This Website’s Purpose

By Wade Frazier

December 2006/April 2007

This Website’s Purpose

My Intended Audience and Those I am Not Trying to Reach

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This Website’s Purpose

I wrote this essay because, after several years of seclusion, in 2006 I began interacting with the public again.  I do not have the time, energy or inclination to publicly interact in the many ways that people wish me to. 

I began writing about my adventures in alternative energy soon after I staggered out of Ventura, California in 1990, after we had our lives shattered by the people who run the world.  They wiped us out after my former partner, Dennis Lee, refused about a billion-dollar offer for us to cease our pursuit of free energy.  I eventually learned that our treatment was only slightly more extreme than their typical efforts to keep their grip over humanity, because we were more of a “threat” to the world’s power structure than most alternative energy efforts.  When I left Ventura, it culminated a ten-year process of gradual disillusionment and awakening.  Free energy technology already exists, but is controlled by that world-dominating group, whom I call the “Big Boys” in my work.  

The writing and research that I have performed since 1990 was far less stressful than the mayhem that I survived with Dennis, but my goal has always been the same: averting global catastrophe, healing the planet and perhaps ushering in a new epoch of the human journey, one where we live in heaven-on-earth and relinquish the tired games of survival and exploitation that have largely defined the human journey until now. 

When our ordeal in Ventura ended, I realized that whatever I had been taught about my world was probably incorrect, and I spent long years comparing my institutional indoctrination to my adult researches.  I discovered that most of what I “learned” while young was a purposeful indoctrination; the goal seemed to be inculcating me with delusions so I could be easily manipulated.  The purveyed delusions were rooted in various scarcity-based paradigms.  If I participated in the system and became one of its “winners,” ample material and egocentric rewards would be mine.  The system could be fairly subtle in its methods, while some manipulations seem ludicrously heavy-handed in retrospect, such as the idolatry of pledging allegiance to a flag, which I was forced into doing as a schoolboy. 

Because I realized that personal integrity was earth’s scarcest commodity and the key to healing the planet, I sought a group of sufficient collective integrity that would not only desire to heal the planet and rank their personal gain from the effort as a secondary concern, but one that could also lay aside their indoctrination and dare to envision a world based on abundance instead of scarcity.  I came to realize how heavily most people lean on their “mind crutches.”  A practical, abundance-based way of viewing our world has never been embraced by any significant group that I know of.  There have been some prophets of abundance, such as R. Buckminster Fuller, but his legacy has been co-opted and diluted since his death, as it has for most genuine visionaries.

Even groups with a seemingly visionary agenda have been subtly thwarted by their scarcity-based indoctrination.  For instance, I have great respect for certain political and economic groups, some being heavily populated by academics and others who have earned my esteem, but the rationalist-materialist paradigm that they typically adhere to is a form of scarcity-based religion.  Most do not see their adoptive ideology as an ideology, but as reality.  That is a peril of physical reality, and nobody seems immune to its seductions and limitations, although the mystical masters can often come close.  Those groups of intellectuals and activists have largely embraced the materialist view of evolution, believe that there are “laws of physics” that our scientists (the new priest class) comprehend and have a visceral aversion to the idea that the world’s political-economic situation is managed by super-elites in clandestine fashion, dismissing any and all evidence of that situation as a “conspiracy theory.”  My experiences are not theories, but I have had scientists, academics and technical professionals call me a “conspiracy theorist” when I have described my experiences and those of others around me.  Labeling me as a conspiracy theorist is an irrational act and one of the ironies of dealing with scientists and academics.  The thrust of my medical writings, for instance, gives relatively little weight to the conspiratorial behavior of the medical racketeers, but that has not prevented some academics from dismissing my writings on the medical racket as a conspiracy theory. 

For instance, the main reason that I present some of the clandestine methods that the Big Boys use to control the world economy is to help answer the most common response that I receive to the account of my energy-industry experiences, which is: “If free energy machines really existed, I should be able to buy one.”  The Big Boys’ machinations are partly why we do not enjoy free energy today, but their dark efforts are far from the only aspect, and are far from the most important factor, in my opinion.  I have almost never encountered a productive response to today’s situation, which is a key aspect of the free energy conundrum.  The vast majority of people simply deny the situation exists, and most who acknowledge the situation’s reality overemphasize its conspiratorial aspects and have other unproductive responses.

