Testing a Piston, Cylinder and pair of coils



This is a necessary test to prove\test that enough voltage and current can be induced by passing the magnets all the way through the center of the coils. 

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It took awhile to cut each piece of the piston from several pieces of nylon and turning them on a lathe to spec. The cylinder, is not to spec, as I am awaiting more tools, but it is close enough for this test. The cylinder and piston is made from nylon. The magnets are 1" X 3/8" ring magnets, 2 together, right side of magnets facing north.

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The piston sections turned on the lathe The magnets placed at the section they go at. The magnets on each section The piston put together. Notice the arrangement of magnets as the piston passes through the cylinder below.
The cylinder, wound with 2 coils, 24ga, 250' each 1" diameter center for the piston. piston and cylinder together. hooked up for testing on a 6.3 volt bulb. Produces AC for test.


Piston and coil test.