective.  It is not easy to explore such issues: it takes courage, a love of the truth, a willingness to sort through the chaff and the understanding that unless people become involved in pursuing disruptive technologies, they will never be made the offer they cannot refuse.  Only those reaching Oz’s Emerald City ever meet the wizard, but the journey can be extremely dangerous.

However, vastly more important than organized suppression is how humanity is its ready accomplice and victim, by either complacently denying it exists (Hitler was right), eagerly doing the GCs’ dirty work for them, either consciously or by protecting their self interest, or obsessing over those “conspiratorial” behaviors instead of acknowledging our role and making the scarcity paradigm obsolete.  Neither structural analyses nor conspiracy theories can fully explain the phenomenon and both suffer from the same weakness: making elite actions the cause of our problems when they are merely a symptom (they are exploiting a herd animal).  Both focus outwardly, making the problem something outside of us.  Neither perspective encourages us to accept responsibility, but plays us all as victims of elite machinations, whether they are the “unconscious” actions of simply running the steeply hierarchical institutions of global civilization or engaging in more “conspiratorial” activity. 


Symptoms and Causes, Palliatives and Cures

When a cancer tumor manifests, the body’s most vulnerable part has succumbed to unhealthy conditions.  Attacking that weakest or “worst” part is no solution.  Feeding that “renegade” is the opposite approach.  One approach uses the carrot, and the other the stick.  In the cancer racket, the stick is also used to destroy the carrot approach.  The cause is not giving the cells what they need (or giving them poison), and the cure is giving them what they need (or stop poisoning them).  Virtually every orthodox treatment in Western medicine for degenerative disease is a drug or surgical procedure that suppresses symptoms and ignores causes.  For those operating under today’s Western medical paradigm, they cannot comprehend the cause.  In addition, because the medical racket is immensely lucrative, most medical practitioners do not even want to comprehend a different paradigm, even when the evidence of it stares them in the face

As Fuller noted, ever since the beginnings of civilization, economic scarcity has been the dominant factor conditioning all political-economic ideologies.  All of today’s dominant ideological systems are conditioned by economic scarcity, and will all become obsolete when economic abundance reigns, which will necessarily be based on energy abundance. 

Economics is the study of humanity’s material wellbeing, and has generally been separated into three parts: production, exchange and consumption.  Most of what passes for economics today is focused on the exchange aspect - i.e., who owns what.  Today’s “radical” economics from the left almost entirely ignores the energy issue.  Nearly all of today’s economic activism is focused on more equitably slicing up humanity’s scarce economic pie, not making the pie a hundred times larger.  With the pie a hundred times larger, nobody will be fighting for their slice.  In a world of scarcity, who owns what becomes the overriding issue.  In a world of abundance, it does not matter.  It would not take many people to help an abundance paradigm appear, but they have to have their hearts in the right place and lay aside their scarcity-based conditioning

The GCs operate from the shadows and view sitting USA presidents as errand boys at most, as they do the CEOs of the largest corporations.  However, like renegade cells, the GCs and their minions are only symptoms, not causes.  Prominent rad leftists have stated that they prefer denying that the GCs even exist.  Dismissing/discounting data that falls outside the dominant paradigm is normal science, but normal science is not necessarily accurate.  It does not take much effort to witness technology that operates under principles which renders today’s physics textbooks something akin to cave drawings, which today’s physicists uneasily realize.  NASA was warned long ago that scientists might be the group most threatened by those technologies and their implications, because scientists are trained to think that they are privy to the universe’s secrets, or if they are not quite there yet, they use the only worthy tools. 

