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BBB Says Power Generator Is A Fraud  

"This is a scam. This generator is bogus."

That's what Washington's Better Business Bureau is saying about a man, it says is aiming to take advantage of Spokane residents caught in our power crunch. People throughout the Inland Northwest will have a chance to hear about free electricity generation. But before you buy into the idea, the state Attorney General's office has a warning for you. We're told the company will pitch a product called the Sundance Generator. It's supposed to generate electricity and send it back to local utilities, making your electric meter move backward.

"We'll have our eyes and ears open tonight." You've probably noticed the price you pay for electricity keeps going up. But what if you could have free or low-cost power? That's the idea behind a generator a New Jersey man wants to sell tonight at Spokane's Doubletree Hotel. "So far as we know, no one has ever received one of these generators." Jerry Cartwright works at the Attorney General's Office. "You'll see that Mr. Lee's his hope that someday he may be able to produce these machines, but so far he cannot produce them and he can't promise that he will ever be able to do."

Yesterday, the office secured a restraining order against the company United Community Services of America. "Which restrains Mr. Lee from taking any money or anything of value from any Washington consumers." Dennis Lee can attend tonight's presentation and he's free to speak, but if he takes any money from the crowd he'll be in violation. "If people give Mr. Lee something of value, it's our position that they probably won't receive anything in return." Cartwright says Lee also tries to sell memberships to his company, which can cost anywhere from 30-thousand to 100-thousand dollars. "These are the things that concern us the most, these attempts to extract this kind of money from consumers in Washington." We tried to reach United Community Services of America for comment, but our phone calls were not returned.

(8/28/2001 6:25:00 PM)


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