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Here are various links to sites referred to in my web pages, as well as others that I have respect for.

The Big Picture...and Solutions

The primary purpose of this site is identifying the problems and possible solutions to the phenomenon called life on earth. What I eventually realized is that until the big picture can be glimpsed, the comprehensive solutions cannot even be pursued. So, this section is devoted to big picture people, and deals somewhat with proposed solutions. R. Buckminster Fuller was one of those "big picture" people. He called himself a generalist, which really meant a comprehensivist, where his work crossed lines of specialization to develop a comprehensive, big picture view of the problems, as well as the solutions. Here are authors and activists with that Big Picture approach. Their work is highly recommended.

Brian O'Leary - Ex-Astronaut and fellow free energy visionary.  Brian sees the big picture, and is worth listening to.  Brian has founded the New Energy Movement.  His latest book is The Energy Solution Revolution.

Jay Hanson's page - Where humanity is headed if we do not embrace renewable, harmless energy.

Free Energy

There are obviously other free energy sites besides these ones.  A number of sites are not here because of my questions about the motivation behind them.  One site is prominent, but the only mention of Dennis is a link to Mr. Skeptic's disinformation web site.  I have had little involvement with Dennis since the 1980s, and this web site is not an endorsement of what he is doing or promoting, mainly because I am not qualified to comment on it.  As you can see below, there are virtually no free energy efforts on earth today that receive my hearty endorsement.  Personal integrity is by far earth's scarcest commodity.  

Tom Bearden. Here is some of his information on Sparky Sweet and his amazing technology and how to get a video.  Other Sparky links: 1 (this one is taken from Sparky's writings), 2, 3, and on his mentor Gabriel Kron.

Steven Greer and The Orion Project.

New Energy Congress - They may end up doing some good work, although I have my doubts; Mr. Skeptic belongs to it, even being interviewed in 2008, long after he should have been acknowledged as a disinformation specialist, not as somebody worth listening to.  Even though he committed criminal libel, Mr. Skeptic portrays himself as some kind of a hero/victim for free speech with his "skeptical" efforts.  Although I could be wrong, as of late 2008, I became more than half convinced that Mr. Skeptic is performing his "skeptical" efforts on behalf of private interests.  

Infinite Energy - The late Eugene Mallove's magazine.  Here is a link to his open letter on ways to do free energy.  Unfortunately, I wonder about how his legacy is being handled.

Health and Environment

Jack La Lanne is a true American original.  Although his original influence in matters of health, Paul Bragg, was a charlatan, La Lanne is genuine, still going strong in his nineties.

Dean Ornish - Can we reverse heart disease and hardening of the arteries without drugs and surgery? He is the professional descendant of the people who saved my father's life. He was a doctor to the president.

Peter Duesberg - One of world's leading virus experts who has challenged orthodox theory regarding AIDS and HIV.

Sherri Tenpenny - Vital information on the safety (highly questionable) and effectiveness (is there any?) of vaccines.

Julian Whitaker - Another sane and courageous doctor in America.

John Robbins - Heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune who instead took a modern day Buddha's journey. His defense of the soybean from the soy assailants is impressive.

Gary Null - A longtime health researcher and writer, who has done important work on vegetarianism. He might seem a little too commercial for some, and Robbins or Cousens are less so.

Puget Consumers Cooperative - The leading edge of a healthy future - organic food, cooperatively-owned, no animal testing, fair pay for all members of the food production chain, environmentally-friendly, they are exploring the way humanity needs to go if it is to survive.

Acidifying oceans, another consequence of burning fossil fuels.

Greenhouse gases - A good discussion of them on Wikipedia, and the role of carbon dioxide.

Genetically Engineered (GM) food - Site that exposes the awesome risks of GE foods.  Here is a UK site.

Greenpeace - They may be a little too disobedient, and maybe too much like a business, but I respect many of their efforts.  Perhaps the world's best environmental site.

Natural Resources Defense Council - A large environmental site. Though they are mainstream and subject to the corrupting influence of fundraising and the like, they have my respect.

EnviroVideo - They have my respect.  They are an environmental media organization, operating an a shoestring, as do all alternative media organizations.

Friends of Freedom - Canadian organization devoted to health choice.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Ralph Moss - The Big Kahuna of alternative cancer treatment.

Cancer Tutor - Excellent overview of alternative cancer treatments.