Conspiracy researchers have uncovered many activities engaged in by the GCs and other predators in the global jungle.  Many of those conspiracy researchers have also succumbed to disinformation, infighting, paranoia and other pitfalls.  Some have their lives shortened if they become problematic.  Once in a great while, one meets the wizard or at least visits his lobby

In the end, whether it is the JFK assassination, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, weather control and mind attacks with exotic technology, or the suppression of disruptive technologies, those are all merely symptoms of our collective malaise, as are the environmental catastrophes that humanity stands on the brink of.  The GCs wrecked my life and the lives of those around me, but I also know that those experiences, as horrific as they were, only identify symptoms, as would exposing those behind such activities.  Identifying symptoms can be good work, particularly in a world that denies those symptoms exist.  However, treat the cause and the symptoms disappear.  It is seductive to think that eradicating the tumor or the GCs will solve the issues but, at best, such activities only delay the day of reckoning and often make things worse

The GCs are addicted to power and primarily control humanity by keeping us mired in economic scarcity.  Wealth is a means to them, not an end.  My partner was offered a billion dollars because if free energy appeared on the global stage, economic abundance could follow behind it and the GCs’ reign would be finished.  Their efforts to hold their clandestine empire together, on one level of understanding, are ingenious.  At a higher level of awareness, their efforts are delusional


Potholes on the Road to Free Energy and Abundance, and How to Avoid Them

The greatest triumph of any indoctrination system is making anything existing outside the dominant paradigm unimaginable.  The reflexive objections formulated regarding free energy are rooted in scarcity-based ideologies, and the most common denials fit within these broad categories:

For all of those objections, the deniers’ adoptive ideologies are preventing their comprehension.

The below approaches have not worked so far, and seem to have little chance of succeeding.



History has never seen an abundance-based paradigm.  Can humanity begin the transition to abundance by becoming aware that it is possible?  Can humanity overcome ten thousand years of scarcity-based conditioning?  If enough people of sufficient divine (selfless) intention can pool their awareness, it may provide the catalyst.  If the means become the ends, no effort violating anybody’s free will be successful, particularly for initiating a paradigm that can help heaven on earth manifest. 

The USA’s Founding Fathers did not invent freedom, but my nation is history’s richest - a status that may soon end.  The USA owes a huge debt to humanity (American Indian, Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern peoples, Latin Americans, Hawaiians, etc.).  In many ways, Americans are ideally situated to lead a global free energy revolution, and in many ways, Americans are least suited for the task, partly because we have turned vices into virtues and are history’s most brainwashed population.  If only 1% of America’s effort devoted to watching sporting events, soap operas and game shows was devoted to simply pondering the free energy milieu, the energy issue would have been permanently resolved long ago. 

Helping free energy and abundance-based paradigms appear could help pay America’s debt.  Millions of Americans believe that violence and coercion are worthy means for attaining lofty goals.  Those advocating violence, coercing the elites, secrecy and violating others have yet to attain their enlightenment.  When they do, they can become a vitally important force. 

There is another reason to seek the high road to free energy and abundance: the zero point field is an enigma; its source may be divine, and nobody on the physical plane of existence may be allowed to regularly access it unless their intentions are pure, as a kind of fail-safe.  Tapping into that virtually unlimited source of energy is perilous to those with base intentions.  However, as Steven Greer replies when given that caution, the worst elements of humanity already possess those technologies.  Amassing the world’s scarcest commodity, personal integrity, to bring about an abundance-based reality is a paradox.  That is part of the conundrum.  

Humanity may not be ready to relinquish fear and scarcity and embrace love and abundance.  Forcing it onto humanity would be disastrous.  It must be willingly accepted, with a whole heart and mind.  That is also part of the conundrum. 

A difficult feat is refusing to see the GCs and their employees as “bad guys.”  People rarely, if ever, see themselves as bad guys.  In the Creator’s eyes, the worst of the worst is likely no more than a child at play.  The GCs, particularly the dark half, have merely made self-service a science; such are the hazards of having free will.  Whenever we see them as bad guys, we step onto their turf and they will prevail.  They cannot be beaten at their game, and it is counterproductive to even try. 

Many scientists and technical types think they can run below the GCs’ radar, researching in their labs, working in secret, and so on.  If they are ever productive in their workshops or labs, they will come onto the radar, no matter how inconspicuous and innocuous they think their efforts are.  The more they are perceived as a “threat,” the more active the suppression will be.  Acknowledging the GCs’ technological superiority and vigilance helps people understand how the land lies and what the viable solutions may be.  The GCs even deserve our sympathy.  It is not easy to become emperor of the universe.