This site’s purpose is connecting with people who can make a difference, which leads to this essay’s next section….


My Intended Audience and Those I am Not Trying to Reach

As my days with Dennis ended, I realized that if fifty people had banded around Dennis and his technical team in the late 1980s as Mr. Professor and I did, we had a fair chance to make free energy a public reality; if it had been a hundred, it would have been easy.  However, Mr. Professor and I were about the only people who stood up to the corruption; almost everybody else either ran and hid when the big sledgehammer came down, tried stealing the business or anything in it not nailed down, or actively helped those bludgeoning us as a way to avoid the bludgeoners’ wrath.  I have searched for those hundred heroes since the 1980s, and no group I have yet encountered has come remotely close to being qualified.  I strongly doubt that such a group exists or can be assembled.  

After gaining that understanding, I tried a different strategy, which is the purpose behind this website.  It may be as futile a plan as the others I have seen attempted, but I had to try it.  As abundance has proven to be a virtually unimaginable concept to the vast majority of humanity, I thought that helping people imagine it would be a good start.  However, imagining abundance, much less pursuing it, is not very likely when people are dependent on their scarcity-based mind crutchesAfter many years of interacting with the public on these issues, it seems to me that less than one percent of Americans are currently willing and capable of throwing aside their mind crutches, and the integrity issue seems paramount.  This site’s material is targeted toward that tiny fraction that is ready to begin leaving scarcity behind.  If thousands of the awake and awakening can come together and simply be willing to imagine abundance, discuss it and perhaps take a public stance on the issue, it might be enough to catalyze the reality of free energy and earthly abundance.  I also only speak and write English, which further reduces my potential audience.  Although I would like to interact on a broader scale, most of my audience is American, and I cannot entirely escape my culture.  Non-American readers may find my work of little relevance, although free energy will obviously have a global impact. 

Many well-intended people have made suggestions about where the group can be found that can help an abundance paradigm come to pass (which would be based on free energy).  I am not on a hundred-hero search, but merely seeking people willing to consider and discuss the issue in a somewhat open-minded and enlightened manner, and we would see where it went from there.  The other free energy activists that I am aware of are generally not seeking the hundred heroes, but simply kindred spirits who can provide some support.  My attempt to interest the radical left in free energy and abundance is my most recent effort to find that group.  Perhaps humanity is not ready for abundance, either mentally or emotionally. 

Experience may be the only teacher, and more than twenty years of trying to interest various groups in free energy and an abundance paradigm has told me what groups are not interested in my work.  Also, some groups I believe should not pursue free energy, at least not actively in today’s environment, because they would be a danger to themselves and others.  The free energy pursuit is perilous, and many unproductive paths await the unwary and inexperienced. 

The following groups I will not be trying to interest in free energy and abundance in the near future.  There are always exceptions to the rule, and people from all the below categories have become staunch allies, but I do not seek to engage those groups as a strategy, and here are my reasons why.

  1. My Peers.  I am a white, educated, corporately employed American man, and belong to history’s most privileged demographic group.  However, this site’s material makes it clear that our political-social-economic status is not due to our unique virtue.  Consequently, my most irrational and vicious critics have always been from my “peer group.”  My peers seem deeply invested in their (increasingly precarious) status, and lean heavily on their mind crutches, both the obvious and subtle ones.  The more people lean on their mind crutches, the less likely they will learn to cast them aside.  I have always directed my efforts to where the most fruitful avenues appeared to be, and interactions with my peers demonstrated long ago that they would be among the most resistant people to free energy and an abundance paradigm, because all they can see is their seemingly reduced status, even when it means that everybody can live vastly better lives, including themselves.  I finished banging my head against that wall many years ago, and have watched others do it recently, to sometimes career-ending effect. 

  2. The Scientific Community.  Every era of human civilization has had its intellectuals who believe they fully understand how the universe operates.  It is no different with today’s scientifically trained, who sit at humanity’s intellectual apex, or so they believe.  I have engaged in many senseless, circular arguments with the scientifically trained.  As a group, they are as fervent believers in the fairy tales of their faith as any fundamentalist Christian is in their Bible stories, and few in their ranks are interested in learning any differently, not interested enough to leave their comfortable armchairs.  Free energy is a paradigm-buster, and few scientists will ever question the paradigms they were raised with, as with most people.  Scientists are far from the only complacent group I have encountered, but their collective complacency is why they are of no help these days.  Others are trying to engage the scientific community with credentials far more impressive than mine, and I have watched them run up against the naïveté, denial, complacency and groupthink of scientists for many years.  The divine paradox is that only people who care about others will help us save ourselves.  The complacent are being self-centered and are no help.

