Lastest Update: 12/03/02

I have been waiting for equipment to begin the next phase. The Metal lathe and Milling machine and all the accessories have finally arrived and I have had some practice time with them.

The earlier movie and photo of the two drums shows the concept of this generator, but this is not how I would like to build the actual unit. Although simple in design, it really is not simple at all. The holes must be exactly placed, and the diameters must be exact, and the pistons must be exact and no further off then 3/1000's of an inch. To further complicate this, the design must incorporate 2 or more commutators, and the drums would have to have embedded full wave bridges for each coil. It's not that it cant be done, it's really more a matter of engineering cost and time.

So what I had in mind was to look at just [one] operation, in other words, one piston and one cylinder. What I wished to make, was a unit that could mimic just one segment for proof of concept.  After much thought, I have finally developed a prototype design to do this. The next step will be to make the unit 3 layers deep and 2 pistons wide on one side, and the same on the other side with a wheel in between which will turn them all. This is what I am presently doing and will update the site when it is completed.

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