The Coming Paradigms

Free energy can catalyze the transition to an abundance-based paradigm.  It is doubtful that anything else can do so, unless some mighty spiritual beings made their presence undeniably felt.  Contrasting scarcity-based and abundance-based paradigms can be a useful exercise.  The table below presents some of the contrasts.

The Contrast Between Scarcity-Based and Abundance-Based Paradigms



Energy-and-economic scarcity

Energy-and-economic abundance



Masculine- or feminine-dominated



Union/honoring of opposites





Tunnel vision

Comprehensive vision




Serving the whole


Developing a Comprehensive, Abundance-Based Perspective

Fuller developed a curriculum for developing comprehensivist (AKA “generalist”) thinking, which may be the best existing model. 

Multidisciplinary, generalist awareness may be difficult to develop past early adulthood.  A scientific background may be an important prerequisite, but it does not take years of scientific training to understand how my partner’s heat pump worked and why it was the world’s best heating system, why my first professional mentor’s engine was the world’s best for powering an automobile, or to understand the real world of science - both its limitations in practice and the self-serving myths that have been promoted regarding it.  To understand those limitations does not mean that all alternatives to orthodoxy are valid, either. 

It is not difficult to comprehend the myriad ways that Americans are indoctrinated, almost from the cradle.  For those who desire to increase their awareness, the intellectual challenge is not particularly formidable.

Once the obvious delusions are set aside, it may be necessary to gain some experience which points toward the new paradigms.  Experience may be necessary to even begin the journey.  Having a mystical orientation also appears to be a key. 

People have seen incredible sights that demonstrate what kinds of technologies have been carefully hidden.  Few are treated to shows like those, but it is easy to go see UFOs light up on request, which provides mind-boggling evidence of technologies far beyond what is publicly available.  It is easy to see the pleomorphic forms first described by Antoine Béchamp through microscopes that even today are called “impossible” by mainstream optical theory, microscopes that have existed for nearly a century.  The experiments that highlight deep flaws in orthodox atomic theory and how elements can be transmuted at low temperatures have been reproduced many times.  With the benefit of such experiences, the false idol known as scientism becomes evident, as does the realization that the same mentality that ignored the Wright brothers for five years after they first flew is alive and well. 

I am attempting to develop a public discussion to help abundance-based paradigms take root in human awareness.  If you can help advance that discussion, you are invited to assist. 



[1] A relative of mine was a CIA contract agent.  With his death, I can reveal some of his activities.  His publicly known career (he was famous long ago) was unrelated to his cloak-and-dagger secret life, but his fame led to the CIA’s recruiting efforts.  Unlike Ralph McGehee, who was a civil servant with a salary and pension, the CIA’s contract agents are not on the official payroll, partly so their activities could not be traced to the USA’s government if their cover was blown, as has been revealed by others.  My relative was recruited with the macho/patriot/James Bond pitch.  However, that life is not glamorous, which was related to his drinking himself to death, dying of congestive heart failure at a relatively young age. 


As with Lee Harvey Oswald, my relative belonged to a talent pool used for general covert action purposes, whether their handlers were CIA employees or private interests.  My relative was placed on a household name American diplomat’s secret team.  My relative almost tried recruiting me into the “business.”  I was fortunate to have never received the pitch (even though they may have taken "no" for an answer, and even though I was a committed pacifist, I was still young and naïve and am not sure how it would have turned out; I am happy that I never had to deal with a pitch to join the team).  He never knew that I knew about his secret life.  That diplomat he served had no official position with the USA’s government when he considered recruiting me.  His secret life not only contributed to his early death, but he had a checkered public career because he was regularly being prevailed upon to play covert action soldier.  He would get the call and play spy for weeks, often losing his job when he returned home.  As a result, he bounced from job to job, losing them largely due to his frequent unexplained absences (he would play the “I am sick” game and had others cover for him, but weeks of being “sick” did not work very often).  He also burned through several marriages, partly due to his secret life.  His handlers would give him money after losing his jobs, but it was never all that much and he was regularly destitute.  He became a barfly.  He killed his own people when they were suspected double agents, and had a great deal of blood on his hands.  I doubt that he ever realized the evil that he was involved with, as with most soldiers.  He spoke of that diplomat in intimate and reverential tones.  He was used up and tossed aside when he outlived his usefulness.  He died in his home, alone, with his body not discovered for more than a week. 