  3. The Self-InterestedThose pursuing their self-interest, whether it is themselves, their family, race, town, state or nation, are operating from self-serving, scarcity-based motivation, and will ultimately harm any effort to make free energy and an abundance-based paradigm happen.  Bringing free energy and an abundance-based paradigm to humanity is not an undertaking for self-interested people.  If people can overcome the various types of denial they have about the free energy conundrum, the second most common response I receive to my story is this: “I would like to obtain a free energy machine so I can live far from civilization and be energy self-sufficient.  Do you know where I can get one?”  Corollaries to that response are, “My nation (town, state, etc.) sure could use free energy,” or, “If you deliver a free energy machine to my home, I can be a showcase installation.”  If a free energy machine ever became publicly available, the entire world would beat a path to it, so saying that somebody can use one is stating the obvious and is of no help.  Many efforts have been based on appealing to people’s mutual self-interest.  That is the very definition of politics: people finding common ground to pursue their mutual self-interest.  I seek people whose sense of self is planet-wide and have an abiding interest in the welfare of every living thing.  Free energy efforts based in self-interested motivation are extremely easy to derail, and the Big Boys probably yawn when such efforts are launched.  A bribe here, a threat there, a little officious oppression, some violence when necessary, and the movements crumble.  I consider Mark Twain’s one-in-ten-thousand morally courageous to be the hundred-hero type.  I am not looking for those.  I am looking for those who can simply begin thinking about an abundance-based paradigm. 

  4. The Idly Curious.  I designed this site so that the idly curious would probably not be interested.  I have presented few names regarding my adventures in alternative energy, or patent numbers, federal studies and the like to keep the idly curious from stumbling onto terrain where angels fear to tread.  For those with initiative, they can go deeply into the material, far deeper than is presented on this site.  Many participants in Dennis’ and my adventures do not want to be contacted by the idly curious or by anybody at all.  Some are trying to live their remaining days in peace, a peace that the idly curious can intrude upon, while others are dark path initiates, and encountering/exposing them is dangerous.  People can easily bite off far more than they bargained for and have their lives wrecked if not prematurely ended.  Free energy is currently not a safe issue for the idly curious to engage. 

  5. The Naïve.  I began my real world journey naively, asking “Easter Bunny” questions that everybody laughed at.  Losing my naïveté was an agonizing but necessary process, if making a difference was my goal.  The naïve generally flee from my work’s implications, and naïve responses to the free energy issue have been the most common ones I have encountered.  I doubt that naïveté can be shed by anything other than experience.  While the naïve and well-intended may make a difference one day, I doubt that this site is the place for them to start.  Maybe after they have some real-world experience, this site’s material will begin to make sense.  I have been encouraged to “dumb down” the material on this site into cartoons, slogans and other presentations, but that generally attracts people easily seduced by slicker counter-presentations, and the “bad guys” have PR down to a science.  I learned that the hard way during my days with Dennis.  The naïve do not comprehend our world’s reality, and pretending it is different seems to be no help.  Imagining that it can be different, however, seems to be a key step in making it happen.  Earth is currently not a fairy tale world, and believing that it is can lead to extremely painful experiences, and in the pursuit of free energy can be a fatal delusion

