Time Travel Adventures

Time Travel Adventures

Steven Gibbs told me a grandfather clock was used for time travel

Steven Gibbs told me about a man who used a special grandfather clock to time travel. He could be adjusting several dials and moving the hands of the special clock go to the future or the past! I asked him where the man had gone and Steven Gibbs told me that this particular time travel jockey like to go to the past. Yes, the time of kings and queens, or even further back chariot races.

The special grandfather clock allowed physical time travel and the person could bring items from either the future or the past into the present. It chimed three times and the person was instantly transported to the time they had chosen. This person bought an HDR and told Steven Gibbs his story.

I believe that the special grandfather clock used for time travel had inside a double terminated quartz crystal often used in time travel devices.

Steven Gibbs told me to use the HDR for physical time travel you need to find a vortex, but for the grandfather clock time machine no vortex was needed to time travel. I wonder if this wondrous device still exists?


Personally I would like to time travel to the 1700's and see some pirates on a ship. I wonder how accurate our stories of that far off time are. Perhaps pirates were not as glam as we make them seem. More like crooks in our own time, still, I would fancy a notion of finding pirate treasure.

Mostly people tell me that they use Steven Gibbs HDR for astral time travel. This is not as much fun, but still it is exciting to travel to the astral plane and see other times.

Some who use the HDR for Astral Time Travel may say that they do not need a vortex to travel, but it seems that this is how the Steven a Gibbs HDR works. Using a powerful vortex acting as a doorway or portal between dimensions. Steven Gibbs uses many different methods to detect a magnetic anomaly, including a frequency counter. Using a frequency counter is suppose to work better for finding a vortex, also I have found using EMF detectors will tell me the magnetic strength of the vortex.

Pirates would make for interesting time travel adventures

Here is wishing all of you pleasant journeys. Bon Voyage!