Gaston Naessens and 714X - A treatment based on a different paradigm for viewing degenerative disease.  Here is Ralph Moss's encounter with it.

Stanislaw Burzynski - The FDA has tried wiping out his harmless, ingenious and effective treatment numerous times, and he is still hanging in there. His is the only cancer cure hope for many Americans.

Royal Rife - One of the many medical establishment snuff jobs on a cancer cure that worked.

Barry Lynes - The leading writer of Rife's tale.

Hulda Clark - Good stuff, from cancer to other diseases to parasites to flushing out liver and gall bladder stones.

Good links page to alternative treatments.

Jimmy Keller - Kidnapped from Mexico in one of the most egregious methods to wipe out alternative cancer treatments that I have seen.

Cancell Page - Very good web site on an alternative treatment and the cancer business in particular.

Political and Human Rights

Z Magazine - My favorite political magazine.  They were largely the target audience of my open letter to the radical left.  

The Center for Research on Globalization is one of the best analytical sites out there, which integrates radical left perspectives with deep political ones.  There are not many like that.  Discernment is required for using any information source, and that site unfortunately promotes the hydrocarbon lobby's "theory" that burning fossil fuels does not contribute to climate change. 

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - My favorite media watchdog organization.

Counterpunch - These guys don't mess around.  They particularly take on the Washington D.C. crowd.

Medialens - Edwards, Cromwell and some of the best of the left.

Common Dreams - Another good site with radical perspectives.

Working for Change - Another good, progressive site.

PR Watch - Excellent site on what the public relations industry is up to. Their work has helped expose Steven Milloy as a tobacco company front man.

Truthout - Eclectic news items, lib rather than rad.  Too bad.

Great political cartoonists

Tom Tomorrow

Mark Fiore

Ted Rall


Andy Singer

Matt Wuerker

Stephanie McMillan's Minimum Security

Illuminati Rex - Conspiratorial Comics

The Onion - Good humor.

Independent Media Center - Good site devoted to grassroots media, though its open-publishing newswire is often jammed by a right wing offensive. In 2004, their servers in the UK were seized by the FBI, in a gross violation of human rights.

Worldlink TV - New TV station in the U.S. Offering television coverage that you will not find in the U.S. They actually played Manufacturing Consent, for the first time I know of, on an American-based TV station.

Reuters - Far less biased than the American mainstream media.

Al Jazeera and here - Virtually the Arab version of CNN.

Asia Times - Good analysis from Asia

Der Spiegel - German media in English.

Le Monde - French media in English.

The Guardian - A leading British web site.  Far better than the American mainstream media.  Unfortunately, the British press is the least trusted media in Europe, but I cannot read other languages.

The Independent - Another British media organization. This one features the work of Robert Fisk, the West's best Middle East correspondent.

John Pilger - Another Western journalist with integrity, with a career that is decades old.

Project Censored - What the mainstream media will not tell us.

Information Clearing House - News not found in the U.S. mainstream media.

Covert Action Quarterly - It was once about the single best periodical regarding what our government is really up to. Site is fairly inactive as of December 2005.

An excellent CIA analysis page. - Yahoo once refused to list it. It is easy to see why. The emperor is stark naked.

International Action Center - They are "sectarian," but their courage is inspiring.  Considered too "Marxist" in some circles, but I wish there were more folks around like them.

War is a Racket - A frank assessment of the war racket, by one of America's greatest war heroes, Smedley Butler

Rat Haus Reality - An excellent archive of important writings on health, politics and science. - Sprawling site that deals all manner of controversial issues.  Well done.

Noam Chomsky - Z Magazine's archive of the great man's work.

Howard Zinn - Site of my favorite American historian.

Edward Herman (and here) - He is Uncle Ed to me, as I received a lot of my political education at his scholarly knee. He is one of the finest dissident scholars in U.S history. His articles on the kangaroo court at The Hague, where Milosevic is interned, and the 2000 election coup, are timely. Vincent Bugliosi also wrote a formidable account of the voting scandal. Ed has also written about mass graves being discovered in Afghanistan, where thousands Taliban POWs were murdered and dumped into pits, with the U.S. media failing to cover it, as usual. Here is a great link on his fisticuffs with the "Cruise Missile Left" that defended the invasion of Iraq.

Michael Parenti - Another voice of integrity from the radical left.  Here is an article of his on Mother Teresa and other "fast track" saints.