[2] When I was with Dennis Lee in the 1980s, he referred to those who offered us a billion dollars to go away as the “Big Boys.”  He also used it to describe those behind other activities, although they may have not been the same people.  When operating from the shadows is standard operating procedure, it is difficult to know who the players are.  The term seemed apt and I have used it ever since.  Over the years, however, some have objected to the term, perhaps because it might seem too flippant.  Steven Greer calls the same people a “rogue group” and “Godzilla.”  That group does not have a publicly known name.  Conspiracy researchers might call them the “Illuminati,” but rank-and-file members of the elite groups found in conspiratorial literature are vaguely aware, if aware at all, of that rogue group.  There may indeed be several competing hyper-elite groups; investigator Jon Rappoport says that eight cartels control the world: money, military, intelligence, energy, media, medical, and organized religion.  I survived the energy cartel’s efforts, have seen plenty of evidence of the medical cartel’s machinations, have seen how the media operates and have seen strange evidence of what may happen in the banking world, but but my understanding is that the rogue group sits in the driver’s seat.


That rogue group’s cloak-and-dagger tactics can be sophisticated, but many groups play similar games.  I cannot say with certainty that Bill the BPA Hit Man worked for that rogue group.  He worked for the Bonneville Power Administration when he attacked Dennis’s company, and after that he posed as a “Tesla researcher,” but he might have been working for interests residing somewhere down the food chain from the rogue group.  The rogue group is also fractured, and some of its disenchanted members most likely gave my friend an exotic technology show.  There appears to be enough cohesion at the global level that the term “Global Controllers” (or “GCs”) can be used to describe them, although some of what I have encountered may not have been perpetrated by Greer’s rogue group, but by more local interests.  For this essay, and I might make the term standard in my site one day, I will use the term “global controllers,” (“GCs”) to describe them, although I believe that “Big Boys” also adequately conveys the idea. 


An Epilogue - Peeling the Free Energy Onion

Developing an understanding of the free energy milieu can be like peeling an onion.  Brian O’Leary aptly once used a similar analogy. 

The first layer of my free energy onion was being introduced to disruptive technology and the business world in the 1970s, although without my mystical awakening, my journey would have been far different and much shorter. 

I began peeling the next layer when I met Dennis Lee in 1986.  Working for free at his dying Seattle company, then seeing it stolen, with my boss engineering the theft while the employees cheered, began my education in earnest. 

Following Dennis to Boston with little more than the clothes on my back began peeling another layer.  Raising money to get us going again and putting on several “Greatest Energy Shows on Earth,” receiving the red carpet treatment from New England’s most powerful electric company executive, experiencing a media blackout and other events finished peeling that layer. 

Moving the company to my hometown in 1987, bringing together the talent, money and technology to begin making a run at free energy, just when Dennis’s latest program took off like a rocket, began peeling another layer or four.  Being stolen from during the raid peeled another layer.  Dennis being offered $1 billion dollars to fold the operation and then arrested with a $1 million bail after he refused, and seeing the reign of terror inflicted by the authorities, with the deputy sheriff in charge of the operation having his finest hour, peeled more layers.  When they tried intimidating me on the witness stand in Kangaroo Court, I came to my radicalizing moment and mortgaged my life to give Dennis a slim chance of escaping life in prison, and it incredibly worked.  When Dennis walked out of jail in 1989, I was finished peeling layers the hard way. 

