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Addition information about this device from Steven Gibbs

Time Transposer invented by Steven Gibbs


The Time Transposer uses two copper plate instead of an electromagnet like the Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Steven Gibbs told me that he stopped making TTs because only 50% of the people got results. Also he said that the time transposer cause nausea in people.

In the above picture you can see a dime for a size reference in determining the bulk of the Time Transposer. It is smaller and lighter than an HDR, but in my opinion less effective.

I can state for the record that I have used the time transposer many times and not once had a single case of physical time travel or astral time travel. I am not saying it does not work. I am saying it does not work for me; perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Time Transposer with copper plates

I used a cellsensor EMF detector to locate a vortex. The EMF meter showed evidence of a magnetic anomaly, but I did not get any results with the time transposer.

Still I have used many times the HDR to successfully travel to other time lines using astral time travel. I have not been successful with the Time Transposer even though I have tested it MANY times.

Steven Gibbs says that 5% of people using the HDR get no results versus 50% of people using the Time Transposer get no results.

I an still using the Time Transposer, but I prefer using the
Hyper Dimensional Resonator.

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