Edward Said - A tribute page to a great voice of conscience from Palestine.

Allan Nairn - One of America's most courageous journalists.

John Taylor Gatto - One of America's finest teachers, who takes a frank look at the American education system.

Common Courage Press - One of the world's most important publishing companies.

South End Press - Another one of the best publishing companies on earth.

Oxfam, British, International and American - One of the world's premier relief organizations, one that also sees the politics that creates the famine and misery. As usual, it appears to be subject to slow co-optation and undermining by the establishment.

Mark Twain's anti-imperialist writings.  A highly suppressed body of work by one of America's greatest citizens ever.

Michael Ruppert and From the Wilderness - Another good piece of investigative reporting, tackling subjects that America's media will not.  His case for Bush administration foreknowledge of the World Trade Center attacks deserves to be taken seriously, particularly the short selling of airline stock and war games evidence.

Richard Heinberg - Has produced excellent, interdisciplinary work on the trajectory of human civilization and where we may be headed.

Guerilla News Network - Good stuff.

Black Op Radio - Featuring material ignored by the mainstream media.

BNN - Brilliant satire on events in the Middle East

Third World Traveler - Excellent alternative views

The Bush family history - The version you will not find in mainstream bookstores. From a right wing source, and its conclusions are not necessarily my own, but a valuable depository of facts not easily found.

Ralph Nader 1 and 2 - While I have seen many people question his motivation, including some close to me, I have not seen a more prominent national political figure telling more truth about what is happening in America, and trying to unite people in seeking solutions. If nothing else, his work can lead to finding out much more about what is happening.

Xymphora - Excellent blog on current events

Rodney Stich and Defrauding America - In an age almost completely bereft of acts of integrity and courage, Stich is a beacon in the darkness. Defrauding America is one of the most important American books ever written.

JFK Assassination Site - This site presents the best work I have seen regarding the backyard photo evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald, and the issue of the Minox camera. The alleged murder weapon may well be a vintage weapon.

Operation Northwoods - These are apparently declassified documents that spell out how JFK's Joint Chiefs of Staff planned to kill Americans and frame Castro's Cuba for it, to justify invasion. This revelation is not all that surprising, given the milieu of the day, and has given grist for the mill of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, theorizing that I am skeptical of. However, it gives a great deal of credibility to Gary Wean's tale of a CIA operation that used JFK as a target for a fake assassination that framed Castro.

Blueprint for a Prison Planet - This is a compelling, levelheaded and even hopeful rendition of an issue that I am familiar with, but have generally not dealt with on my site, as it can easily overwhelm people, and there are enough pieces of the puzzle missing (not available for public inspection), that it can lead to various interpretations. However, I have directly experienced enough events that fit into this person's narrative, and heard of others, such as here and here, that I do not dismiss it. I think that in large measure, what he is writing may well be true.

The New Enlightenment - Interesting combination of politics and spirituality.

Without Sanctuary - A site devoted to the American advertisement of lynchings.

Women in Black - Granny Power! Those old women show more courage than all the U.S. politicians put together. The FBI calls them terrorists.


Swami Beyondananda - A longtime spiritual comedian who has given me many laughs and smiles over the years.

Tom Brown - America's leading outdoorsman, who learned almost everything he knows from an Apache shaman. His mentor's life story an amazing and inspiring true story, and shows one path to humanity's salvation.

Michael Roads - A modern-day Dr. Doolittle.  His work is vitally important.

Afterlife Knowledge - An excellent introduction to what people can expect when learning to explore the metaphysical realms. I have no doubt of the material's validity, as I have had too many similar experiences, and know many others who have. As the site's author emphasizes, those "fantastic" experiences are open to anyone who pursues them. The only "inside track" any of us has on these experiences is desire, experience and integrity. His account of a "hell" he visited is vital reading.

Dannion Brinkley - His "lightning therapy" both ended and changed his life.

NDEs - A collection of Near Death Experience accounts. George Rodonaia's experience is one of the most extraordinary ever recorded.