  6. The New Age Community.  I grew up in Southern California, worked in Los Angeles for five years and had my mystical awakening at age sixteen.  By age thirty, I had just about seen it all in the Southern California mystical scene.  As with India and other places that supposedly have a high “spirituality quotient,” there are extremely few in the mystical realm with high integrity, which is more important than all other qualities combined.  Love is always the answer.  I found the New Age community to be plagued with naïveté, self-centeredness and many brands of the seemingly new wine being sold in ancient skins.  With very few exceptions, the men in that community take advantage of the easy sex, money and other benefits that accrue from preying on women who seek enlightened men.  The recent popularity of The Secret epitomizes the New Age community.  If I had to summarize that movie in one sentence, it would be something like, “Think positively and become rich!”  Its defining scene was a preadolescent boy wishing for a bicycle and one being delivered to his doorstep seconds later, as if magicians conjure them from thin air.  While such a perspective possesses a certain charm and contains some truth, it is not one suited to pursuing free energy and an abundance paradigm, not in today’s world.  New Agers should not be confused with enlightened mystics.  Enlightened mystics can think critically and are not as self-centered as New Agers have too often proven to be.  An enlightened mystic seeks to integrate the light and the darkness, not to deny that the darkness even exists.  Such people, however, are truly needles in haystacks and I have stopped searching for them.  That they are not contacting me means that I may not have the right stuff, either, or that I need to be more patient (which I find difficult to be these days).

  7. Environmentalists.  Of all the groups that have rejected the idea of free energy, none have dismayed me more than environmental organizations.  My efforts may have been spurred by a desire to heal the earth more than any other reason (with humanity’s healing being right up there – I find it difficult to rank one over the other), and the knee-jerk rejection of free energy has been more pronounced among environmentalists than any other group I have encountered.  Quite arguably, nothing could help heal the planet more effectively than free energy.  There are potential downsides to free energy (weaponized, irresponsible use), but the rejections I have seen go far beyond such objections.  Many organizations have been corrupted by fundraising considerations, co-opted by their benefactors or were fraudulent to begin with.  The organizations fortunate enough to avoid those fates have, virtually without exception, proposed austerity solutions to humanity’s predicament.  Saying that abundance is unimaginable to them is understating the case; it has become an enemy in many environmental circles.  Their solutions are “let’s ride bikes” and other austerity measures (the kind that Fuller said were doomed), similar to Richard Heinberg’s solution of ridding earth of more than five billion excess humans.  The environmentalists and Heinberg believe that humans would quickly destroy the planet with free energy, not heal it (while enjoying unprecedented abundance in the process).  Holding such a dim view of humanity may be understandable, but does not seem to lead to positive solutions, unless ridding the planet of five billion excess humans can be deemed constructive.  Whether such attitudes are a residue of Calvinist Christianity, humanity’s addiction to scarcity or something else, environmentalists are perhaps the group most impervious to the idea of free energy, even if their motives were pure (and I have seen where they were not).  Long ago and with great sorrow, I stopped trying to interest environmentalists in free energy and abundance.  They could be free energy’s greatest allies, and I hope to one day see them awaken to the possibility of a healed planet where everybody wins, but for now I do not actively pursue that dream.  They will not be the first to get aboard the free energy train, and might be among the last. 

Perhaps my approach is misguided and unworkable, and one or all of those above groups will end up saving the day.  Maybe some obscure group, or one that finds new inspiration (and recent and coming world events may provide that inspiration), will make free energy and abundance happen.  I have just not yet met or heard of them yet.  If enough people with the right stuff exist, they may indeed be scattered across the planet.  If they exist, can or will they combine their efforts for something like this?  I am attempting to find out. 

There are many ways to make the world a better place, but the biggest leverage point is the energy paradigm, which is why free energy is so important and why it is so ruthlessly suppressed.  I believe that enough people need to come together and devote their collective effort to the issue, particularly with humanity’s inertia and the Big Boys’ vigilance.  I seek to engage people who care.  That is by far the most important quality necessary for pursuing free energy, an abundance paradigm and a healed planet, and those people can be found in almost any walk of life, however rare they may be.  If a person’s heart is in the right place, then they will almost certainly have the second most important necessary quality: the desire to make an effort.  The third required quality is intelligence.  It is not nearly as important as the first two qualities, but we need to exercise our sentience in order to make the change, and not just the rational aspect of intelligence.  If people care and make an effort, that is most of what is needed, but intelligence is also required, at least enough to understand what the opportunities and risks are, what works, what does not, and how to make things happen. 

The train needs to be built and get moving before everybody can jump aboard.  Trying to coax people to help who may not even want to get on that train, before it is even built, seems a great waste of time and effort.  When progress has been made in building a strong, committed nucleus, then other groups may jump aboard, but getting them aboard too early does not work, as far as I have seen, and in the free energy pursuit is often the path to disaster.  