I spent the next fourteen years peeling more layers, but at a more leisurely pace.  I performed the research that became this website, was introduced to Noam Chomsky and the radical left, discovered many of the innumerable lies that I was raised with and had people close to me witness free energy machines in action, sometimes in mind-blowing settings.  I now know that free energy technology has existed on earth for generations, partly developed by reverse-engineering “captured” extraterrestrial craft, and that preventing that technology from becoming publicly available constitutes history’s biggest cover-up.  The mystical aspect of my journey also helped me move beyond the scarcity-based paradigms that I was indoctrinated into.  I have more layers to peel before this journey is finished, and that path is mainly the inward journey, and it will be attained largely through meditation and prayer.  I doubt that I will meet the Creator and friends while alive, and the layers probably never end. 

It took most of a lifetime to peel those layers, and anybody sincerely attempting to understand the free energy milieu will assuredly get in far deeper than initially intended.  It is not a subject for superficial study.  If people move past denial of the reality surrounding free energy efforts, which is a mixture of some well-intended people, pretenders and the deluded, the greedy, the gullible, the naïve, various predators and gatekeepers and, once in a great while, people with the goods who have yet to be made the offer they cannot refuse, all too often people want to rush out and “make it happen.”  I have spent long years in futile attempts to attract various groups to this website’s material.  Some people I dissuade from taking an interest in this website’s material, while various other groups I have given up on, after numerous, fruitless interactions.  In many instances, I was attacked for my trouble. 

I have encountered fellow travelers whose efforts were not directed toward free energy, but they nevertheless achieved radical understandings.  They were usually overgrown Boy Scouts who believed in their stated mission, and simply doing their jobs began their odysseys.  Following their hearts and consciences led them there.  Examples include Ralph McGehee, Rodney Stich and Gary Wean.  They are probably members of Mark Twain’s one-in-ten-thousand morally courageous, but I no longer seek the hundred heroes of free energy.  I seek those whose hearts, minds and eyes are open, but I am not asking anybody to risk their lives like those men did. 

You might be a member of a group that I gave up on, but if you spend the time and effort needed to begin comprehending the free energy milieu, you will be unusual.  I advise against introducing your colleagues to this site’s material, hoping to see their eyes light up in comprehension, unless you know them very well or you can handle hostility and ostracism, and they cannot get you fired from your job.  Many relationships have ended over this site’s material, as people introduced it to what they thought were their “hip” colleagues, friends and family members.  I have seen careers end when people introduced their colleagues to the subject matter contained on this website. 

Scientists and inventors regularly approach me, either challenging me on the reality of free energy or wanting to pursue it.  They often want to work in their labs and workshops on free energy devices, thinking that they can quietly research free energy technology, and ask me to point them toward promising technology.  While I provide suggestions (1, 2), they also frighten me.  I try to help them understand where they are heading, and I almost always receive disbelief in return, similar to the knights meeting the guard rabbit in Monty Python’s Holy Grail.  I am not trying to attract the interest of those scientists and inventors

Sometimes, fellow travelers have been treated to demonstrations of those technologies.  There is no place to apply to witness such demonstrations.  Only people traveling the high road to free energy receive those shows.  The vast majority of humanity will believe in free energy when somebody delivers a free energy machine to their home.  I am not trying to attract the interest of those who want to either see a working free energy machine or dismiss the entire reality. 

While it is not easy to attend a demonstration of a working free energy device, other paradigm-busting demonstrations are relatively easy to witness.  People have to crawl before they walk, walk before they run, run before they leap, and few will fly.  I am not trying to attract the attention of scientists that leave their armchairs only to witness a free energy machine in action (or want it placed in their laps), or else stay firmly rooted in their scientism.  In today’s world, the truth must be sought

The most common reaction to free energy is denial, which is usually a fear-based reaction.  The second most common reaction is asking for a free energy machine to be delivered to one’s home.  Countless people have offered to be a “showcase” installation.  What might be in third place is another fear-based reaction: with free energy, humanity would quickly destroy the planet

Bringing free energy to humanity might be the most difficult task on earth.  The forces arrayed against it are immense, with humanity’s inertia the greatest factor.  Organized suppression accounts for perhaps 10% of why humanity does not enjoy the benefits of free energy today. 