Channeled - Channeled material has influenced me the more than any other area of study. I do not prefer the term "channeled," but have learned to live with it. Many intellectuals and skeptics despise channeled material, dismissing it a priori. Linear and purely rational thinking cannot comprehend the material's meaning. Its critics often attack the genre's poorer examples. Religious fundamentalists often see it as the devil's work. Taken as a whole, it is the most enlightened and loving genre of literature I have encountered. Speaking in tongues was an ancient form of channeling, as was the process by which Richard Bach wrote his masterpieces. The gospels of the New Testament were probably channeled (though one might be a forgery, and they have been heavily edited). The Koran seems at least partly channeled. Automatic writing is a form of channeling. God's voice coming from a burning bush or from a cloud in peals of thunder is a close cousin of channeling. That voice in my head that told me to study business and move to Seattle to meet Dennis Lee was a form of channeling. Dennis' inspiration, Einstein's,Tesla's and other geniuses' breakthroughs are related to channeling. Eventually today's genre will die off as all people learn to bring their own wisdom through their consciousness.

Seth - My first exposure to channeled work, over twenty years ago. It began the modern channeling phenomenon. People like me did not like the term "channeled" when it was coined in the 1980s (and some of us despise the term "New Age"), including Jane Roberts' husband, but we have learned to live with it. The Seth Material is still a giant among channeled works, holding up quite well over the years.

The Michael Teachings - A rare teaching in that it is channeled by many people. An awesome perspective of our reality and the journey of our souls. The most insightful view of the human condition that I have encountered.

Lyssa Royal 1 and 2 - One of the best.

Barbara Marciniak and the Pleiadians - Possibly my favorite.

Kryon - A superb body of material.

Bashar - Excellent, uplifting material, as are all the channeled works on this link page.

Ramón Stevens and the Alexander Material - Very good stuff, a kind of cross between Michael, Seth and Marciniak's Pleiadians, delivered in a unique and engaging style.

Robert Shapiro's Zoosh and friends - Shapiro has probably created the most diverse body of channeled work in existence. Link is dead for now. I hope another one appears one day.

Ken Carey - More than channeled, his work is unique. He has suffered quite a few slings and arrows as he has tried living his work. His appears to be gone, like many others from my original version of this link page.

Neale Donald Walsch and the Conversations with God Material - The first channeled work to hit the New York Times Best Seller List, which gives me hope that humanity and America might wake up in time.

Hinono and ancient native wisdom - (domain gone for now, maybe forever). Only one book out so far (four books in one, actually), but very good..

The Sedona Journal of Emergence - The leading channeled periodical. I have subscribed for years, and plan on continuing. Excellent material. Nice artwork on the covers!

The Ra Material - One of the best bodies of channeled work.

Emmanuel - Poetic channel

Michael Topper's interesting analysis of the milieu.

Mystical/Spiritual links that I wish existed: Bartholomew, Eric Klein, Michael Schuster, Graham Bernard's Richard material, Robbyn and his Merry Bande, and many others.

Fringe Science and the Offbeat

Close-Minded Science - A vast site which, among other issues, deals with how close-minded scientists can be, hiding narrow mindedness and dishonesty under the mantle of "skepticism." Also deals with true scientific investigation of the strange and paranormal.

Richard Milton's Alternative Science - (The site was taken down as of early 2008, but is is archived here.  I learned of important aspects of the scientific establishment from his work.  His work on James Randi's Million Dollar challenge, and how Randi ran away from a challenger while calling him names, was important.  Here is another account of Randi's challenge.

Steven Greer and CSETI - Here is a man who has suffered greatly for trying to make UFOs a public issue.

Excellent material on the Crop Circle phenomenon.

Moon Base Clavius - Jay Windley's site, and one of the best sites that debunks the claims made by the moon hoax theorists who argue that the moon landings were faked. Here is a clip of Neil Armstrong making his leap back onto the lunar lander, which was evidence that I had long sought.

Flatland - A timeless classic on how we can become captive to our point of view.

Jeff Rense - Another good voice from the fringe, although the chaff there may be more prevalent than the wheat as of 2008.

Richard Hoagland - Somebody has to do it, and I am glad Richard is out there.

Daniel Drasin's hilarious primer on how to be a "skeptic."