How to Use this Website

This website’s material is largely comprised of several book-length essays, such as the American Empire, medical racket, cover-up and war essays.  The cover-up essay is the shortest of those four, and weighs-in at 113 pages of material.  The others are considerably longer, with the American Empire essay being 226 pages in length (which has also been this site’s most popular essay).  My days with Dennis Lee and our pursuit of alternative energy are contained in two essays (1, 2) that total more than 100 pages, with essays on the energy racket, Dennis’ critics, and a corporate hit man who was sicced on Dennis adding another 140 pages of material.  The larger essays are works of scholarship, although not intensely so.  I have tried supporting the facts I use with easily verified references.  This site's writings were not intended for academic consumption.  The scholarly essays on this site total about 1,000 pages with 1,500 footnotes, which is not very dense, from a scholarly perspective. 

While I tried making the reading experience relatively easy on my readers, the material can be challenging, both intellectually and emotionally.  The essay that may be the most difficult to read, both intellectually and emotionally, is this site's medical racket essay.  I have encountered people who spent intense days reading it, and were dazed when finished.  Once in awhile, this site's essays have their intended effect – when people have personal paradigm shifts after reading an essay.  However, I also hear from readers that this site can be difficult to digest and that it is easy to get “lost in the woods.”  One common complaint has been that there is “too much meat” and this site needs to be simplified.  My writings are sometimes called “rambling.”  They rambled far more before I hired an editor, and such an observation partly stems from the comprehensive, multidisciplinary nature of this site – it covers vast territory. 

To honor those complaints and make it easier on my readers, since I completed this site in 2002 I have periodically added essays that were “doorways” to this site's material.  In general, those “doorway” essays were not scholarly and were relatively brief, but linked to the “meat” of this site throughout those essays.  Those essays are mainly found in the “comprehensive” section of this site's home page, and include the Free Energy Conundrum, World Based on Abundance and Journeys of Free Energy Activists essays, the open letters to the Free Software Movement and Radical Left, and the site’s introductory essay.  One essay also presents my journey and life’s work in five pages.  Those essays are not heavily footnoted.  However, they are peppered with links to the website’s meat.  Since I have been publishing those essays, I now receive the opposite complaint: “Hey, where is the meat?!”  I have been dismissed as a lightweight writer because those essays did not contain much meat.  Those making that complaint obviously never took the links to the meat, and some of those complaints were probably disingenuous – they could justifiably dismiss this site's writings and their illusions would remain safe from challenge. 

In summary, if this is your first encounter with this site, I suggest reading one of those meatless, comprehensive essays first, as it will present my work’s gist and you can see the new paradigms I am attempting to sketch.  If you find the ideas interesting, then you can follow the links to the site’s meat.  It is difficult to read this site on paper because of its interlinking.  This site is designed for the Internet, not for reading in paper form. 


Pursuing Your Interests

What follows is intended to send readers to where their interest lies. 



Whatever your interest might be, I wish you the best while pursuing it.  


Places Where My Work is Being Discussed

January 1, 2008

I have yet to find a forum where a lively, comprehensive and productive conversation of the issues that my work addresses has been sustained.  I have some forums in mind that I may join in 2008, but none of them the public can currently join.  I do not respond to trollish responses, and will attempt to get the people who make them banned from any forums that I participate in.  I will only participate in trolling-free forums in the future. 

As a warning, Mr. Skeptic has been stalking me on the Internet since 1997, and will spread his disinformation wherever he is able, as he recently did here

Again, people who challenge my work need to first do their homework if they expect to do so credibly.

My work on the Audie Murphy/John Tower/Gary Wean connection to the JFK assassination was the subject of one of the best discussions I have seen on the issue, here:

That discussion is inactive today, but could be revived if there was interest. 

My work has been discussed in many other forums, but generally have not been ones where I have actively joined the conversation.  I seek places to have good, constructive exchanges on how to make this world a better place.  If you know of any, you only have to link to this site from whatever forum you are discussing my work, and if people take that link to this site, I can see it in this site’s statistics.  If the discussion seems like it is heading in the right direction, I might join it.  There are some forums where I may initiate discussion, and if it is a public one, I will link to it from this page.  That is one of the few ways that that I can be publicly contacted these days.  Sorry! 

Thank you for your interest.














































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