Several analogies can be used for describing the free energy journey and those offering to be a showcase installation.  In the past, I have likened the free energy and abundance journey to climbing a mountain or traveling to distant star systems, with the gravity wells of scarcity-based ideologies among the most common hazards, but in this essay I will use another imperfect analogy. 

The free energy journey is like running a marathon with a huge burden strapped to your back, and the route’s early miles are not lined with cheering well-wishers.  In fact, few know that a marathon is occurring.  Those early miles pass by dark alleys and through muddy puddles, with predators lurking around every corner.  Some of your fellow marathoners simply disappear, you pass by some lying in pools of blood and, once in awhile, a bullet whizzes past your head, maybe grazing you. 

If you survive the early miles, then it becomes interesting.  A few may appear to cheer you on, but most will gawk in dazed wonder, with little comprehension of what they are witnessing.  Many will try enticing you away to a different race, will bribe you to stop, will beg for money, will ask you to help remodel their home, and so forth.  There are no bathrooms along the way or places to rest, and your only water is carried on your back.  The further you travel, the more surreal the scenery becomes.  Bystanders will ask to climb onto your back for a free ride.  Others do not even ask, but try to scramble atop you.  In the early miles, the predators are often street-corner thugs, but as you progress, they become more sophisticated.  Soon, policemen step into your path, demanding a bribe for allowing you to continue.  If you survive those obstacles, a crowd begins to form, attracted by the spectacle, and then the mayor steps into your way, demanding that you stop.  If the mayor fails, the governor is next, followed by the president, all saying that they act in the “public’s interest” to stop you.  If you survive those miles, non-descript men in grey suits begin appearing, asking you to stop, and waving cash in your face.  The further you progress, the higher their offers become.  Then, you are actively dodging bullets that seem to come from nowhere.  During the last mile, there is enough public attention that the bullets stop and, in the last few hundred yards, people begin running alongside you, offering to help you cross the finish line.  Those are the people offering to be a showcase installation, and their motivation may be similar to Rosie Ruiz’s

You do not need help near the finish line.  You need help way back at the beginning, when few even know that a marathon is being run, when most do not survive the early obstacles and the pretenders quickly tire and quit.  If people lined the early miles, simply watching the race and maybe offering a drink, the runners would stand a far better chance, and instead of one-in-a-thousand getting to the 25th mile, maybe one-in-fifty would, and would increase the chances of somebody finishing.  Nobody has yet crossed that line, and the ideal is all of us crossing it together, maybe following the leader, but perhaps just from our unity of purpose, with no leader.  Assembling witnesses for the early miles is what my site and public interactions attempt to accomplish.  Being an early-race witness is not sexy or lucrative, and no cameras will take your picture, but it could make the difference.  I am asking people to become aware that the marathon is taking place, and maybe some of us can amble over and watch.  With a knowledgeable and caring audience, the predators may slink away and the others will behave better.  Maybe some from that audience will desire to join the race, but I ask that of nobody, and am finished with running myself. 

Experience may be the only teacher, but surviving the process of gaining experience in the free energy milieu is not easy.  I seek an audience that has already peeled some layers.  The most promising audience is comprised of those who have laid aside some of their scarcity-based conditioning, or at least realize that it is scarcity-based conditioning, and can refrain from making the standard reflexive objections to free energy.  I seek to help form a nugget of sentience, the kind that begins with an awakened heart.  That nugget will have an abiding interest in the welfare of humanity and the planet, and even looks beyond free energy to what can be.

Below is a chart that describes various layers of the free energy onion.  People can reside in more than one layer at the same time.  There are other ways to slice the onion and other layers can be catalogued, but those listed below I am familiar with, and some intimately. 