Catastrophic Quicksand

While researching the debunking career of Carl Sagan, I slipped into the quicksand of catastrophism. It was not bad quicksand, but still quicksand. Catastrophism is gaining popularity, as evidenced by two recent motion pictures that depicted comets crashing into earth. I first became aware of the subject while studying Carl Sagan's attack on Immanuel Velikovsky's theories. Ten thousand pages of reading later, from all sides of the controversy, I have concluded that there is enough to catastrophic theory to keep a person busy for the rest of their lives assessing it. Velikovsky derived a multidisciplinary hypothesis for planetary near-collisions in historical times. His theories were audacious. His story is a long one. I doubt that he was entirely right, but he was mercilessly maligned by the scientific establishment for nearly the last thirty years of his life. His theories exercised the mind of his friend Albert Einstein, who was studying Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision when he died, partly because one of Velikovsky's theories about Jupiter had recently been proven correct. I have refrained from much mention of catastrophic theory in my work, partly because I am unqualified to fully assess it. I believe that Velikovsky was unfairly attacked for his theories, most prominently by Sagan. If people want something to keep their minds busy for the next fifty years or so, they can delve into catastrophic theory. It is a highly intriguing body of theory, one that incorporates diverse disciplines such as astronomy, geology, mythology, physics, psychology, archeology and a host of other subjects. Here are some links.

Phil Burns - Maybe the best site for an introduction to catastrophism.

A good catastrophic links page

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies - An organization devoted to catastrophism.

Miscellaneous - This site was designed so that the only links external to it are from this page, so below are external links from my essays which do not really belong in the above sections.

What Scientific American had to say about reports that the Wright Brothers were flying, which was a typical response from the scientific establishment regarding breakthrough innovations (that linked article is misdated by the site that hosts it - the article is from the January 13, 1906 edition of Scientific American). Here is a good article on the Wright Brothers by Jed Rothwell in the late Eugene Mallove's magazine.

An amazing U.S. Supreme court ruling that justifies kidnapping people from other nations. Hitler could not even get away with it.

April Oliver and Jack Smith's reporting on the U.S. using nerve gas in Southeast Asia was accurate, as shown by Thomas Moorer's testimony.

The 1953 Fitzgerald Report documented racketeering in organized medicine.

The banning of Stale Food vs. Fresh Food, the booklet that changed my family's diet and saved my father's life.

Ronald Reagan's policy directive regarding Yugoslavia.

An account on Wikipedia of George Washington's relationship to slavery. He was probably bled to death by his doctors, who subscribed to the "heroic" medicine ideals of Benjamin Rush.

The tale of the Sauer family, persecuted by Ben Franklin and other "patriots."

The professional fate of Dr. Virginia Steen-McIntyre, when she discovered evidence of very early human habitation of the New World.

A case that Dennis Lee's attorney "won" over the Internal Revenue Service in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Texas, who helped destroy one of Dennis Lee's companies, was arrested as part of a religious scam in 2003, demonstrating that he was likely a free-lance criminal and not a provocateur, and in what could be called an instance of "justice, he may not live to see this side of the bars again.

Letters from and to Jeffrey Amherst (or here) regarding giving native Americans smallpox blankets, in the best-known early instance of biological warfare in the New World.

An Adam Trombly interview on his experiences in the free energy milieu.

An essay I wrote in 2005 about the free energy conundrum.

A letter I wrote in 2002 about the looming invasion of Iraq.

An article on the confused state of the American mind.

A painfully perceptive article on state of the American mind and spirit in 2003, by Gaius Publius.

An official catalog of all the lies that George W. Bush and his administration used to sell the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

A good index of all the Bush administration's lies to sell the war.

The privatization of Iraq's oil deposits is well underway (0, 1, 2, 3) , which did not surprise anybody who was informed in the slightest. Even the New York Times is admitting the obvious.

The invasion of Iraq has caused more than a million violent deaths as of 2007, according to the most recent study.  It has been updated here.  It is the highest as of early 2008, but there is little to suggest that it is not accurate.  The numerous attacks on the John Hopkins study, often by those with political axes to grind, have been replied to in early 2008.

A poll which shows that half of all New York City residents believe that the Bush administration allowed 9/11 to happen.

BYU Physics Professor Steven Jones' paper on the collapse of the three World Trade Center buildings.

A PC Magazine article on the effects of being anonymous on the Internet, and how it encourages boorish behavior, something I have encountered many times.

Thermal deploymerization is a way to turn waste into raw materials for synthetics, although today it is promoted as an energy solution, which it really is not.

Mr. Skeptic's libelous 1997 Skeptical Inquirer article about Dennis Lee, which demonstrated Mr. Skeptic's dishonesty.

One of Mr. Skeptic's comrades made a typical "skeptical" response regarding my 2008 radio show appearance, which I responded to in 2009.




























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