Bedini Roller Skate Motor as made by Don Adsitt

Kit Form  Red pulse motor Yellow Pulse Motor

I have these small pulse motors for sale in a kit or assembled as well.

These are the Original plans as found on that I used.
Below is detail photo's on how to make a simple motor, but it actually works better if you use a 3" rotor made from 1/2" acrylic plastic.
(1) Make a base approximately 4 1/2" X 8 1/2" (can be plywood), Drill 1/4" hole in the center. (2) Parts, rollerblade wheel, 1/2" forsner bit, 1/4" X 2" socket cap screw,
(8) 1/2 disc magnets, washers ,nut and wing nut.
(3) use a drill press and drill 4 holes for the magnets at 90 deg. the magnets will be double stacked and glued together, the hole will be about 1/2" deep. (4) Use 5 minute epoxy and glue the 2 magnets each together. Make sure that all the North poles are facing out. Then glue the magnets into the holes, and putting some epoxy over the surface of the magnets as well. Keep flush with the outside diameter.
(5) Magnets are now glued into place. THE SECRET HERE is to remove the bearings and wash them out with ligher-fluid and put them back. There must be no drag.  (6) Insert the bolt through the wheel and attach the nut. Place through the center hole and on the underside secure bolt with washer and wing nut.
(7) Wheel secured, but will spin freely. (8) Attach L-Bracket and coil as shown. I made my own bracket but can use L bracket  from any hardware store. Make sure bolt head is aligned with face of magnet, and about 3/8" away. Use this bifilar coil or the coil from the plans. Note: If you use this coil you will need to use 12 volt battery, if you use the coil in the plans you can use a 9 volt transistor battery. Make my coil here.
Here is a real player file of this same motor but the rotor is made of 1/2" acrylic plastic. It is running on a 9 volt transistor battery and going about 3500 RPM.


Attach heat sink and transistor to base. Attach power coil as in plans above right. If you find your motor doesn't work your signal, power leads of the coil may be reversed. First reverse (smaller wires) and try again, if no success, reverse power leads.  You have to spin the wheel fairly fast to get it to start.   NOTE: You can use any of these transistors - 3055, 3055 power transistor, or NTE 36, and TIP 31.

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