Layers of the Free Energy Onion


Reaction to Free Energy

Mental/Experiential Level

Awareness of Energy Dynamics

Levels of Unawareness/Denial


Complete unawareness of free energy

Self-centered ideologies, if any

Middle Eastern genocide is OK; raping the environment (somebody else’s, of course) is OK, as long as I can fill my gas tank and stomach.  I do not care about anything else.”


Complete unawareness of free energy

Have never encountered the idea, partly due to media and doctrinal systems, but can also be due to a lack of desire to escape media and doctrinal systems

“Free what?”


Dismiss free energy with reflexive objections

Population-management ideologies: nationalism, capitalism, organized religion

“We are bringing freedom, free markets and Christianity to Iraq.  If a free energy device was possible, somebody would have already delivered one to my home.” 


Dismiss free energy with thoughtful objections

Liberal left, environmentalism

“Let’s drive less, wear sweaters and ride bicycles.  Scientists say that free energy is impossible.”


Dismiss free energy with sophisticated objections

Scientism, structuralism

“The fossil fuel age is nearing its conclusion, and we must depopulate the planet due to energy scarcity.  The suppression of free energy (which would violate the laws of physics) is a conspiracy theory.”

Levels of Awareness/Acknowledgement


Willing to accept free energy’s reality if somebody delivers a working device to them

Armchair skepticism/acceptance

“If you show up to my home with a free energy machine, I would use it.  I can be a showcase installation.” Or, “If you give me a working free energy machine, I might believe that free energy is possible.”


Fear of free energy

Consider themselves realists

“Free energy would be the worst possible innovation for humanity.  We would quickly destroy ourselves with it.”


Want to pursue free energy, but deny there is organized suppression

Inexperienced fringe scientist, capitalist

“I can invent/develop a free energy device and sell it to the energy companies or directly to the public.”


Want to pursue free energy, but think they can avoid organized suppression

More worldly fringe scientist

“I can quietly develop a free energy device and sneak past the organized suppression.”


Believe that free energy exists, but is hopelessly suppressed


“The GCs have it all locked up, and it is useless to even try.”


Want to pursue free energy, but think they can conquer organized suppression

Warrior fringe

“We can expose the suppressors or outsmart/eliminate them.”


Think that mass activism can break through suppression and inertia

Mass activists

“We can organize a stampede toward free energy.”


Want to become the Bill Gates of free energy

Vulture capitalists

“I will join the free energy fray when it is most advantageous to do so.”


Think that with enough of the right kind of people, free energy is attainable

Niche activists

“If enough of us come together, the GCs will leave us alone and may even be redeemed while humanity and the planet heal.”


Know that free energy exists

Free energy casualty

“I invented a free energy prototype and:

was made the offer I could not refuse,” or

had it seized,” or

“I am not sure what happened, but my life was wrecked,” or

“did not live to tell about it.”


Know that free energy exists

On the inside

“I work for the GCs, and develop/use free energy technology.  Neat stuff.”  Or, “I work for the GCs and derail free energy efforts using some prodigious resources at my disposal.  This job pays great.”  Or, “I am one of the GCs, and free energy is the biggest toy in my bag of tricks, and keeping it from public awareness keeps me on top of the world.”


Know that free energy exists

On the outside

“I have been shown working free energy technology by inventors, and the GCs gave me a show.”


Know that free energy exists

Technologically-advanced ET species

“We have used free energy for a long time, and you will too, if you do not destroy yourselves first.”


Know that free energy exists

Former civilizations

“We destroyed our civilization/planet by misusing energy technologies.” 


Know that free energy exists

Former civilizations

“We used free energy technology until we learned the lessons of physical reality and graduated to other planes of existence.  Mastering free energy was a key aspect of our ethical/spiritual/technological development.” 


Know that free energy exists

Beyond technology

“I can manifest energy at will.” (some spiritual masters)


Know that free energy exists

Way beyond technology

“I created the universe by using love.  You call it energy.” 


Know that free energy exists

Is free energy

“I am love, and I am both creation and the creator, as are we all.”



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